It’s Confirmed, Male Feminists Can Die

It’s confirmed now. Male feminists also known as manginas can die, as they are no longer needed by humanity. Feminists have already set the codes of conduct for men who identify themselves as feminists.

These rules originally published in Everyday Feminism clarifies why men in feminism or manginas (Man with a vagina) should shut their mouth and listen and work according to the wishes of women there.

Rule #1 saysIf you are a male feminist then don’t assert yourself in front of women, because you are a privileged person. So shut your mouth and accept their leadership even if you have a different opinion to share.

Well, now if you have ever thought of feminism as a movement of equality and perceived the movement as was initially defined by them, then you will find yourself as an idiot who didn’t evolve with changing the face of feminism. By supporting feminism for so long and giving them a voice, you have made sure that your voice is not heard. Yeah, you are privileged still to be alive on this earth.

Rule #2 saysWhen it comes to issues that directly pertain to women’s bodies and experiences, be quiet and listen

Well, the basic point reconfirmed here is, as a male feminist, shut the f**k up when you are with female feminists. This is due to the fact you still have a penis that works (or maybe not), the fact that you still didn’t become a transgender or do not understand what periods, menopause or childbearing is, you are not allowed to share your viewpoints anywhere. Yeah, that is what equality means to feminists.

Rather you are supposed to catch other male fools like you who will patiently hear those feminists bitching about them openly and all of you (the privileged men with penises) will have to agree to all that crap and be a mangina.

If you still don’t get it and want to identify yourself as a feminist, I hope you are still alive.

Rule #3 saysMen don’t get to determine if they are “allies” to the feminist movement. Women do.

So, the rule is simple if you are a mangina you are already privileged, no matter what you need to identify yourself as a feminist. If you don’t, that means you are a sexist, transphobic or having gender-based bigotry. So the women feminists can be outrageously sexist, transphobic or all that they prohibit you from doing but you as a man can’t voice your opinion.

If you still don’t get this point, let me very clear – unless you kill your individual identity, as a male feminist you cease to exist. So better die.

Rule #4 saysTake responsibility for addressing men’s issues with other men, rather expecting women in feminism to do all the work

It is simple, women in feminism will create problems for men, they will ask for all privileges and hand over only responsibilities and burdens to men and if you are bothered as a male feminist, go discuss the issue with other men and expect them to resolve the problems created by the women in feminism.

If you still can’t fathom how the hell other men can solve problems created by those feminists, your existence needs to be questioned. Because according to the author, feminism has already helped men in many ways in their battle of gender equality. Now, you may wonder whom did you support for so many years of the fight when in the end they are demanding that they have supported you instead. Huh, …don’t look for any logic here, if you don’t agree you are not a feminist and according to rule #3 you have no choice but to identify yourself as a feminist. So, you are actually a dead person, if you don’t.

Rule #5 saysUse your male privilege to encourage other men to work towards gender equality under women leadership

This rule talks about once you identify yourself as a feminist, you need to have a lifelong commitment to all the shit you are asked to obey and follow. No matter whether you identify yourself as a male feminist or not, you are still privileged and use your privilege to motivate other men to follow you and lose their identity. Well, here the gender equality means talking only about women and giving them more privileges and depriving yourself of the same.

If this kind of slavery is acceptable to you, you can be still live, else as a mangina you may choose to die with respect.

Rule #6 saysDon’t use the label of ‘feminist’ as a way to try to get women to like you — that’s disingenuous and counterproductive.

So the women feminists have finally caught you. You were wearing the feminist mask to attract more women towards you. You fool, now no matter what you did or felt so far; you are a mere “woman catcher’ in feminism. Your contributions so far have no value. Even if you have not been a womanizer so far, women think of you as a potential womanizer or may be a rapist, too.

Now that your identity as a mangina or a male feminist based on ideologies is questioned, you actually do not have any option but to die because every bit of your personal identity, your value system is smashed with this simple feminist rule.

Rule #7 saysGiven opportunities to execute professional tasks related to feminist issues, consider referring to other women instead

So this rule says, even if you are entrusted with a duty pertaining to feminist issues, refer to women instead of doing it yourself. In short, lose your identity in the workplace, do the work as ‘they’ want you to do. Now feminist and women are used interchangeably here, read feminist in both places.

So you lose your workplace identity as well. As a mangina you become a mere slave of feminists.

Rule #8 saysEducate yourself about the history of feminism and how women of different backgrounds have approached the movement

This rule, in short, says keep reminding yourself (and others too) about the history of feminism and the differences that do not exist today should be brought in to bring new facilities for women. So, because historically women in some parts of the world might not have certain facilities, you need to bring those issues to the forefront, keep reminding people about those and keep depriving future boys of any privilege.

You better die now as a man or a potential father of some boys, before your future generation kills you for bringing a horrible life to them.

Rule #9 saysEnsure your feminism is intersectional

This rule says that feminism is here to elevate everyone irrespective of the section they belong to. Now don’t talk about elevating men by the feminists, because rule #4 already prohibits you from doing the same. It is about bringing the same privileges as enjoyed by women like Emma Watson to the women in the most deprived part of the world like Sub-Saharan Africa.

Now don’t question what happens to men or your own children, they can die (including you) if you don’t like this rule.

Rule #10 saysAcknowledge that sometimes women need opportunities to discuss feminist issues without the presence of men. And that’s okay

So this rule clarifies, that no matter what you have done to feminism as a man, you are still not welcome to some classified meeting of their leaders. So as a male feminist never expect to be a feminist leader. Be a subordinate and keep yourself out of such discussions graciously otherwise, there is a chance that you will be thrown out.

Now don’t feel bad dear proud male feminist. You have chosen this life of humiliation yourself, be a part of this discrimination, else go die. That will still be respectful.

Rule 11 saysWhen women criticize your involvement in feminism, don’t talk over them. Actively listen and be accountable

Another rule that says keep your mouth shut when in feminism. In spite of doing everything the way your women leadership wanted, you may be criticized because as a male feminist you have already given up your identity of a human being. You will be treated like shit and you will have to be accountable for the all the issues, including those for which you are not responsible.

The ending of this article also says and reaffirm male acceptance to women leadership even if he doesn’t like it.

So, it is clear folks, as male feminists your identity either as a man or a feminist is not recognized. By simply calling you a male feminist, will only be portraying yourself as an idiot. Now if you still want to exist (I mean, breath, that is called to have a life) you better relinquish all your self-respect and identity. You are no longer needed in feminism, for so many years fools like you have made lives of our future generations of men miserable. Now feminists have outcast you. You are no longer valued as a human being till death do the honors for you.

Manginas Are Often Predators

Male feminists or manginas are often dangerous not only for men but also for women. Most of them may be predators themselves. A 2018 case involving Utsav Chakroborty of AIB fame is a great example. He keeps talking about feminism and respecting women and in reality, he is accused of sending his penis picture to other women.

Even after accusation, in a series of tweets, he didn’t completely refute the claim that he ever sent genital pictures. Rather from his series of tweets, it was evident that he did send and he continued to play a victim and a mangina. He continued to show how much he cared for women and respected them.

Mangina Utsav Wants To Die Now

Question is if a man really respects women, can he send such images to random women or ask for the same? The point is, when shows like AIB exist  (others other MTV shows, stand up comedies etc.) based on pure abuse and slur, I wonder why we should expect any kind of moral value from those who are related to such shows or who watch them.  This is nothing but destroying the moral values of a society in the name of feminism and is one strong reason to punish all such manginas who pretend to be feminists under the disguise of being sexual predators.

The fact, they keep talking about women shows they are not only frustrated a lot of people in their lives, but they want sexual favours at any cost. That is the reason such manginas are not only dangerous for men (because they deny justice for men) they are also dangerous for women and should cease to exist.

Manginas Don’t Lose Hope

…but here is a new way of life for you guys. Till the time your moronic existence is inevitable on this earth, you can still adopt masculinism. That will help you reincarnate as a man who may not have all privileges, but will have self-respect, values and will be heard. You will have a life independent of anyone ruling you over in every aspect of your life or dictating what you should do or you should not. That will be more respectful than dying every day under feminism and eventually dying a disgraceful death.

The choice is yours.


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  1. Actually more than the female feminists it is the male feminists that are the actual cause of the problem.They hower around like honey bees around a woman and unlike being straightforward in their intentions, they try to cut down other men telling bad about them so that they get a chance to lay hands on the woman .These are the very men that spark the fire and add fuel to it and push and amplify these women’s
    voices so that they can get sympathy votes.Most of the times the victims of these manginas will be lonely frustrated woman who might just have
    had a strained relationship in her life.We are sick of all these.If anything it is the truth is heterosexual relationships are becoming dangerous.And if the leaders all who care for good do not take initiative in diluting the amount of feminist poison injected into young girls and boys the upconing generation will be growing into a reasonless creatures far from realities of life and devoid of any sense.Education should get you closer towards the realities of life not away from it.The traditional teaching methods where teachers are given full rights to punish the students must be given incentives.This corporate education system is designed nothing but to turn the kids into robots who would serve their corporate masters.Something fundamentally is going on wrong.Otherwise there is no reason for the people to hate each other or be suspicious of. (:).

    Liked by 1 person

    • True. It is the some men who supports women even though they are wrong. These men wants to take good impression from women.


  2. The #5 was priceless: “encourage men to work toward gender equality UNDER women leadership”. Is it wrong to fiercely desire feminists to die altogether?


  3. This is the most delusional shit I have ever read. This is why women can’t be taken seriously. They are always dwelling in their little imaginary worlds, with what only matters, them. Can’t decide what’s worse, brainwashed self hating men that stand up for feminism blindly or just feminists themselves. I’m getting sick and tired of media supporting feminist stupidity. I know for one Google does and so does YouTube. Bloody bullshit. Wake up people! There are other important and reasonable issues around the world that need observance, not feminism. Boycott feminism!!


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