This Study Confirms That Glorification of Same Sex Relations Will Turn Your Child Into One

I have always wondered –

1. Why gay and lesbian relations are promoted so widely by a state? And

2. Why it is always that feminists promote these relations?

Supreme Courts on Gay Marriage

Earlier the US supreme court and now the Indian Supreme Court has upheld gay marriage.  Like many have changed their Facebook profile image to transparent rainbow colors showing their support for homosexuals earlier will do the same even now. Many others have refrained earlier from doing so because they thought that changing their profile pic might represent themselves as homosexuals, rather than showing support.

India, Supreme Court has gone one step ahead by saying History needs to apologize to the LGBT community. However, what psychologists say, is that this is a psychological problem that one faces. So, LGBT should not be promoted by any state.

Let’s try to take a peek into what psychologists and so called transgenders say.

Can We Turn One Into Gay By Social Conditioning?

I was under the opinion that glorifying same-sex relations could turn a normal society into a society of homosexuals. So I started doing research on “whether it is possible to change someone’s sexual orientation from ‘straight’ to ‘gay’ by manipulating social and environmental factors“.

Before we delve into this topic we need to understand the following concepts as used in this article –

State – A state is the global entity of a group of powerful people who want to capture the entire wealth of the world. (Understand the concepts of New World Order to understand this). It is not the nations bound by international borders.

Sexual orientation identity – Sexual orientation of a person is one’s physical attraction towards genders. e.g. Straight, gay, bisexual etc.

Gender orientation identity – How one identifies oneself in terms of gender. i.e. male, female, trans etc.

Sexual Orientation is Fluid

Researchers have found that sexual orientation and gender identity are not rigid or constant throughout one’s lifetime but these are rather fluid. This video clarifies the point –

So we understand that we are “mostly male” or “mostly female” rather than living in a binary gender system of “male”, “female” etc.

But still, the main question remains unanswered – “whether we can change one’s sexual orientation from ‘straight’ to ‘gay’ by manipulating his social and environmental factors? The answer is shockingly ‘YES’.

Factors Affecting Sexual Identity

A quick read of this article will tell you that our sexual orientation identity depends on psychological factors, our thoughts etc. There may be cases that we get physical attraction towards persons rather than a gender. When we understand that this concept is rather fluid than rigid we understand this better.

A quick study of Wikipedia article on our sexual orientation also reveals that our sexual orientation can be changed by –

cognitive behavioral techniques

“reparative therapy”
psychoanalytic techniques
medical approaches etc.

Creating Homosexuals Out of Normal People

Even though all leading professional psychological associations discourage anyone from trying to do the same. The article concludes that conversion of gays into straight people is highly unlikely and should not be tried. But it never says that converting straight guys into gays is not possible. This website on human sexual orientation shows that the ‘straight’ people can, in fact, be converted into ‘gays’ (point #6) as it depends on their psychological factors or thought process. This article also shows that the reverse is not possible (point #7) as also said by leading psychological associations.

This study by The American Psychological Association confirms that one’s sexual orientation identity can change throughout one’s life.

Social psychologist Darryl Bem of Cornell University showed that our gender identity needs confirmation in our childhood by existing social norms of acceptable gender behaviour. However, when the existing social gender norms create a sense of mismatch in a child’s mind one will become a sexually non-conforming child and will feel ‘different’ from his own gender. This will eventually lead to him getting sexually attracted to the people of the same gender.

In short, a straight boy can be converted into a gay by confusing him of his gender identity through the state-sponsored education system and by implying new social and behavioural norms.

In this research paper, American sociologist Peter Bearman of Colombia University has shown that same-sex attraction can be created by presenting enough socially structured opportunities. These opportunities are nothing but over glorifying same-sex relationships as is happening today.

This study shows that boys are more likely to be ‘gays if they do not get proper paternal care or raised by single/divorced mothers.

A 2006 Danish study, that we get the reference in Wikipedia shows –

“Heterosexual marriage was significantly linked to having young parents, small age differences between parents, stable parental relationships, large numbers of siblings, and late birth order. Children who experience parental divorce are less likely to marry heterosexually than those growing up in intact families.

For men, same-sex marriage was associated with having older mothers, divorced parents, absent fathers, and being the youngest child.

For women, maternal death during adolescence and being the only or youngest child or the only girl in the family increased the likelihood of same-sex marriage”

A study by Cameron Paul published in The Journal of Biosocial sciences in 2006 shows that children raised by same-sex parents are more likely to be homosexuals rather than being heterosexual.

So by creating a social norm for homosexuality (or by glorifying the same) and promoting homosexual relations, it is possible to create a society of homosexuals that will continue to have only homosexuals. We were just a part of this social experiment recently when we supported and promoted gay marriages overwhelmingly.

Anthropologists have also shown that the primitive cultures that do not reward or distinguish any behavior have NO homosexuality; however, the culture that is more tolerant of such behavior have more homosexuals.

In the US the number of homosexuals is increasing. Binnie Klein in this article has stated that “It’s clear that a change in sexual orientation is imaginable to more people than ever before, and there’s more opportunity – and acceptance – to cross over the line”.

So from the above discussion, it is clear that the sexual orientation of our children can be changed by influencing social norms and glorifying certain behaviour. The reason our normal family relations of heterosexual couples are broken by the state by implementing laws in the name of feminism is a step towards this. More single mother children, children alienated from their fathers and more homosexual couples will lead to ‘convert‘ otherwise normal or straight children into homosexuals.

Now see what this person who identified himself as a transgender has to say –

Also check out this viral video on transgenderism. Many of the myths of transgenderism are busted in this video. The politically correct agenda purely for political reasons has no time for fact finding.

Question is why would the ‘state’ do this?

The answer is simple. When you don’t have your own children and when the state can remotely control your life, your bedroom, and your future, you turn into a slave. You may not recognize but the state has complete control over you and your property. Feminism is an easy tool to achieve that. In fact, global feminist leaders may be the agents of the state and may not be females at all. Now that we know there is the endless possibility of gender, this option seems more likely.

So, this glorification of same-sex relation in any manner will turn our children into one. We have just participated in a social experiment and confirmed that we are okay for the ‘state’ to control us. Now we have no option but to accept homosexuality of our children.


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  1. “I call upon every thinking law abiding citizen who wants to collaborate for only the purpose of common good to stay united and put aside the differences of caste and religion and offer tough resistance to feminazis and their paltu manginas.The way to deal with this menance is to look at an actor only in the capacity of an actor and stop turning them into demi gods.To put political pressure on the local MPs to drop the feminist rhetoric and adopt the MRA rhetoric.To be skillful so that we can get more hold over the market and thereby we can increase our bargaining power with the feminist coporates.To constantly file petitions to the top court and other high courts so that they take an initiative in annulling the misandric laws.
    To take up lawyer courses so that we may have some power over legislations and train to become skillful judges so that justice is established by truth and not by falsehood.To team up and form a political party solely for the purpose of “Men’s rights”.To contribute money to those working for their rights.To stay informed of the developments happening in the global feminist circles.
    To use the intellect and brain to find out the reason and cause of the existence of feminism and the driving forces behind it whether hidden or apparent so that they can be dismantled with truth.
    To stay together till THE END.If practically possible, implore some business tycoon to sponsor a Men’s only channel and a Men’s commission
    so that the ignorant may become aware.::.

    Liked by 1 person

    • And my sincere request to the voters is to vote based on the merit or capability of the candidate who stands as a contestant in the election.See how much less corrupted is he.See how much good has he done to the fellowmen.See and check what are his
      views on feminism.Submit a memorandum containing the demands officially represented by Men’s Rights Organization.See to it the party Officially agrees to atleast half of the demands and incorporates them in their manifesto.See what are the academic credentials or what is the knowledge base of the person.Stop voting because someone is an actor or because someone is an actor’s cousin or brother or sister or aunt or nanny.Limit your admiration to only 3 hrs of movie.Please…….stop worshipping them.And stop giving them either negative publicity or positive publicity.All they want to do is create controversy so as people will feel an inherent urge to comment on them which gives them the essential life force to get things moving from them.An actor acts in a movie and takes huge chunk of money which he gains through your tickets back home.He is dependent on you.Not vice versa.His role ends right there.And as far as fans organisations are there if they are doing good works then it is good.But sometimes what I have observed is people get hyper when something ill is spoken about an ‘ACTOR’.And his fans behave like goons kicking the people.Such reprehensive acts border upon fanaticism and it becomes a law and order issue.I urge all of you to stop providing oxygen to the game of words celebrities play.You have no right to fear as long you have not committed an offence.But if you are fearing then I suppose there is something plainly wrong is going on within the system.An actor acts.A politician influences the people to good in real life.Understand the difference between the every day reality and 3hr REELity. I am not now tarnishing in any way any actor but only asking the people to stop swooning and swaying for tweets.Peace.


  2. I completely agree with the conclusions. I also have my own theories and hypothesis on this as well other aspect of feminism, changes to human body due to environmental exposure to female hormone mimicking chemicals as well as the philosophical construct that makes it possible for the idea that meek will inherit the earth. The more I read articles and analyse as well as experiment with my own thought processes, look at how culture, spiritual processes, religions, etc. evolved and relate with evolutionary past of humans with a strong link to our biology, I realize that though feminism is just 1 of the nails in the coffin (human extinction), it will be the last of the 2 nails, and probably be the last one. The other being our technological over-dependence…. How feminism will be different and thus, last one is that it will prevent human population from regaining momentum after a crash…..


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