Feminism or Femi-nazism

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From the Column of a male feminist

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I never had a problem with this till my research into the topic began to present a grim picture that almost every law that has been made as a shield to protect women from evil men can be in reality used as a weapon against all men- good, bad or simply ugly.  Bluntly put, a man’s life can be ruined by women. A woman can remove his beloved children from his care; she can have him jailed with an unsubstantiated accusation of rape; she can ruin his career by crying harassment because he “looked at her sexually”.  Children are indoctrinated into feminism, boys are treated as criminals because their bodies create testosterone, and girls are treated as heroes merely for having two X chromosomes. In short, women hold the trump card in our feminized society, and we men know it. What a horrible, twisted, mixed-up world.

I don’t believe all men hate women. But many men hate feminists. And honestly, I can’t say I blame them. This can’t continue. At some point a backlash against feminism will occur. The common man is waking up to the reality of ‘feminism’ (read femi-nazism). This new wave has actually begun in the west. It is bound to happen here in India also in the near future. But until then if you’re an Indian man and something like this were to happen to you, you are supposed to laugh it off, because you are a man. You are impervious to pain. A woman trashing you will just be hurting her delicate little fingers, she can’t hurt you. Period. So if you trash her back, you are a coward. No woman can insult you. A woman insulting you is just fooling herself. Her insults have no effect on you whatsoever on you. She won’t file false cases against you because Indian women are above such acts. You won’t suffer any emotional trauma from her because you don’t have any emotion or a soul and deal with similar stuff on a daily basis as a man in India.  So suck it up and move along man.

~ End ~


Note by The Male Factor – Dear Roni, I am glad that in the end you understood the gender stereotypes created in the society. But it is the male feminists like you who carefully carry forward and nurture the same until you get entrapped on the wrong side. Your realization is because as a protector you could not protect yourself. So ask yourself, who cares for your protector role? Why should you be the protector of women? Do they bother about your honour in any manner?

Femi-nazism is carefully grown by the crowd mentality of saving women no matter what. No one wants to thrash a woman criminal in public because that is supposed to be the act of a male chauvinist. Women also do not bother about thrashing such women, because what they all think is their own privilege so that next time even they can play the woman card and trash some other man.

This article is for you. See what laws feminists have set for you male feminists –

Rules for male feminists


  1. To whom it may concern:

    The average woman is a mature child who is often talented, intelligent, elegant and beautiful. She can make a house into a home and bring warmth and cheer to those around her. She even has the ability to bring out the very best in her man…often acting as the familial backbone. This is woman at her best – as God intended her to be. In this idealized state – she is a sight to behold, a force to be reckoned with and is the greatest gift given to man! Sadly, this precious gift has all but disappeared – making her the most prized of all endangered species.

    Man…is the most noble of God’s creation – made in His image. He is the shepherd of the flocks, master of the environment, protector of the weak, champion of the innocent and lord of the manor. In his idealized state – he reflects the glory of God and is a sight to behold, a force to be reckoned with and is the greatest gift given to the Earth. Sadly, Earth’s greatest steward has all but disappeared – leaving sniveling cowards, reprobate bastards and weak-minded women in charge of his domain. When those who are made in God’s image reclaim their birthright – this present darkness will pass away, leaving things in balance – as they ought to be.

    The State, feminists, and a cabal of elites cannot take from us what God has given. They only can take what we allow them to steal. Because this gift was not given to them…they do not know how to wield it or how to make it work, thus they grieve all of creation. It is time, therefore, for the real stewards to return to their posts and put this sad chapter behind us.


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