The Reason Why Is Child Sexual Abuse Cases of Kolkata Looks Like A Conspiracy

Child abuse
False Complaints of Child Sexual Abuse in Schools Are on Rise

If you are aware about recent series of child sexual abuse cases from Kolkata schools and are concerned about safety of your kids at school, hold your breath; as the reality that I am going to show you and what you might not have observed yet can change your views completely.

G D Birla Child Sexual Abuse

The first case in this recent wave of sexual abuse allegations was reported from GD Birla school on 2nd December, 2017 and Times of India Kolkata editions reported that like this –

Child Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault of Child, POCSO
TOI Reporting of G D Birla School Child Abuse Case On Dec 2

Note that TOI reported the student ‘bleeding from her private parts’ and also reported that medical examination concluded sexual abuse.

Whereas in reality the medical examination conducted by SSKM hospital staff didn’t find any sexual assault (bleeding refers to rape) and local newspapers reported that –

G D Birla School Sexual Abuse 1st Medical Report
The First Medical Test Report of G D Birla Child Sexual Assault Case By SSKM Hospital Was Inconclusive.

In fact, even after seven days local newspapers said, that medical test didn’t confirm any sexual assault of the child and there was no sign of bleeding. So, the question arises how did TOI found evidence of ‘bleeding’ and where did they find that medical test concluded sexual abuse as they reported.

In-spite of this false reporting by TOI, if you search on any search engine like Google, you will find TOI articles at the top. All such lies spread by foreign paid media like TOI, Scoop Whoop and Scroll fills internet today and they come at the top of every search results. So, another question that arises here is about neutrality of Google’s search results as well.

If we look at the report published in TOI after five days, it was this –

2nd Medical Test of G D Birla School Kid
TOI Reported Second Medical Test of The Girl As Trauma For Her When First Test Was Inconclusive

Times of India, in this report (7th Dec) tried all possible ways to project as if the child was extremely in pain even after seven days. After first medical test TOI reported that there was bleeding and ‘confirmed sexual abuse’; in this report they tried to continue that trend and spread lies as if the girl was being tortured through these ‘medical tests’. If you look at the reporting style, you will find it was projected in many ways that a single medical test should be enough in these tests, and second test is actually a torture of the victim. Note, TOI report also tried to show the second test as ‘mandatory under POCSO law’. However, it was conducted because the first test failed to show sexual abuse. The abrasion that is referred here, definitely did not cause any bleeding as reported by TOI.

TOI_fake 7Dec
False Reporting of TOI Continued Even After 1 Week

Demands After G D Birla Allegations

In their report on 7th Dec, TOI also shows that the first medical test confirmed assault, and I am sure you understand that rape of child can’t be limited only to abrasion. It is noteworthy to find that these demands raised following this allegation –

  1. Formation of guardian forum in the school
  2. Gender sensitization workshops in the school
  3. No male staff or teacher in junior school
  4. More female attendants to be appointed

These demands clear some air around the conspiracy behind some guardians trying to interfere in school administration work in the name of setting up ‘guardians’ forum’ – an important observation that we see even in subsequent Carmel school POCSO case. Gender sensitization workshop in school makes us think what is the need of such a workshop? Will the children understand anything? Does this mean that male teaching staff were sexually abusing children for so many years because we didn’t have such things or it is only a conspiracy to bring in some women’s NGOs interfere (and earn money) in school proceedings in the name of workshops.

Clearly, this demand is out of place and we don’t see this in any local newspaper but TOI creates these, raising serious question about intention behind such demand. Exclusion of all male staffer from all junior school and adding more female staff in schools also shows conspiracy against male staff members of all schools and denying men the right to work in such positions. These are the same feminists who talk about equality today whereas they try to remove men from schools and create positions for women as they join workforce by filing false sexual abuse cases. When there is no punishment from filing these cases will this terrorism ever stop? If this is not a clear feminist conspiracy then what is it?

Immediately after this we saw the father of the G D Birla child refusing to cooperate with the investigating team, saying the second test was a torture on his child. It was around the same time many feminist groups started raising questions of not taking the child’s statement as confirmed truth even without evidence. TOI ran special campaign on that –

POCSO Oral Testimony Should Be Enough
TOI Campaigned That Oral Testimony Should Be Enough In POCSO Cases

Times of India, after this ran a campaign that a child’s verbal statement should take precedence over any available evidence. In simple terms, what these feminists demanded was considering a POCSO case to be true simply a complaint. The main argument presented by these lawyers and the parents were that a child can never tell lies. However, what everyone ignored was the fact that a child can be trained by her parents to tell lies.

If we remember that in December 2014, when Bangalore was rocked by a series of child sexual abuse cases like these, we have seen how a parent was caught accepting money to take back the false allegation leveled by him.

In 2017 G D Birla case, during Test Identification parade (TI Parade) the child could not identify the accused –

1st TI Parade Accused Not Identified
Accused Were Not Identified In First TI Parade

This report published in another Bengali newspaper Ebela on 9th January, 2018 (but it was not published in TOI) says, that after the child failed to identify the accused, her parents claimed that the video quality was poor and hence she could not identify the accused.

This is shocking because as per the TOI report on 2nd Dec, the victim has identified the accused from a bunch of four photos. So, what changed in between that she could not identify same persons after a few a days when she saw them in person on video conferencing? As victim’s parents claimed that the video quality was poor, then why they didn’t complain about the same to the magistrate who was present during the investigation?

However, the child has identified the accused in a second TI parade after her father prompted to her about the accused (as stated in the news below)–

Court Rebuked The Father of The Girl For Not Cooperating
Alipore Court Rebuked The Father For Not Cooperating With Investigation

In this report above from a Bengali Newspaper Ei Samoy, (published on 16th February, 2018), it is said that the judge of the Alipore court rebuked the father of the child for not cooperating with the investigating team and not allowing them to take the child to the school and reconstruct the crime scene. The father was so non-cooperative that he refused to accept the police notice and tried deliberately to delay the investigation. It was clear to the court that the parents were trying to use the law per their whims, and the court warned the father against wasting court’s time.

We need to understand two important points here. One, why the child who was studying in the school and saw the teachers everyday could not identify them? Of course, it was not easy for a child when the alleged incident didn’t happen. Two, why the parents of the child continuously denied to cooperate with police citing her poor mental condition. But this so called mental trauma was only visible in the parents’ statements and what feminist media has portrayed. Neither the local media nor the child psychologists accompanying the police said this. Then was this ‘mental trauma’ manufactured by feminists to skip some important criminal procedures? Or was it another drama to create enough emotional trauma in us to start demanding more lenient procedures in sexual assault cases involving children? Are we creating a situation where a man will be convicted simply on a POCSO complaint? Then why should we bother about law and order at all?

The M P Birla School Sexual Abuse

On 3rd December 2017, there was sexual abuse complaints from another South Kolkata school. M P Birla Foundation Higher Secondary School in Behala. The feminist media like NDTV, Scroll and others took up this story immediately and started reporting as if sexual assault was confirmed. However, this report from another local newspaper Telegraph says, the assault was not confirmed even after two days –

M P Birla School Child Sexual Assault
Local Newspaper Reported That No Evidence Was Found

But if we look at the initial reporting on this matter on The Asian Age, we find this –

M P Birla School Abuse Asian Age
Asian Age Reported M P Birla Case As Confirmed Rape When There Was No Evidence Found

This report claims that sexual abuse was confirmed in medical report and also says that parents found ‘blood stains’. Question is when Asian Age found ‘blood stains’ how it could be ‘sexual abuse’ and not ‘sexual assault’? We understand that probably the journalist developed the story at his desk without checking the details.

This was reported at a time when the CCTV footage of that day and the child’s movement inside the school was tracked by police and the school authorities and nothing was found.

Then the question is, who assaulted her or is it another fake story created by the parents? How can the accuse sexually abuse / assault the child without going near her?

Carmel School Sexual Abuse

On February 8, 2018; there was another allegation of sexual abuse from another Kolkata school Carmel School. Following this allegation, many including WB Education Minister Partha Chattopadhyay said that men should not be allowed in primary schools.

The problem in this case was that no one knew what the actual complaint was. After a few days other guardians of the school came together in a Press Conference and showed how the allegation was completely baseless and some guardians were trying to create a guardians’ forum in the school and hence wanted to create disturbance.

The contradictions in Carmel school POCSO complaint is clear in this February 18, report of a Bengali daily Ei Samoy –

Carmel School Case False Ei Samoy
Ei Samoy Exposes How Carmel School POCSO Case Was Completely False

Mother of another Carmel student exposed the complaint saying – “The complaint says, the dance teacher abused the child for one year; however, the dance teacher joined only on 20th July, 2017. September – October was Puja Vacation, November – final examinations and most of December was holiday due to Christmas.” She also mentioned that the dance class used to be held in open area, just opposite to other classes and near a common passage that goes to classrooms. Not only that, she also revealed that there used to be a female teacher along with the male teacher as well.

The complaint however said, the teacher used to take the child to auditorium in the name of dance class to abuse her. But parents revealed that the auditorium was opened only on 15th January, 2018. Then where and how did the assault happen for last one year? If this is not exaggeration and baseless lie then what it is?

Times of India also published this report of many guardians going against the sexual abuse claim but without any relevant details that shows how frivolous the complaint is –

Carmel School TOI Biased Reporting
TOI Hides Crucial Information Of How Carmel School Sexual Abuse Was Made Up


Kailash Satyarthi And Series of POCSO Cases

If we look at recent deluge of POCSO cases all over India, we will see a chain of events leading to these. The chain of events directly relates to Kailash Satyarthi’s Bharat Yatra and a hype around POCSO cases created by him (details here). He has created the hype so much that – “It was as if all of a sudden India had become a nation of child predators; fathers became rapists, uncles became rapists and all children became so insecure”- said an activist.

It is also important to note that this series of POCSO cases (that we now understand as frivolous complaints) started at a time when the winter session of Parliament was about to start. Activists see this as another conspiracy to pass some laws by emotionally blackmailing the nation as feminists have always done.

We have also seen Zaira Waseem raising a molestation complaint without any valid reason was another drama to show women and children as unsafe. However, a detailed look into these cases tell us that these are very well-crafted series for some specific purpose that goes beyond local interests. However, we see the pathetic condition of our legal system where even after filing a completely frivolous complaint (like these), women are not arrested or punished.

Are Some People Making Their Career Out of POCSO Cases?

There seems to be just too much of coincidence between Kailash Satyarthi created hype and series of child abuse complaints. Is it only coincidence or there is specific career objective for some? The situation is such that if a man is present at a place, he is considered guilty of the crime. A crime as serious as child sexual abuse.

The complainants in all these cases aren’t punished even when the complaints are completely baseless. It seems that complainants always gain by exploiting our legal system and taxpayers’ money. The demands made after the Kolkata school POCSO cases also makes it clear how there is conspiracy beyond personal gains – to remove men from education system and to make way to women NGOs in the name of Gender Sensitization trainings. The condition that can give feminists a free run to control our education system.

It is not only about shrinking the job market for men, but it is also about creating a future generation that is fully brainwashed into feminist principles. This is a high time to decide if we want such disturbing elements in our schools. The time has come to weed them out completely and save the future of our kids.

Addition on 1st March

As a result of the fake propaganda in our schools, Association of Christian Schools has decided not to recruit male teachers in girls schools.

Male Teachers Not Allowed
Now Christian Schools Association in West Bengal has decided to stop recruiting male teachers in their schools

This decision shows that even though none of allegation are proved yet, and even though the allegations seem to be false and completely made up, a decision is taken to stop recruiting male teachers in female school or closing the door for males from one job. Soon, other states will also follow suit. Question is where will these males go? In this way any job can be closed for men by filing false complaints.





  1. I don’t know whether this is indeed a conspiracy or not but at least one thing I am dang sure on ➙ Many of the extremely famous “rape” cases of our country possess a lot of jaw dropping case details which the public (commonfolks of our nation) has been kept in the dark from.


  2. looks like these parents are sending their girl child to school not to learn lesson but to know how to become famous and earn easy money then becomes a monster in future. looks like new form of women development program


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