Overcoming Fear – The MGTOW Way

Overcoming fear is the first condition of becoming an MGTOW in a feminist world. One needs to realize that one has become an MGTOW. I realized it sometime back –


But to even consider MGTOW philosophy as mine I took some time. It took me some hard-hitting bitter realities of life that had converted me to an MRA and then an MGTOW. It generally requires some evolution of our mind to believe in the philosophy of MGTOW, especially when we are taught one way from our childhood but suddenly we realize the importance of living a completely different life. This becomes important when we see our existence and our future generation may face great danger if we don’t become MGTOW today.

I had to become an MGTOW when I realized that Indian men have huge issues that no one bothers about and that is never highlighted anywhere. I realized this in a hard way and this belief was strengthened when I came across International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES) by International Centre for Research on Women (ICRAW) in the year 2011 –

Complete findings of the IMAGES survey

This survey brought some eye-opening facts that were very important for the survival of men in India. No one so far has bothered to take these up one reason men prefer to be MGTOWs.

For example, Alcohol Abuse –

Alcohol Abuse among Indian Men
Alcohol Abuse of Indian Men

According to the survey, 23% Indian men have this problem but this is one major reason portrayed for Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) against women in India. When there is a chance of getting falsely accused, men prefer to be MGTOWs.

This survey did give us a reason for such alcohol abuse too –

Men's report of feeling depressed
Why Indian Men Felt Depressed

The overwhelming majority of Indian men feel depressed. Very often they have a negative opinion about themselves –

Men having negative thought about themselves
Men Have Negative Thought About Themselves

Low income and no income is only adding to their woos –

Men's report of work related stress
Low Income A Major Problem of Indian Men

An overwhelming 62% of Indian men feel work-related stress and this leads to their negative feelings about their own well being. But when they are stressed or in any personal problem they don’t seek help –

Men having negative thought about themselves
Men Don’t Seek Help

As a result, India’s male suicide ratio grows exponentially.

Suicide in India
Suicide in India

When I tried to focus on these issues, first came to my notice was the issue of legal terrorism in India. In the name of women empowerment, India was going crazy about every reported crime against women and Indians were demanding crazy punishments against men. It is in this situation when the Indian society was pronouncing death penalty for every reported crime against women, the accused were beaten to death by a mob when no one really understood the importance of securing rights of the accused, I have realized the grim picture of Indian legal system. It took me some time to show to the world that no accused in India gets justice if he can’t buy justice –


The same is also confirmed by the researchers of National Law University (NLU), Delhi recently.

Read their report from Outlook edition of 15 Dec 2014

I realized that Men, and especially the poor men in India are denied justice. Justice for them happens on the streets. Our courts had become places for legal extortion for men. I realized that if this continues then men will withdraw from the society and that will bring in greater danger for us.

Becoming an MGTOW in a feminist world where men are taught to respect women, save women throughout their life but didn’t know how to save themselves from false complaints from the same women was very difficult. The hypocrite society that taught me to save women never taught me to save myself when the same women assault me. I was once a staunch believer in our justice system. But when I went to courts and saw that all we get there is the mockery of ourselves then I realized that the society had created a Frankenstein of women empowerment that was going to end this society very soon so becoming an MGTOW is the obvious choice.

My choice of raising voice for justice for men in India was like committing suicide when the society was ready to kill me. Men in India are taught to be brave and so was I but when I raised these issues the society started thinking of me as insecure because I was raising voice against unnecessary legal extortion in the name of women empowerment.

I realized that soon innocent men will be killed by the society and no one would ever seek any explanation. Same happened recently in Bangalore, too –

Bangalore mob beat up an innocent man

When the entire country gradually transforms into a country of hooligans, vandals and when a country becomes the mob country then the life of every countryman becomes dangerous. This life is even more dangerous than those of the paratroopers, sky-jumpers or front-line soldiers. These daredevils at least have some safety measures but MGTOWs in India have no safety measure at all. Any person speaking in favor of rights of a male accused is considered a criminal and worthy of beaten to death by a mob. That is the reason MGTOWs in India need to be fiercely fearless and brazenly brave.

So I have created my blog, a place where men can seek justice,  where others could show their side of the story like never before. This blog is my reflection.

Today, when I look at my Blogsite which I consider as my reflection, it smiles as it is doing its work of highlighting issues related to men and creating a healthy debate in the society to look into those issues, but I don’t smile back because I know I have a lot more to achieve.



  1. Dear Partha, Another inspiring and wonderful piece from you. You inspire men to think and be brave that is the best thing. Until now no one ever had the balls to speak against women. Anything a woman commented was taken into account. Our society, media and judiciary is damn biased and are on verge of killig mankind. I really pray and hope that these man dolls perish even before the innocent victims by these Nasty and double standard Frankenstein.


  2. Partha,
    How do you do these incredible articles? Wow!
    Thanks a million for doing this.
    However, your blog needs to get more eyeballs.
    By a factor of 1000. At least! For some reason the blog used to be the first result on Google, when searched for you (The Daulatabad page), but now takes extra effort to even find. Please check the SEO. I make it a point to spread your blog but think having your presence boosted by AVFM, antimisandry and MGTOW forums would get more traffic. Also an outreach on campuses. Although that’s a dicey terrain.


    • You are right and I am very poor in technical stuff. I try doing SEO but within my limitations. I focus more on writing as there is no one else in India who can write these. My attempt to develop people have failed, so I am doing it myself.

      Thanks for your compliments though..


      • Still, you must get a large following for your blog.
        Paul Elam and Dave Esmay at AVFM can be of great help. Your blog deserves much more exposure; it calls out a counter perspective and does so thoroughly.


  3. I agree with Augustya—–you must try to having your presence boosted by AVFM.
    Men’s rights are unheard. And even if someone tries his best, they are buried by stupid mainstream media distractions. Now both the Dalit grils and Rohtak incident has totally been erased out. Media is now silent because anti-women stories will not attract sympathy, curses,abuses, adverts and TRPs.
    These pseudo Barkha Dutts and man dolls like Arabs and Cheran Bhagats assume flattering fake and teary sentiments will attract more women to them.
    Buddy you are doing a brilliant job. Try to go by the suggestion from Augustya.


  4. Good Job. Your blog is nice but needs exposure. We need to do more research and we need to make many high quality HD (if possible) graphs, memes, pics, charts just like MRA pages of the West are doing. Authentic Info, stats is going to be our best weapon in this gender war. Right now crimes against ‘wymyn’ are over exaggerated while crimes against men are not even given the minimum nominal attention. So we would need a network of independent journalists who are pro-male and then we need to spread awareness so that atleast abused men start reporting so that we could have stats in the days to come.
    Above all, the Red Pill Knowledge needs to infiltrate this fucked up gynocentric nation which is filled with Manginas and blue pill white Knights, the very reason because of which Feminism is flourishing.
    Just start collaborating with or linking MGTOW channels and blogs like that of Sandman, Stardusk, bar bar, ThinkingApe-TV, Vention1MGTOW, RazorBladeKandy2, Raging Golden Eagle, JohnTheOther and so on.


    • Thanks for your ideas. Unfortunately I am so hard pressed for time and to write new article almost every day I am not able to do anything on collaboration..I need to focus on collaboration..thanks a lot.


  5. It eliminates discord and instead promotes harmony among members.
    Examples of hostile work environments similar to this may include spurious
    performance warnings or changes in wages and hours.
    Men who have watched any type of adult video may
    assume women are expecting back-breaking acrobatics
    in the sack.


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