The Womanazis – She Has Beaten Me In Public For No Fault Of Mine

[The Womanazis is a new series on violence against men by women. These stories are told to The Male Factor by its readers and followers. This series will be published every Tuesday.

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Part 1

From the column of a male feminist

Woman slapping a man

Hi! Call me Roni. No that is not my real name. Actually, my name is not important, what important is what I am going to tell you.

I came across this website, The Male Factor while researching the need for gender-neutral laws. I must say it felt like striking gold. Glad to know that there are like-minded people out there. I thank them for agreeing to publish my article anonymously.

Earlier this year I went to a school friend’s wedding. I caught up with a number of my old friends and we had a really good time (which didn’t involve any drinking). It was already evening when I got to leave. I decided to take a train back because I couldn’t stand the idea of an 8hr long return journey by bus.

I reached the station and joined a very long queue at the ticket counter. I was really tired and couldn’t wait to get back home. One of my friends called me saying he reached home. We had the typical conversation about how lucky he was to live so near to the wedding place and my long treacherous journey back to home. Suddenly I felt a strong push from behind me and I fell onto a young woman who was standing in front of me. Some impatient passengers were trying to get the slow queue moving (because that is the Indian way to deal with queues.) Before I could say that I am sorry (even though it wasn’t my fault) the lady turned around and whipped me. She hit me with such force that my phone broke (while still next to my face). I could actually taste blood in my mouth. She didn’t stop there. She grabbed my collar and started yelling. She was hurling abuses and continued hitting me.

I was too shell-shocked to even react to what was happening. Hearing the ruckus created by the angry woman people began to gather   (to pound me I suspect because that’s the right thing to do when a woman is violated).


Note by The Male Factor

Dear Roni, the reason I agreed to publish your story even though it is a misandric story is that there are so many lessons to be learned for male feminists like you. I hope you pass on these lessons to other male feminists as well.

Do you realize that it is the male feminists like you who can not protest against such unruly behaviour by women and think of saying “sorry” to women even without any of their fault is making women behave this way? You still referred to her as a “lady” when she actually behaved like a hooligan. When you give so much respect to a woman unnecessarily without bothering about your own respect why do you think she is going to respect you? Why do you think other men who ganged up against you should respect you? If it a gentleman you would have probably whacked him back or at least never would have referred to him as a gentleman right?

The reason society behaves like this and men are beaten up openly by women without any consequences is you, the male feminists who are making our lives increasingly difficult. You are the people who are making women continue this rowdyism in public without facing any consequences.


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