This Is How My Wife Was Driving Me To Commit Suicide

[Md. Ameen Shareef, a man from Vizag, Andhra Pradesh has recently completed a cross-country bike ride for a cause. he is writing a book titled “My Cross Country Ride” with exclusive stories of his adventure. The Male Factor is proud to be associated with him in his journey as a writer. For the first time ever, you will read snippets of his book as it progresses.

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Chapter 2 – A bumpy ride

I used to work in mid-level management of a reputed MNC and was working very hard to give best facilities to my wife and child. But, she neither appreciated me nor acknowledged my efforts. She was an Unani Physician, so when she wanted to work in a Hospital in Visakhapatnam, I supported her. When she wanted to pursue her MBA in Hospital Management, I got her admitted in University and borne all expenses. I also bought her brand-new scooter, as she was using public transportation,

Above all, I have also accommodated her mother’s elder sister (who was a divorcee too) in our family along with her mother. My father-in-law was living separately as these women had filed a case against him. When I shifted to a new job location, I took all of them along.

Her daily tantrums increased after her pregnancy. She started creating a scene in every possible instance. She even started putting restrictions on me. I was not allowed to keep any relation with my siblings, friends, and relatives including her father. They threatened to file false criminal cases against my whole family if I kept any relation with them. So, not only I stopped calling them, but I also stopped going to all family functions, un-friended my siblings in social media and blocked them from calling me. It was very painful but I had to do all these for their safety.

I have always supported her and motivated her to excel professionally as well as personally. I supported her in whatever course, training, certification, higher studies or jobs she wanted to pursue. But she never supported me when I needed her support the most. I was enrolled in a part-time Ph.D. course but whenever it was time for payment of my dues, she used to come up with huge expenses and stopped me from paying my dues. Her torture went to such a level that she used to wake me up in the middle of the night to continue fighting till she has finished.

I was never appreciated nor respected by her in any manner. So, to win her confidence, I bought a property in her name with all my savings and my share from my parental house and extra contribution from my siblings.  I wanted to show her how much I trusted and loved her. But, after that, she became even stronger and continued her abusive behavior. She started claiming to our neighbors and family friends that she used her and her aunt’s money to buy that property.

But there was more of these abuses to come in my way. One day, I noticed my wife was threatening my daughter not to play with me and to be with me. She was addressing me in abusive words and was convincing her that I was not fit to be her father. In Hindi, it was like, तेरा बाप लुच्चा है, लफंगा है, उसके पास मत जाना।“ (your father is a scoundrel, lame duck, don’t go to him).

That little kid didn’t know how to react, she was just nodding her head. This happened in my presence and I saw my daughter who was fond of me and who loved playing with me – stopped coming to me after listening to her mother. I broke into pieces as I saw the little kid repeating the words of her mother, “मेरा बाप लुच्चा है, लफंगा है”. That was more than enough to break me into pieces. I tried to tell her, “beta, don’t say those things, I am your father, I love you the most”. But my voice choked. It was as if someone had throttled me and I was not able to speak out. But that was not all, the real shocker came after some time.

Hearing those words from my daughter, when I held a sofa cushion tight and was trying to hold back my tears, my wife came and kicked me with abuses. In Hindi, it was like “ये साला मरता भी नहीं है”. Before I could react, my daughter reiterated her mother’s words, “साला मरता भी नहीं” and raised her leg towards me to kick me. I died thousand times that day. I couldn’t utter a single word. It was the end of my life.

Chapter 2 photo

Ameen Shareeff with his daughter in good times

After this, I decided to end my life forever. ….

[Read the chilling story of Md. Ameen’s suicide attempt and his miraculous come back only in his upcoming book. To know more about this book, please visit this blog.]

After this miraculous come back, the first thing I did was to take control of my own finances. My wife controlled all my bank cards and finances ever since our marriage. I had to first take all those back from her. This has made her crazy and she started demanding more and more. Slowly, her demands went to rupees one lakh per month. She tried to defame me to our relatives, but they all realized I was innocent. One day, she went to her parental house with my daughter, her aunt, and all my assets, documents including property documents and belongings. I was left all alone and with a single pillow, a blanket and 2 dining plates behind.

Then, I was determined to live and speak out. I shared my marital experience with my siblings and friends. I came to know that my other friends were also suffering from their wives. Upon a detailed study on the matter, I came to know that this was a serious national issue and I was determined to address this.

[What did he do after that? Read the next chapter to know…


*This book is being written in association with The Male Factor and will soon be available for readers


  1. My support for Ameen Shareeff. I can understand him even though I am not married.

    As I am getting 40, may someone approach me with the proposals of divorced women too.
    How could we take such persons seriously?
    Soon or later, marriages in India will get into a deadlock.
    And the Marital Rape PIL is adding salt on the wound.

    Why the society is turning its face upon the problems of men?
    Are we men also responsible for that (as per the assumption of feminism)?
    Why men only need to change always as per the standards of modern society?
    Is it a sin to have ‘choices’ for a man?

    I think we men also need to have choices of our own other than taking the historical role of ‘provider’ and ‘protector’.
    The era demands it so much.

    Have a nice day to all!


    • Similar experience in my family. Glad you did not give up. Enjoy your rest of your life with the wonderful family that you had to stay away because of your wife(your parents, etc).
      The first sign of trouble is when the partner demands you to stay away from your family. One should never agree to that at any cost if possible.
      Probably men in such situation give in out of fear of false cases, and of hope that eventually the wife would change to only see it get worse over time.
      These first signs of controlling behavior should be taken seriously at the beginning itself.

      I come across good men like you going through all this with controlling, greedy women who hold strong grudges to a point where they want to destroy the whole family and take all property(including in laws) and leave the guy with no peace and even taking the kids away.
      At the same time I see wonderful women in abusive relationships.

      I wonder why good men marry the bad ones and good women marry the bad ones. There are very few happily married couples these days.

      Your daughter will get back with you eventually…. it is just a matter of time… don’t lose hope…


  2. For married men use the following strategy:
    A B C D E

    A: Don’t ADVISE your wife. (She will always ignore and disobey you. Let her suffer her own actions).
    B: Don’t BELIEVE your wife. (She will manipulate you with her temporary good words or crocodile tears).
    C: CARE a fuck what she says. (She will use Abuses, Curses, Disrespect etc to get her work done and make you feel an asshole-loser which You are not. Know the whole world recognises you. One person is NOTHING)
    D: Don’t DEBATE. (Because she speaks not for a reason or a family. She speaks for her parents and her wishes. You are merely a puppet-a doormat).
    E: Don’t ENGAGE. (Never make her a part of your hobby or most importantly your entrepreneurship venture. She will screw your relationships with the clients.

    I am following them and yes I am far happier.


  3. For every 1000 Indian boys & men dying due to suicides, accidents or murder I rejoice. I might even throw a party sometimes.


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