The Womanazis – People Were Amused That She Has Beaten Me

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Part 1  Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Part 2 – From the column of a male feminist

[What happened so far – I was standing in a queue at a ticket counter when a sudden push from behind made me fall on a woman. She whacked me in public and other men have started to gang up on me.]

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As they began to gang up on me, a good old lady who was watching everything from a queue parallel to mine came to my rescue. Some of the other passengers in the queue also backed me up and told the mob (who were ready to beat me up) that I was innocent and that the incident was a just an accident.

On hearing my side of the story from them the mob left me alone. But the angry woman who started the ruckus was still on me. She had her hand on my collar still angrily staring at me. She finally let go by pushing me back. I don’t mind that she mistakes me for a pervert. There are guys like that everywhere. But the way she acted even after being assured by another woman that it was an accident really bugged me. Just a simple ‘sorry’ would have eased my agony. But instead, she was looking at me like I am a pervert who somehow got pleasured by bumping into her. It took another 10 minutes to reach the ticket counter. It felt like hours. I was a wreck by then.

All I saw when I looked around were faces that were laughing or looking on with pity (but mostly they were laughing). I was so shaken up that I nearly forgot to collect the ticket after paying for it. The angry woman had already bought her ticket and left to her destination. (I prayed that it was hell). I got my ticket but I didn’t take the train. I couldn’t stand the stares from the other passengers. I simply left the station and headed to a bus stand nearby.

My day that started in the best possible way turned and read like a typical Indian “horrorscope “of loss of wealth (I could buy a new phone with the money needed to repair my phone from the incident, loss of one’s dignity (entertainment to those who got to see it) and the trauma caused by the incident. I am not a bad person. I didn’t deserve this. To this day I have nightmares about this incident. You should know that it is embarrassing for a guy to speak of being trashed by a woman even if he is innocent. However, I did tell this to a friend of mine. After having the best laugh he had in ages, he asked me why I didn’t react right away (read hit her back).

[Part 3

Note by Male Factor – Dear Roni, why did you think you needed the support of another woman in such a case? So are you giving up your right to protect yourself? Do you think a man can be deemed innocent only if a woman supports him? If a man beats you in public, will you wait for anyone’s approval of your innocence? If not, why did you think that you did not have any right to protest or whack her back in self-support? Do you know women can kill a man in self-defense? Then why is that a man can’t even raise his voice?

Also what made you think that there are guys everywhere who want to bump into women just like that? If you have such misandry within you then you are denying justice to yourself and to others as well. Why do you think I should believe you, that you are not such a person? Simply because you sent me the story as yours?

Why do you want to be punished for others’ misbehavior even if there are other guys like that? Are you responsible for everyone’s behavior? You said a simple sorry from her would have pacified your soul. But could that have been a scenario if she had bumped into you even willingly? The guys like you forgo your right to get an apology from a woman because you don’t know how to respect yourself. When you don’t respect yourself, you can’t expect others to respect you as well.


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  1. MF,
    What would be the consequences if he had whacked her back? May be a fir under criminal assault, outraging modesty of a women and public shaming. Better he didn’t do that.
    Other men standing near him should be supported him


  2. For the above story ,also suggest where he shoud have contacted for help immediately or he should in big trouble .? This has become a regular affair and this is high time that we form such helplines or ways to be reached immediately. Let us suggest how we can come forrward and be volunteers .


  3. ya…i agree with male factor. i would hit her back….and demand apology from her….for her rudeness and compensation for mobile phone too.


    • Nenu:

      Hitting her back would be sinking to her level. Please remember…women-folk are not far removed from children (in thought, word, or deed), so to hit her would be reciprocating one childish behavior for another.

      Someone has to be the adult, someone has to be in control, someone has to take charge, someone has to be responsible, someone has to be accountable, someone has to practice restraint and someone has to take the moral “high road” – and this “someone”, since the dawn of time, has been Man.

      Let us not lose sight of who we are by allowing the childish behaviors of reckless women, skew our noble commission and Godly mandate.

      We are men…the noblest of God’s creatures – made in His image.


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