Indians Rejected Criminalization of Marital Rape

Should marital rape be criminalized as ‘rape is a rape ’.

Well, it may be good to proclaim that ‘rape is a rape’ when a poor person like Dhananjay Chatterjee is falsely accused, but not when people see them as falsely accused in a rape case. There are two major problems –

  1. The husband loses his life and liberty based on whims of his wife. Indian women have already shown how they can file false cases in greed and in revenge.
  2. Rape becomes a frivolous crime as upon marriage every man becomes a rapist.

India has overwhelmingly rejected the concept of criminalizing marital rape. Shown below are the Twitter survey results from different media and feminist sources –

Media Polls on Marital Rape

  1. Indian Express poll – undecided

Readers were clearly divided without any decision.

Indian Express Poll on Marital Rape
Indian Express Poll on Marital Rape
  1. Times of India

Readers agreed that Marital Rape can’t be a criminal offense in the Indian context

Marital Rape TOI
Marital Rape Poll by TOI
  1. Swarajya – 74% said no to criminalization
Marital Rape _ Swarajya
Swarajya Poll on Marital Rape
  1. Bollywood News – 56% agreed with govt stand of noncriminalization of marital rape
Marital Rape Bollywood News
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  1. Polls Unlimited – 52% agreed with govt stand
Marital Rape_Poll 573
  1. Hindustan Times – They claimed that people rejected govt. stand, but no evidence of that

Hindustan Times published this graph as the result of their poll in their newspaper –

Marital Rape HT (News)
HT Poll on Marital Rape

But this graph can also be separately made and does not confirm that the poll result was really this. When we checked their original poll link we did not find any poll –

Marital Rape Poll _HT
HT Original Poll link on Marital Rape

This shows that the actual result could have been different, so they had removed the original poll and produced only a graph that can be made separately.

Marital Rape Polls By Feminists

  1. Rita Banerjee, a well-known feminist activist campaigning for the criminalization of marital rape, conducted a ‘woman only’ poll on the topic -–
Marital Rape_Rita Benerjee

In her poll, she made women assume that they are raped by their husbands. Women broke the myth that they don’t go to the police/court and complain if they are raped. 59% women voters said, they will go to court and complain. 76% said they would leave their husband. Only 16% said they would not complain and stay with their husband.

Rita Banerjee’s poll breaks the feminist myth that women don’t go to police and raise complaint. 59% women said they will take their husband to court.

  1. Priyanka (who claims to be a feminist in her Twitter profile)

She first created a poll on the criminalization of marital rape where 61% respondents said they didn’t want criminalization. Upon seeing that she had lost on her stand, she immediately deleted that poll –

Marital Rape_Priyanka (1)

Then she created one more survey on this and again people said, they didn’t want marital rape to be criminalized. In fact, even with gender-neutral laws, India rejected the option of getting criminal laws into our bedrooms  –

Marital Rape Poll_Priyanka

Filmmaker’s poll

A documentary filmmaker Deepika Bhardwaj has created a survey on the same, and the results were against criminalizing Marital rape. It is important to note that even with misuse clause India rejected this law –

Marital Rape Poll_Deepika

MRA Poll on Marital Rape–

MRA Amit Deshpande ran a poll on this matter and found India rejecting a rape case in family bedrooms –

Marital Rape_AD
MRA Poll on Marital Rape

There is no poll that satisfactorily shows that India wants rape law to be introduced in our bedrooms. This shows how some evil forces are behind breaking our family system. If the court criminalizes Marital Rape, that will not only be against the wishes of this society but will be the start of breaking of our country.



  1. If she didn’t want to have sex with him why did she marry him? If she doesn’t want to have sex then why shoud he support her? She expects him to provide and protect but she will not do her sidel.

    Feminists are out to destroy marriage because they want to bring society down.


  2. Don’t these femtards realise that they’re only condemning women to a life of miserable spinsterhood with their retarded, ill-conceived “marital rape” dramabaazi? Which man in his right mind would want to marry when there’s a Damocle’s sword of a frivolous marital rape accusation hanging over his head? Fortunately, Indian men are wising up and are avoiding marriage. Go your own way, guys!


  3. Let Me Give A Logical Answer. Suppose My Age Is 28years And Let us Assume I Will Die At 80years( Rough Estimation ) Then After Marriage There Is 52years Left For Me To Live. Now 52*365days=18,980days. Now My Wife ( From Whome I Expect Love, Sex Everything ) Dont Want To Have Any physical Relation With me For 18980days 😛 :P. I want To Ask Is It A Joke? Or Something Funny. Is She Is Not Capable Of Loving Me Or providing Me With Any Sort Of Physical Need Then Why She Married Me? Suppose If The Situation gets Reversed That Husband Is Physically In-Capable Then Everyone Would Have Adviced Wife To Give Her Husband Divorce And Move Ahead.


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