Here’s Why You Need To Avoid Single Mothers For Your Second Marriage

Single motherMany times I am asked my opinion on choosing the RIGHT bride for second marriage. Well, even though I am not an expert in identifying the right single woman (I myself got into a wrong relationship) for a marriage, as I have seen all kinds of women being cruel to their husbands, so I prefer to observe caution in choosing a bride for second marriage.

My first advice to anyone going for second marriage is to avoid any woman who is a single parent, a single mom and a champion of women empowerment. They are the same women who are termed by the feminists as the strong women because of their bravery of being a single mother.

Recently, when I was studying the behavior of these potential brides for second marriage, I observed that many such single mothers DID NOT want to marry a man with a child. For these empowered women, it did not matter whether the child is living with the man or not. In one such scenario, one person known to me told the sad story. He had a child living with his divorced wife but still, the women he was trying for his second marriage were rejecting his marriage proposal simply because he had a child.

Being associated with various men’s rights groups for a long time, I quickly understood that these were the greedy women who did not have any feeling for children. These empowered women wanted to ensure that the man’s property rights were owned solely by the women and THEIR children while the ‘man’ continued to pay their bills and maintain them. It was a very easy way for these women to loot men and to use them for their personal gains.

So, if you are trying for your second marriage and you find the single mothers coming to you for a second marriage, please tell them that you have a child even if you don’t. You will be able to guess what the woman is really seeking from her new relation. Many of them will reject you at the first instance of hearing that you have a child (feel good that some of these parasites are removed from your life early on).

If you still find some other women sticking to you, tell them you are planning to bring your child to you after your second marriage. This will be a great shocker for most the greedy single women who might have got a fortune from their first divorce and are planning to loot their second husband as well. If a woman does not love children except her own, she is not fit to be a good mother and these tests will tell you if she is a good mother. After all, you are seeking to find a good mother for your future children in this marriage.

If you find a single mother who is willing to marry you and agrees to you that you should bring your child to you, it is natural for you to think that she loved children and also respected the emotions of a father. Now if her child is living with her, find out how frequently she allows the father to visit the child or she sends the child to the father. If you find she never allows the father to meet her child, you will instantly know the level of her cruelty. Most often the women who do not allow the child to meet the real fathers will tell many stories of the father being dangerous for her kid.

If you are already divorced or have gone through the divorce process you know how cruel the family laws are for males. In such situations, a father not fighting for child custody is very natural. So it becomes the responsibility of the mother to allow the child to visit the father or at least show that she had tried her best to keep the father engaged with the child but the man was reluctant.

When you find that the man was reluctant to keep the child or to have regular visits to the child there may be many reasons behind that. One shocking reason could be the child is not his biological child but the illicit child of your second bride. In our legal system, there is NO provision for a husband to get justice and such husbands are forced to maintain wife’s illicit children. So a husband is reluctant to meet a child raises a question whether the child is his own child or if he suspects the child to be an illicit child and hence went through a divorce.

Our legal system is so much cruel to males that a husband suspecting his wife’s fidelity has no legal recourse. Courts do not easily give permission for a DNA test to prove paternity and to file a complaint on the basis of wife’s chastity is considered as biggest cruelty in our legal system. Most of such marriages end up in peaceful mutual divorce as the man has practically no option to save his life from a prostitute.

So even when you know that your would be bride is a single parent and had mutual consent divorce (MCD) you are not sure if she is one of those who slept around and was looking for a scapegoat in you to maintain herself. You really don’t want her to continue the same unchaste behavior from your house.

There is only one way to know this is to ask for a DNA paternity test report from your would be the second bride. Sounds harsh? Yes, it is. When the marriage system has become a property transaction institute and there is no way to know in advance what the woman had done earlier or will do in future, it is better to give these shocks early in life.

When you ask for a DNA test report almost always you will be shunned instantly. If it is, then suggest an alternative to her. Suggest you wanted to meet her ex-husband and his family to know the reality. If it was really a respectful divorce due to compatibility issues (as she might have told you) she should not have any issue with you meeting her ex. But in most cases, she will not be OK for you to meet her ex.

There is another alternative to this. Try to find out how long they had been living separately before getting divorced, what are the cases filed by both parties etc.  Try to find out why she has filed the cases she did and what was the logical conclusion to her cases. These will tell you how innocent the single mother and your prospective bride is. Remember if she has filed false criminal cases against her past husband, if she had deprived a father of meeting his own child, she is likely to do the same to you too. So in all probability, it is best to avoid such women from entering your life.

Remember one thing, most of the so-called ‘Innocent Divorcees’ and single mothers had the huge benefit of law in their favor in their earlier divorce. So no matter what they did earlier in their life that would have been suppressed by our legal system, but that wouldn’t have changed their character.

A question may arise what if she was really innocent and wanted to save her marriage but her ex-was extremely cruel to her. Well, find out the cases she had filed and how she has proved her points in court. There is enough provision in our law to punish a man unnecessarily and if that did not happen you know the reality.

In all second marriage cases also try to find out the monetary settlement that has happened. If you find the division was without any contribution from the woman’s side ask uncomfortable questions to her regarding the settlement so that the single mom can clarify her points. Find out if the compensation to her (assuming she was innocent) was commensurate with her contribution to her marriage. Remember, a woman who had extorted a man earlier will always try to do that in future too, because she has got the taste of our legal system.

Question the empowered single mother to know why she had taken money from someone who she hated. When she tells you stories about how she was tortured by her ex please remember that your ex also tells the same cruelty stories to everyone she meets. So filter out her sobbing stories and find out the truth.

Normally, I don’t advise anyone to proceed in a relationship without asking many uncomfortable questions early in their life. This clears off confusion about the real character of a female early in life rather than at a later stage when a man has hardly any opportunity to retract. Remember a single mom has already deprived a child and a father of their natural relation. She may do it again and this time you will be the scapegoat. Hence, it is best to avoid such nuisance in your life. Most of these single moms are just looking for a free ATM to pay their bills. You will understand this if you have suffered from the atrocities that our family courts bring in Indian males life.

I will end this with a real-life story of Manoj Kumar from Bangalore. He and his family were subjected to extreme cruelty by his wife and he was not allowed to meet his child too. In the end, he was forced to commit suicide. In his suicide note, he could only write “Sorry Son”. Even his wife will try to show how tortured she was in her first marriage. Make sure you are not marrying a woman like her and ruining your own life.

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  1. What you suggest makes a lot of sense. But it makes a presumption: that you have a wide range of choices to pick. If insisting on a high moral fibre, strong conscience, genuine integrity in the next wife,drives the choices down so much that you end up alone, what is the way out then except solitude? It is difficult to find people of good character anywhere (which is basically what your article refers to), how to find enough women of that type to be able then to pick a wife? I think in this day and age, it is an uphill task. I congratulate every man who has a wide range to choose from, alas, I suspect very few of us are so fortunate…..


      • Whoever wrote the article is a complete asshole who doesn’t have idea about anything, and it is making a huge mistake by generalizing about the subject. What about single moms who are widows?? single moms who were raped and still had the courage to have the baby… A single parent deserves nothing but respect!!!!



        • You have given two cases and demanded respect for all single parents. Well I do agree a single father deserve respect but a single mother? She might also been sleeping around and crying victimhood, she might have cheated her her husband and then given him divorce and now single mother. You accused me of generalizing things whereas in reality you have generalized..


        • Well then guys who have kids , either divorced or widower should be doomed to solitude too… how the hell they are pure???? in either case 90% guys dont take care of their own kids after divorce or after wife’s death.. the mothers of sons who demand second marriage for their sons as soon as the death of their daught-in-law not caring about the kids’ lives should rot in hell…this article should be submitted to legal scrutiny for spreading venom against single moms…


        • Maria:

          You should be careful making blanket statements such as, “A single parent deserves nothing but respect”, because many of them do not.

          In the United Sodomite States of America, 49% of all single mothers have never been married, while 15% of those are under the age of 20. Those who are widowed and who had the courage to be a single mother after being raped, have my condolences, as well as my respect, but, then again, we are talking about a very small number.

          Truth is, virtually half of all single mothers in America have divorced their husbands (without just cause), while the other half entered single motherhood as a result of irresponsible sexual practices or planned to have children without the benefit of a father.

          These last two groups, in conjunction with those who have left their marriages under dubious pretenses, deserve neither praise, sympathy, support or respect -for they are doing incredible damage to their children emotionally, psychologically, economically, mentally, socially, spiritually and physically.

          I have been around quite a few single mothers in the U.S.A. and very few of them deserve to be acknowledged as good parents. In fact, 80% of America’s prison population comes from single-mother households.

          Now, before you get your panties in a bunch, be aware that I have been a single father for 18 years (with full custody), educated all my children myself, while helping each of my sons earn the rank of Eagle Scout (the highest honor and meritorious rank a young man can receive).

          As a side-note: my bride ran off with her boss and left us high and dry.

          Please be advised that not one of my sons has ever been in trouble with the law and they each took high morals, Godly principles, and lofty standards into adulthood. Was it hard work? You bet it was, and I had plenty of sleepless nights, but it was worth it! To God be the glory!

          Having said that…I have never witnessed that kind of dedication from a single-mother. From what I have seen, they are usually gawking at their smart phones, running after men, chasing fantasies, dodging responsibility or pursuing careers, while the neighbors and local constabulary have to put up with their unruly children. There are a few shining stars, to be sure, but they are the exception to the rule.


      • “Better to have no friends than bad friends. Better to have no servants than bad servants. Better to have no sons than a a bad son. And, better to have no wife than a bad wife. ” Canakya Pandit

        “In the house where the woman acts like a man or where the man is controlled by a woman, one’s spiritual life is fruitless and the place becomes inauspicious. For one whose wife is harsh in speech and action and who loves
        to quarrel, the forest is more favorable than the home. Since it is easy to get water, fruits, and peace in the forest, it is considered more auspicious than being with a mean wife. Those who are puppets in the hands of their wives are never sanctified, even by cremation. A henpecked husband is not liable to receive the results of any auspicious activities that he performs. The demigods and people of earth always criticize him and he is bereft of fame and glory, so he should be considered dead, though living in the body.”

        (spoken by Lord Visnu in Brahma-vaivarta Purana, Prakrti-khanda 6)


    • Completely agree to the statement “it’s better to be single rather than lonely in a relationship”. It applies to both men and women. Please do not generalize on the topic “avoid single mother’s”. It would be better to say “something’s to watch out for in single mother’s”.
      My friend, a single mother has two kids. She is working. When she put her profile on a website, she received a few interests like “want a mother for my child, even if she doesn’t care for me it’s fine, I need someone to take care of my child, as I am busy and I am a doctor”. When they communicated with each other, he said “your child can stay with your parents and I will allow you to visit them in the weekend”. She clearly told him that she is not a nanny who will take care of his kids during weekdays and then visit her parents during weekend to take care of her own. According to him earning is his job and she should take care of the kids. She told him that she doesn’t need any financial support from him and they will equally share the household expenses and take care of the kids together(her child will stay with them). He disagreed. He also said that whatever he earns will be given to his child only(which she didn’t mind) but she should take care of his son completely like her own whereas he is not willing to support her son in any way.
      She told me that she would happily accept his child, if he would have accepted hers(not financially, but equal responsibility at home). Also he works in the evening and weekend to make more money. He does have option to not work in the evenings and weekends.

      According to me if both have kids, and both are working, they should share income and responsibility of kids equally.
      If the guy works and woman is a homemaker, she should take care of her and his kids(without any difference) while he supports them financially(without any difference between his children and hers).


    • One of your reasons listed for single moms not being a good parent is she is pursuing a career…
      How is she to support the child if she does not have a job?
      And if you mean pursuing a career as in trying to get promotions, what is wrong with her trying to increase her salary so she isnt living in poverty or that she can provide a suitable house, food, or other necessities a child needs?
      Are single fathers bad parents if they pursue their careers?
      You mentioned you are a single father, how did you make enough money to educate your kids yourself and provide them with all the necessities a child needs if you did not pursue a career and only took the lowest paying/entry level position at a company?

      It just seems a little off.


  2. After reading this article I feel it is similar to the 6 blind men trying to describe the elephant. Every individual observation is right, but the conclusion is wrong.

    Every divorce is the result of infidelity, so a single mother (divorced or separated, even unmarried but after a long term relationship) is either a betrayed woman, or a cheating woman. The observations made above apply to a cheating woman, (and sometimes the second husband is the person she cheated with – he deserves everything wrong coming to him). However, not the same with a betrayed woman, whose first husband/partner was the one cheating on her. The dynamics, and the results are very different from the scenario above.

    A betrayed, divorced woman can become your ideal partner provided she has healed completely from her earlier abuse. And as important, YOU have healed completely from the abuse of your first marriage, provided you were the betrayed one. If you were the cheater, then marry a 498A woman, and then spend some time in jail later.


    • Wrong observation. I have never said that every divorce is result of infidelity. I only said there is no punishment to unchaste women and most of the times the man is at the receiving end. So marrying a single mother is highly risky for a man unless it is he who is behind the unchaste behaviour of the woman. When the husband was cheating on her, she had every opportunity to break free. There are many indications to find out women who were at fault. Experienced eyes like some of our MRAs would know that.


      • there is punishment to unchaste woman… men like u will torture her to death , shame her as if u own her… who are u to define chastity… what is chastity for men then? u men roam n get to any gal without thinkin or worryin about the consequence… there wont be many single mothers if the guy was man enuf to take responsibilty of the kids… u will have sex with the gal and then ur part is over, u will move on to next gal n so… now the gal has to bear ur child n take care of the kid for the rest of her life time…if i have power i will ask all single mothers to give the responsibilty to the man who is the bilogical father of the kid to take care of the kid like how a mother does.. bt alas that will never happen .. a mother can never let her kid suffer in the hands of men like that who is just an animal looking out for a body….. no one has rights to comment on woman’s chastity when they themselves dunno ‘c’ of chastity..


        • Dear Veedu:

          Please allow me to preface what I am about to say, by stating that I am not a Men’s Rights Activist. What I am is a Family Rights Activist. I will champion the cause of men, women and children…only when it is moral, just, decent, or right to do so. This is to say that not all movements or causes are moral, decent, just or right and feminism falls into this category.

          You have said, “Who are u to define chastity…what is chastity for men then?” My answer to you is that I do not have the authority to define chastity let alone what is moral, decent, just or right. At the end of the day I am only a man. Having said that, I am a man who follows a set of rules and standards handed down to us by God, Himself, via the Holy Bible, hence I believe in and adhere to a standard of moral absolutes. If men and women are allowed to define for themselves what is good, bad, right or wrong…then all we have is moral relativism, which can neither lead us to the truth or to God.

          I would also like you to know that I have only slept with one woman in my lifetime and this woman was my wife – a woman who ran off with her employer and left me to care for our three young children on my own (for 18 years). Our children were just 1,3 and 5 years of age when she deserted us.

          I tell you this, not to brag or to invoke sympathy, but in order to show you that there are some moral and decent men out there who do not take advantage of women or run from their responsibilities. I want you to also accept the fact that not all women are good mothers, faithful wives or victims of foul play. In fact, in many instances it’s the mothers and wives who are the control freaks, abusers and philanderers within the home.

          I will agree with you that it is not right for an indecent man to ask his bride to offer more than what he can deliver. And, for this reason, I have kept myself decent and pure…so I can command the same from my dream girl (providing she exists).

          I wish you well – C.J. Sledgehammer


        • You are just another white night.
          After one has been with enough women, you find out their true nature.
          Certain things will shock you and your life would never be the same.
          All you opinions come from being in the dark about the true nature of a woman’s sexuality.


        • Hahaha! The person who says don’t make generalized statements about single mothers just generalized so many things about men!
          These debates are pointless. Reality is there are bad men who pay the price and at the same time cause several innocent men to suffer as they become the reason to create some of these biased brainless laws that exist. However on close examination of these laws, you will see that they were not created just to teach bad men a lesson. The acts of a few bad men was used an excuse by conniving feminists to grab privileges and make one sided laws.
          There are really bad and evil women which this article is trying to expose. The risks are extremely high in a second marriage in a country like India where biased laws are weapons of mass destruction for women who go about destroying families, impacting lives of senior citizens and children if men are not their slaves.
          Anyone who has been a victim of these “weapons” provided by Indian laws will understand this and the writer of this blog is doing a great job to spread awareness.
          The only sad part about all this is – once bitten, twice shy. Making new relationships will begin with a suspicious approach. But then…that is the reality in these times.
          Probability of the success of a relationship appears to be a toss of a coin!


    • “Every divorce is the result of infidelity” This kind of stupid mentality is what criminal women bank on. This thinking needs to be fully eradicated from this society, and not too soon.


      • shantanumoitra:

        You have rushed to judgment by erroneously insinuating that I am “just another white knight”, without carefully considering all the facts.

        You then continue to walk aimlessly in error by stating, “After one has been with enough women, you find out their true nature.” Again, it shouldn’t take sleeping with countless women to understand their “true nature”. Only a dunce repeats his folly, whereas a wise man who is once bit…becomes twice shy.

        So, I am afraid it is you, my reckless friend, who sounds like a slow learner – one who needs to repeat the process over and over again, all-the-while coming up with the same results. I study men, women, children, families, societies and governments – I do not need to stick my dick in them in order to learn something useful or to come to the proper conclusions.

        If I ever need a pick-up line, I’ll give you a call. Until then…class is adjourned.


        • Shantanumoitra:

          Forgive me, my friend. I read your response under mine and because no name was attributed to your remarks, I assumed you meant them for me. Now, if you will excuse me…I need to remove my size 10’s from my mouth.

          P.S. I am really on a roll – I had thought Veedu was a woman all this time.


  3. Good way of putting it together..thanks Partha!
    What is your suggestion for a man who has no kids and plans to remarry?


  4. Keep up the good work partha . I know for appreciating truth u will get less supporters but believe me this less supporters will definitely ruined full game of the gangs like 498a sec 376 D.V and many more soon . nowadays males has to stop marrying girls as marriage is like a crime in India please write a blog and request to our great politician In which section they are going to put this act ” marriages are like crime in India “


  5. This is a great piece of work. I am clear and so are many many men is that its not time to give benefit of doubt to a single women, its time to benefit from doubting, especially when you were bitten once and now many like your ex are on a prowl !


  6. This is a great piece of work. I am clear and so are many many men is that its not time to give benefit of doubt to a single mother , its time to benefit from doubting, especially when you were bitten once and now many like your ex are on a prowl !


  7. Many countries believe it would be nice to be more like America, but I say…”Be careful what you ask for!” We have handed most of our jobs and most of the control of our family to our women and they are destroying their marriages, children, families and society as a result. When America sneezes – the rest of the world catches a cold.

    Please take action and do not allow this sickness to spread across your country, like it has mine. I believe women and children should always be treated well, but this new legislation has clearly overstepped it boundaries and lost its bearings, while throwing all good sense to the wayside.

    When men lovingly control their homes, governments are rendered weak, but when women are handed authority – governments grow big and strong, while husbands and fathers are rendered obsolete. You must remove these legislators from office before they destroy your country like they have destroyed mine. I wish you well!!!


  8. To whom it may concern:

    One-third of all pregnancies in America are to single women, who have never married. These “women” often choose to rear children without a father because they want complete control without compromise. Our government is more than happy to accomodate these harlots in this endeavor and even sponsor said activity by giving generous welfare packages to them, which often include: food money, cash, free housing, free child care, while hunting down and forcing the foolish “sperm donors” to pay exorbitant child support to these women – knowing full-well that most of that money will never make it to the children.

    I agree that marriage to a single mother is a major gamble, because in most cases she is looking for a man to support her and her child(ren) in every meaningful way, while giving him virtually no authority in their lives and nothing more than a superficial place of honor at her table and an occassional “roll in the hay”. In most cases he will never receive a fair return on his investment and is more often than not a temporary fixture in her life…until a more lucrative opportunity presents itself in the future.

    Now, I am sure there are a few single mothers in the world who did what was in the best interest of their children, by ridding themselves of a truly horrendous man, but it is still a bad situation for a newcomer (in most cases), because he must deal with the mother’s anxiety, hatred, or guilt, which often carries over from one relationship to the next. Let us also take into account that a new suitor will often have to deal directly with her “ex” and is often expected to act as her proxy thug and will have to potentially deal with emotionally scarred children from any and all previous relationships.

    *Please note that my heart goes out to faithful widows, who love their children and honor their father’s memory. I, in no way, consider this form of single-motherhood to be a dishonorable life-style compared to her twisted sisters who love “bad boys” or who consistently make poor romantic decisions, cannot get along with men, cannot survive in long-term relationships, are control freaks, are man-haters, despise fatherhood and the nuclear family, or are simply liscentious women without a moral compass.


  9. Funny how the author feels so confident about his perception when everything about this article is screaming chauvinist pig.

    I’m a single mom and reading this makes me want to slap the author’s face. A strong woman can survive without being too dependent on a guy. A strong woman is secure and not selfish. Haven’t you realize that a single mom is one of those who made a lot of sacrifices in their lives? If I meet a guy and we get married, I would treat his kids like my own and take care of them the same way I take care of my kids. Why? Because as a mother, whether by blood or law, it is my moral obligation to take care of my children.

    Oh and by the way, feminists fight for RESPECT. Something you don’t obviously have for women. Karma will come back to you. For all we know you’ll be a single mom on your next life.


    • aaah..this is why I love feminist comments and actions. They are self exposing you know. Your comment proves everything contrary to what you have written –

      1. Your comment is made as ‘Anonymous’ meaning you are ashamed of your identity or fearful in nature. Neither is a good sign of a confident individual. But you claimed you are a single mom and single moms are confident strong women. Then what is your problem in identifying yourself? I don’t hide my identity, do I?
      2. You want to slap my face. Ohh so you cherish violent behaviour whenever you don’t have any argument. Shows who wants to dominate and who is a chauvinist instead.

      3. You are a strong woman, secure and not selfish. If you were really a strong woman you wouldn’t have resorted to violent behaviour to prove your point. Now we need to hear from your first husband if he is also of the same opinion.

      4. By your violent behaviour you have proved that single moms like you are violent and thus not fit to nurture any child, not even yours. You should give your child’s custody to your husband instead.

      5. “Single moms have made a lot of sacrifices in life” – oh…by snatching the child from his/her biological father and forcing him to pay alimony and maintenance for both of you while you enjoyed all benefits? Really that is a lot of sacrifice.

      6. Moral obligation to take care of your children – great thought. How? by depriving them from their father’s love. You just proved you are one of those selfish single mom who only think of her own benefits. Is your child only yours? or he belonged to both of you?

      7. Feminists want respect? really without even respecting others. yeah I understand they are the selfish lot and think that they will get respect by demanding the same. But madam…respect needs to be earned by your work and actions. You have just proved once again why men should avoid single moms at all cost.

      Please bring your friends and staunch feminists if you are running out of logic. I promise I have never blocked anyone from commenting here. You know, you feminists prove your worth every time you do something and that makes my life easier.


      • Its amazing to see people with crooked brains… who are you to define what is about woman’s chastity..what is the name for a man sleeping around with multiple women… single mother bring their children up by themselves through all hardships and lustful eyes of men trying to get only her body. All men want is a young virgin who they can use for pleasure and leave for another one…

        You chauvenists want to take India back to the age of Sati system. Who is depriving any child from father’s affection. A rapist father who mercilessly raped a gal and the gal with all strength gave birth to the child?Or a father who was treating the child’s mother like shit, never respected the mother, wanted the mother to be working, take care of all household activities, take care of children when they are sick and never did anything for the child?Which father wakes up at night and remains awake whole night when the kid is sick or when infants cry all night long, only the mother or any lady of the family takes of the kid that way.Even if mother is working, she has to do the cooking, cleaning. which father does 50% of the household chores along with the mother…

        If your father treats your mother, if ur son-in-law treats your daughter the way you have mentioned that single woman should be treated. I hope not any lady from ur house go through this but when it happens to a gal in ur family then u will realize till then u not talk any sense


    • Madam

      With due respect, put up some data to you.
      Survey done by a Child welfare NGO in Mumbai reveals – 69% of mothers beat their child as compared to only 20% fathers.
      Mothers prefer maids for jobs like – washing potty of child, taking care of child while she is out for work/ friends. Fathers prefer grandmother to do the same and not maids.
      Children deprived of their fathers are more likely to turn juvenile criminals, more likely to hate marriages, and run away to father once they reach age of 15~16.
      There is actually nothing like a ‘single mother’ except when the spouse has passed away. Its just the EGO, MISUSE OF LAW, and JEALOUSY which turns a mother into single mother.
      Remember NOBODY has the right to deprive a child of his/ her parents – whether father or mother.
      Since you have given your example, let me give you mine too ..
      Child aged 6 yrs brutally dragged away from home by mother and her brother. On the day of ruckus, she does not give meals to child. Child is crying with hunger, police beg her to feed the child first, but she is adamant on ‘he will not die because of hunger’. For initial 2 months child also felt that he is much happier at nani’s place since he does not have to go to school, nor any routine of eating. But then he realized that his mother is just fooling around and forcing not to meet father.
      In 6 months child lost 3 kg weight!. The Court Directs the mother to return home since child’s life is at stake. But she does not! The so called proud single mother is scolded in Open Court
      Court orders child to stay with me for 3 days. Child blurts out – he has been beaten by mother and mama.. He is not given food, he is left to play with street children. He refuses to return to mother.
      A child who had love for his mother two years back, now simply hates his mother. He went thro Psychologist assessment. The report of doctor says “the child finds his only emotional support in his father. He is finding his current living space as coercive and threatening. Recommended urgent shifting of child to father.”
      The mother goes berserk on reading this report, starts blaming Doctor to be biased (doctor is also a lady).
      In High Court, child met Judge in Chambers, and despite staying for 2 years at his mama’s place, he confessed that he wants to return home to father and that his mother and mama beat him. Result – both mama and mother are literally warned in High Court.
      Even the School Principal counselled the so called Single Mother to return to matrimonial home for the sake of child, but she is adamant.
      Child is now 7.5 years and is waiting for a day when he can return home. He does not have any love for mother. Though this is bad for a child’s development; but then who created this situation.
      I suggest attend Child Psychology sessions of organisation ‘Children First’. Think from the point of view of the child.


      • Happy to hear that your son loves you. He will definitely return one day.I dont even know how my son looks now. Last seen his photo on my wife’s facebook profile three years ago. He is also eight years old. He does not even know me.


      • Oh really how many mothers are that rich to afford maids who will do so much work for the child.. please telll me its amazing to know…. do u know how much maids these days charge?its hilarious when u say in indian households maids take care of kids ,wash kids’ potty. Unless the mother earns 40k or 50k which is not average indian’s salary at all..dont u see large percentage of the so called fathers drinking and coming to home, beating the shit out of wife and children, grabbing money which wife saves after hardwork. largest percentage of indian men drink daily, come home and abuse their wives, children… which indian woman drinks and comes home and beats the husband? all u chauvenists want is a woman who can be ur sex slave, maid, cook, child bearing machine that too free of cost…There are many domestic violence cases in villages which doesnt get reported at all due to fear of repercussions from society and keeping in mind the child’s future… guys abusing mothers may be their mothers where like that…. motherhood is the greatest gift from god which every woman wants to cherish, if single mothers want fun they would have abadoned their kids like the so called fathers did… in single women cases all the father did was have sex, use the lady and move on for another one….

        The fun is, this article talks about women doing adultery.. whole world knows in india polygamy existed and till now exists in various forms, we know how many wives the previous to previous generation men had, which has reduced just because of stricter laws not because men have become chaste… men have no rights to talk about a woman’s chastity as they have long been impure and adulterous and with this chauvenistic attitude will remain adulterous… pray god u people should not have a daughter, if so she should not suffer from men like u…..


    • I can see blood!

      Some women call themselves strong because they work for strangers of a company and become a wage slave, rather than relying on people in their family who she knows. Being a wage slave they call themselves independent. Feminism tells them to call themselves strong if they have a job and they do that.

      I work, but I accept that I am a wage slave and I don’t call myself strong.

      “For all we know you’ll be a single mom on your next life.”

      On one hand you call yourself strong and on the other hand you expose that you feel miserable about your life and wish your misery on someone else.


    • Anonymous:

      I have heard plenty of women describing themselves as “strong”. What I don’t see are these “pillars of strength” attempting to go it alone. What I do see are women trying to garner strength through the safety of numbers, while attempting to utilize the resources of their social “network”.

      I see these “strong” women dropping their children off at daycare centers, a friend’s house, their parent’s home or allowing their children to roam the neighborhoods unattended – even when they are not working or running errands. It would seem, therefore, that an ample supply of “me time” is necessary to build-up their inner strength, spiritual fortitude and social capital.

      I know many of these beautiful brutes claim they don’t need a man, but truth be known, many of these damsels have become “carousel cock-riders”, who have traded-in the warmth and security of a monogamous relationship for the company of many.

      In the same likeness, quite a few of these feminine freedom-fighters have become corporate whores, who bend over backwards (in more ways than one) in order to climb the corporate ladder or gain favors, job security, or special privileges for “services rendered”, and is thereby viewed by one or more male colleagues as a “work wife”.

      What I fail to see are women displaying a strong work-ethic, women filled with a strong faith in God, or women with a strong moral character. What I do see are strong-willed women who have a weakness for vice and selfish ambitions and thus rely on the help of others, including, but not limited to: former partners, employers, friends, family and the government.

      The bottom line is anytime a woman leaves her marriage or decides to “go it alone” – she typically becomes a drain on the government, friends, and family…while her children become a burden to society. I know there are exceptions to the rule…but the rule stands inviolate. In her mind, she may feel empowered and strong for dealing a deathblow to her marriage, but all she has really done is weaken her family and the fabric of society.


  10. Karma will come back to you. For all we know you’ll be a single mom on your next life.

    Lol…doesn’t seem the strong, independent single mom is enjoying her life as a single mom!


  11. Odd thing is some women call themselves strong and independent, because they don’t rely on a man. But they rely on the company that provides them employment. They have no problem in serving a stranger, but they have problems with concentrating on their family.

    These women were indoctrinated by feminism from a young age to believe that they are independent by being a wage slave. They repeat what they hear and live by the standards enforced by feminism through the news media, TV serials, magazine, etc.

    Their wage slavery is everything to them, men are nothing but ATM machines to them, all they care about is themselves and money.

    It will be a problem for them to prepare food for their husband or family and serve them, but they will happily take up the job of a flight attendant and serve strangers. They are all heavily indoctrinated on what is right and wrong by feminism.

    The mainstream media praises them like anything, but I don’t fall for that bullshit!


  12. Once bitten, twice shy! This is the tone and tenor of your write-up and you deserve praise and appreciation for it. However, it addresses only one aspect – the betrayed man and cheating woman. I don’t think you did any irresponsible thing in putting your thoughts across. A common pitfall I find with feminists and MRAs is that they have one aspect in mind and generalize it as universal truth.


    • It is upto any man to listen to what is written here. This is only written with a good intention so that men don’t get into problems on dating or marrying these single moms. We have observed a pattern of behaviour in such women and hence this caution. You will know this to be true when you visit any family court in India. It is up to the individual to believe this.


  13. Hello buddy! Let me tell u one thing…. All women aren’t the same…. The same way God created us all different we all have different feelings u can’t just stereotype ” all women” it’s so devastating to hear such stuff about single mothers. In fact men are the real culprits!!!


  14. What a bullshit article!.. worst read I have ever had. this person is such a sadist and selfish shit and talking about empowered women. Empowered women does not expect any men to pay their bills and be the sole owner of that man’s property. I pity for your wife. If you are not married yet, please dont marry anyone


  15. Brothers, avoid single mothers like the plague.
    You see a lot of butt hurt single moms commenting, across a domain that is actually trying to help men.


  16. and what about those single mothers who were tortured for divore or are single mothers because of domestic violence cases.. and for the husbands of those single mothers who only care for money and least bothered about the child.. what category do they fall.into???????
    my friend does nt want to give her husband a right to meet the kid not because he is dangerous but for last year he has not cared for the child and keeps saying that this you should have decided when you left the house ..
    excuse me but not all are like that. and yes i feel that law should punish such men who do not want to take any responsibility and are only money minded including their families


  17. Man or woman – no one should be trusted blindly. Trust should be earned.
    If a man deserts/abuses his wife and child, it’s not ok to judge her for being a single parent with sole custody. Laws are not equal yet. The world is still predominantly male chauvinistic but women abuse the system which is trying to bring equality. That doesn’t mean it’s ok to judge all single mom’s as greedy. Just like how it’s not ok to judge all men as male chauvinistic. The laws are trying to prevent female infanticide, dowry system etc. Sure as with any laws ppl are going to abuse these too – nothing is perfect.
    The laws are still biased overall towards the male populace.

    As for raising a child. A child needs both parents but is better off without one or the other if the parent(s) is(are) not bringing up the child in the right way. If a father tries to abuse his daughter it’s ok for the mom to deny his visit to the child.

    Every abuse cannot be proven. To get the victims to explain every detail of abuse is even more traumatic than the actual abuse.

    It’s high time society supported everyone as an individual – male or female or any other gender.
    The only thing that makes sense is to be completely forthright and candid about our lives to a significant other. Single parents can be wonderful spouses – the society needs to stop judging.

    And there’s no “illegitimate child”. Every child is legitimate. It’s the parents who make a mistake. Don’t reduce children to such terms.
    God help me to raise an open minded selfless man unlike the closed minded person who wrote this post.


    • Shows the frustration of a single mom. When they deprive the biological father of access to the child, they forget the pains the child gets. Otherwise, the comment is devoid of any logic or reality, anybody with the slightest knowledge will know.


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