These Men Share Why They Fight For Men’s Rights

Men's rights

Men’s Rights today have many die-hard supporters and activists. Most of them work out of their compassion rather than any monetary benefits. Indian men’s rights movement has recently achieved new heights with its activists winning the battle with feminists in different scenarios.

But still, some people do not get enough motivation to continue their fight for men’s rights. Some do not join men’s rights while some discontinue. The time has come to understand what makes a die-hard activist of men’s rights. What do they think is awesome to fight for men’s rights?

Tell us about some of your most memorable experiences in men’s rights –

You can also tell us your reasons why fighting for men’s rights is awesome in the comment section.


  1. I’m loving it
    I got lifetime job to die peacefully.
    I got so many fighters friends.
    Nothing else I want.
  2. I had to make a mock presentation on any topic in a training programme, I made it on men’s rights. There was quite a furore in the audience. The trainer was a lady, she tried to give a difficult time to me in Q&A…but hornet’s nest had been stirred. At the end she said, she would take the presentation with her.
  3. My most memorable experience is after one of the victims won the case, the tears of joy totally telling the relief was something that made me happy. All the efforts were successful.
  4. I have spent many days with other accused in jail, it was an opportunity to express and understand the pain, my youth and good age of earning was seriously damaged that day my day be gained always restless.
  5. In today’s world when we talk about equality, it is so surprising that even now our archaic Indian laws still go for gender-biased laws. Even the Supreme Court has passed numerous judgements clearly stating that these laws are being misused and is legal terrorism.  It is the need of the hour for India to emerge as a developed nation with equal rights for both genders.
  6. Early days yet as we are just beginning to face the brunt of gender-biased laws impressed with those who give advice simply to help another human being and not for any reward.
  7. Let’s fight together
  8. My most memorable experience is online. Getting to know the larger hidden agenda behind increasing misandry, and getting to read
  9. Feminism is a nasty conspiracy in name of equality among genders. It is a plot to destroy the basic fabric of society. The most memorable experience is when I faced troll for my article on Marital Rape which was printed in Voice for men. I realized how deep the conspiracy was.
  10. The intentions of a set of women in society are just hating men and this got exposed to me. By picking up issues of safety etc, these women are slowly trying to take control of men’s lives in its totality so that men can be subjugated and enslaved.
  11. Nobody else can understand my pain and goals!
    I feel very peaceful helping Men every day!
    I am doing my bit so that my son can live more peacefully and not hurt just because he happened to be a male!
  12. During one event Amnesty International was spreading misandry. I busted their lies and they did not have anything to say. Due to our campaign Amnesty’s paid campaign was a flop show.
  13. Assisting Police and Judiciary to make an informed decision based on prevalent laws and procedures. Helping fellow men to overcome depression and prevent suicides
  14. There is a huge lack of empathy for men. Just talking to men undone by the misandrous society or set-up gives them peace. Working for Men’s Rights is “Humanism” at its best.
    The best moments are the ones when come to know that by simply associating myself with Men’s Rights groups and counselling men, we have avoided possible suicides. The admittance by police, politicians (meekly in closed doors) or someone completely unknown that the system/society is flawed ratifies Men’s Rights Activism.
  15. Men in India are brought up to be the protector and provider. It’s the Men’s Right Movement which gave the first basic of life if you won’t respect yourself, who will? So the enlightenment which otherwise should be taught to every boy since childhood came with MRM.
  16. Men should always remember that they will have to always keep fighting against the Misandry in society and in themselves. But over past few years, Indian MRM (Save Indian Family Movement) has undergone major upgrades like SIF One Helpline, which has now become the lifeline along with SIF One Android App and the new websites along with SIF Yahoo group (the Backbone), Weekly Meetings. We see the movement growing further. Though corruption also tried to eat away MRM when few wanted to monetize the movement but then, passion can only earn passion and not money. As it stands, passion withstood this test of time as well!!


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