Bengal’s Shame – JU Professor Maligned Vidyasagar, Not Fired

So, what are they teaching in the Bengali Dept. of Jadavpur University nowadays? Female professors teach how to cut pubic hair and penis of male students. Wondering what the male teachers might be teaching?

Bengal’s Shame – Jadavpur University

Promoting vulgarism and obnoxious behaviour has become a forte in Jadavpur University. Spreading hatred and making derogatory comments about Bengal’s revered icons, and spearheading violence in the name of liberalism through different activities in the University is taking the Bengali culture to shame.

This University has been Bengal’s Blacksheep for years. They promoted Love Jihad and also supported anti-national activities in JNU. But if their previous shameful activities were not enough, recently one of their woman professors Sutapa Sengupta has crossed all limits. She not only made a derogatory comment about Bengal’s iconic figure for women’s rights Pt. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar but also threatened a student of cutting his penis for objecting to her objectionable comment about Vidyasagar.

How Sutapa Maligned Vidyasagar

In a Facebook post, Jadavpur University’s Associate Professor of Bengali Department, Sutapa Sengupta commented that Vidyasagar had once helped a destitute woman and later had a child with her. In other words, she commented that Vidyasagar who worked tirelessly for women’s education and also played a key role in bringing the widow marriage law was not only involved in an illicit relationship but also had an illicit child.

The comment, however, didn’t stop there. It went one step ahead in justifying the action and mentioned that it was a very humane act of Vidyasagar.

Let’s look at the original comment –

The JU Professor Sutapa Sengupta was not fired even after maligning Bengal’s iconic figure Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar

If we translate this comment, it reads like this –

“When I was studying in Class VIII, my father once told me about a family in Kumartuli. They were Vidyasagar’s lineage. Vidyasagar once helped a helpless woman and later he got involved in a relationship with her. Later he had a child from that relationship. Then my father asked me whether I felt bad by learning that. Then I was very young, I felt bad. My father said, ‘I loved Vidyasagar even more. I saw him as a better human being”.

Sutapa’s Comment More Than Derogatory

If we only look at it as a derogatory comment for Vidyasagar, we will make a big mistake. It was extremely derogatory comment for Bengal’s culture and a direct attack on an icon who had selflessly given away his everything to help others. Especially Pt Eswarchandra Vidyasagar’s contribution and fight for women’s upliftment in India, can’t be belittled.

This comment on Vidyasagar, however, was not seen as derogatory at all by some other liberal intellectuals of Bengal. One of them, who also claims to be a poet, came out in support of her comment and said, this comment may be a blatant lie, but simply if someone says Vidyasagar had a relationship outside his marriage, that can’t be derogatory for him.

However, there comes the real danger of these so-called intellectuals who have no study or knowledge about Vidyasagar. These liberals may consider them as intellectuals because they write some shit and call those as poems (even Bengal’s CM wrote some poems) but they do not have any idea of Bengal’s rich culture and Vidyasagar’s personality, and to understand that we need to first understand what Bengal’s great personalities wrote about Vidyasagar.

What Great Icons Said About Vidyasagar?

Many of Bengal’s great personalities have already written about Vidyasagar and his character and the Jadavpur University retard should have read those first to even understand what a personality Vidyasagar was.

Among these great names who already enlightened us about Vidyasagar as they had experienced through their lives – Rabindranath Tagore, Chandicharan Bandyopadhyay, Biharilal Sarkar, Shombhuchandra Bidyaratna, Krishnakamal Bhattacharya, Manmohan Gangyopadhyay, Khudiram Das, Acarya Ramendrasundar Trivedi, Shibnath Shastri, Haraprasad Shastri, Binoy Ghosh, Pabitra Sarkar, Swapan Basu, Satyendranath Dutta, Purnendu Patri et al are only a few names. A reading of their works on Vidyasagar’s life and work clarifies about his character.

Michael Madhusudan Dutta, one of the all-time great poets of Bengal wrote about Vidyasagar –

বিদ্যার সাগর তুমি বিখ্যাত ভারতে।

করুণার সিন্ধু তুমি, সেই জানে মনে।

“You are famous in India as an ocean of knowledge. You are an ocean of mercy, that we know.”

After Vidyasagar’s death, prominent Bengali poet Hemchandra Bandyopadhyay wrote in his poem Vidyasagar

“বিশাল উদার চিত্ত দয়ার সাগর;-

তেমন সন্তান মাগো কে আর তোমার”

A big heart, an ocean of kindness, who else is there like him”.

How poet Hemchandra Bandyopadhyay described the greatness of Vidyasagar in this poem below is mind blowing –

আসছে দেখো সবার আগে বুদ্ধি সুগভীর,

বিদ্যার সাগর খ্যাতি, জ্ঞানের মিহির।

বঙ্গের সাহিত্যগুরু শিষ্ট সদালাপী,

দীক্ষাপথে  বৃদ্ধঠাকুর, স্নেহে জ্ঞানবাপী।

উৎসাহে গ্যাসের শিখা, দার্ঢ্যে শালকড়ি,

কাঙাল বিধবাবন্ধু অনাথের নড়ি।

প্রতিজ্ঞায় পরশুরাম, দাতাকর্ণ দানে,

স্বাতন্ত্রে সেঁকুল কাঁটা, পারিজাত ঘ্রাণে।

ইংরেজির ঘিয়ে ভাজা সংস্কৃতডিশ‘,

টোল স্কুলের অধ্যাপক দুয়েরই ফিনিশ।

The above poem summarises Vidyasagar’s vast capabilities and it will take a lot of words to describe this fully. However, the line highlighted in red, talks about Vidyasagar’s dedication for the poor, destitute and widows.

Another prominent Bengali poet Satyendranath Dutta wrote in সাগরতর্পণ

বীরসিংহের সিংহশিশু ! বিদ্যাসাগর ! বীর !

উদ্বেলিত দয়ার সাগর, – বীর্য্যে সুগম্ভীর !

In this poem written posthumously as a tribute to Vidyasagar, the poet stated that his empty space was not filled in even twenty years. He said, –

রিক্ত হাতে করবে যে জন যজ্ঞ বিশ্বজিৎ, –

রাত্রে স্বপন চিন্তা দিনে দেশের দশের হিত, –

“One who would perform the most difficult sacrifice to win over the world in empty-handed, one whose only dedication was to help others even in his dreams.”

There is a reason why so many great Bengali thinkers have lauded Vidyasagar for his kindness and an ever-helping nature to the poor and the destitute.

To understand his selfless nature of help and his dedication for the welfare of women in general and widows, in particular, we need to understand his life’s stories as written by the other great personalities of that time.

In this quest, however, Indra Mitra’s research-oriented piece on Vidyasagar’s biography ‘করুণাসাগর বিদ্যাসাগর is the most prominent book to refer. But if we only look at how Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar dedicated his life for women’s welfare, that will be an injustice to any knowledge on him or his character. We need to know how he helped poor or destitute irrespective of the caste, creed, religion or gender to understand about him completely.

Vidyasagar – The Unparallel Kindness

To understand Vidyasagar’s greatness and kind nature, we need to know about some of the incidents from his life.

In those days, Cholera was often the reason for pandemic and deaths of many. The Cholera patients were boycotted by all including their near and dear ones like we see happening with Covid-19 patients today. Vidyasagar was a man who rushed to help any Cholera patient not cared for by society. Be it his guru, Gangadhar Tarkobageesh or Joynarayan Tarkaponchanon’s nephew Eeshanchandra Bhattacharya, or the servant of a man in his village. He didn’t discriminate between a common man and a poor and untouchable.

To understand what Vidyasagar did for widows and widow marriage and also to stop multiple marriages in Hindu society; we need to read a lot of history to understand the social structure of his time and how much resistance he had suffered. But, he had won over all odds even at the cost of his life. There were many life-threatening attempts on him, many goon attacks on his life and since his activism was not on social media like these days, all these were genuine life risk for him.

Despite all these, he relentlessly fought for widow marriage, and women’s education and in his fight many prominent and powerful Bengalis were against him.

Vidyasagar was not only fighting for widow marriage, but he was also against multiple marriages in Hindu Society. After he successfully brought reforms on widow remarriage, he has worked to stop polygamy in Hindu society and wrote a book on that.

Those who know Vidyasagar, those who have studied his life and work, those who have bothered to understand the struggle he had undertaken in his life, described him as – a man of iron-will, a man of character of steel, a man of undeterred determination and courage. A man who had never compromised on any values in life, even when he was in most vulnerable positions. He certainly didn’t need to have sex with a destitute woman to prove his greatness.

Vidyasagar didn’t accept financial help from anyone even when he was penniless, he didn’t accept anybody’s help in getting him a job compromising with his values when he needed a job the most, he even has given his most sought after job to another penniless Hindu Brahmin. He was fearless in withstanding all odds in life and took all storms alone that libtards like Sutapa Sengupta and others of Jadavpur University will not understand.

Vidyasagar was a person who never compromised with any values of life even when he was about to die, even when his life was in danger. To claim based on an unsupported heresy that he has not only cheated his wife (a big sin in those days) but also took advantage (without marrying her) of a destitute woman who he had helped is not only outrageous but a filthy attempt of mud slinging on Bengal’s culture and on a man who had given his life for the upliftment of Bengal and women.

He is not only pride of Bengal, but he is an example of how we can build our characters and change our world.

How Feminists Failed Vidyasagar

If Bengal’s liberals and Jadavpur University feminists judge the value system at the time of Vidyasagar, with that of their own leftist, sickular value system, that will be disgustingly flawed. This is because when Vidyasagar was alive, that time any sexual relationship outside one’s marriage was considered extremely sinful. It is also noteworthy to mention that one’s moral character took precedence over his every other achievement and unlike the modern leftist, sickular perverts’ belief, Bengal’s intellectual leaders were not morally corrupt.

Sutapa’s comment is wrong from so many perspectives that it tries to force upon an extremely corrupt mindset in our society that it needs to be discussed in detail to understand how Sutapa has tried to harm the Bengal society. It is a shame for Bengal’s feminists that there is no uproar yet in the feminist world against this ghastly attack on one of India’s greatest social reformers and an icon of women’s upliftment.

Sutapa’s mention that she was told this story when she was in class VIII, an age when our children are generally not told about others’ sex life; was a desperate attempt to normalize parents’ discussing sex and sexual promiscuity with their children. This also can’t be considered as sex education, rather if it is anything that is the education of promiscuity, educating children about cheating in relationships. Her father’s mention that he viewed Vidyasagar as a better human ‘because he had sex with that woman’ is not only outrageous but shows the obnoxious character of her father. Maybe he was trying to say that he himself was like that and hence he was desperate to normalize such relationships to his daughter or who knows if he actually wanted to open up some hidden truth about Sutapa’s birth?

Who knows if Sutapa’s father was not sharing some secret of his own life or Sutapa’s life, through the story and hence he needed to justify the immoral act as greatness.

Sutapa’s story tried to glorify ‘cheating in a relationship’ as a more humane act by associating this with an Icon like Vidyasagar shows, that Sutapa tried to portray that even Vidyasagar had taken advantage of a destitute and helpless woman and hence cheating in relationships or demanding sex in exchange of helping a woman, is a noble act. A completely outrageous message for the society and mainly the feminist world. However, we see no perturbation in Bengal’s feminists. This shows that today’s feminists don’t care about women’s dignity, but their sole purpose of existence is to spread vulgarism and misinformation in society.

Modern Feminists Are Women’s Predators

This may be true of today’s male feminists who fight for women as we experience every day. We have seen how Khurshid Anwar spearheaded campaigns for women safety in the daytime after Nirbhaya incidence in Delhi, was raping his own NGO workers in the evening; we have seen how Chetan Bhagat, one of the best-selling authors of modern India, was trying to woo random women on Facebook while he was claiming to keep fast for his wife to show respect for her. We have also seen that in the entire #Metoo movement only pussy lickers were accused of misconduct.

The infamous All India Bokchod (AIB) star (?) Utsaw who mocked MRAs in his interview for Vice, was actually sending dick picks to random women and calling them to his hotel room alone.

All these are a phenomenon with new-age male feminists. They want to hide behind feminism so that they can get surrounded by women, have random sex and satisfy their sexual hunger. These men feminists exists everywhere today. But what these libtards and so-called pathetic intellectuals of JU fail to understand is, this is a modern phenomenon only and would not have existed in Vidyasagar’s era; because moral values always took precedence at that time. That is why feminists have created ‘rules’ for male feminists –

Read – It’s Confirmed! Male Feminists Can Die

To even think that, Vidyasagar, who dedicated his entire life in the welfare of women had taken advantage of a helpless woman and had sex with her and then did not recognize her as his wife, is not only demeaning but also demonic. Considering the fact that at that time, women’s best-known value used to be her chastity and not promiscuity as JU professor Sutapa Sengupta might want to portray.

No Action Against Sutapa By JU

It was at this time when a student protested her vulgar story and attacking the Bengali icon, Sutapa attacks him the most vulgar way and say – “Come to the department (JU Bengali Dept.) and not only your pubic hair, but I will chop off your penis too. Take that home”.

Now imagine what would have happened if a male professor had attacked any female student like that. If a male professor attacks sexually to a female online, just imagine the outrage it would have carried. To give an example, only last year, in 2019, one male professor of Jadavpur University’s International Relations dept post on FB, that boys are fools that they don’t prioritize virgin girls for marriage. He also explained why boys should only choose virgin girls for marriage and not someone with a history of pre-marital sex.

He was summarily sacked by JU followed by a big protest in the University –

JU Teacher sacked
Jadavpur University fired Prof Kanak Sarkar in 2019 over a FB post. But their inaction towards Sutapa Sengupta shows extreme gender bias.


Question is, when Jadavpur University took prompt action against a male professor for only expressing his opinion without demeaning anybody, why Sutapa Sengupta who not only attacked one respected icon of Bengal but also maligned someone who has dedicated his life for women. There can’t be anything more derogatory to Vidyasagar than projecting that, “Vidyasagar sexually exploited women he had helped”. No, it can’t be a mere one-time fling, or sexual attraction etc. because Vidyasagar was very strong in his character, not a weak-hearted modern male feminist, who occasionally became rapists and took advantage of women.

The fact that Jadavpur University even kept one such person in their teaching staff, shows the quality of their professors. A professor in their Bengali department is at least expected to learn about Bengal’s culture and a well-read person. The fact, Sutapa is neither learned but a vulgar woman, speaks volume about the standard of the university.

While writing about Vidyasagar and his character, Shibnath Shashtri once wrote – “Those who remain alive in people’s hearts, remain alive forever. Their character becomes a symbol of national character.” Little did he know that feminists will not even spare him.

I conclude with a few words from Kobiguru Rabindranath Tagore

মৃত্যঞ্জয় যাহাদের প্রাণ

সব তুচ্ছতার ঊর্ধ্বে দীপ যারা জ্বালে অনির্বাণ

তাহাদের মাঝে যেন হয়

তোমাদের নিত্য পরিচয়।

তাহাদের খর্ব করো যদি

খর্বতার অপরাধে বন্দী হয়ে রবে নিরবধি।

তাদের সম্মানে মান নিয়ো

বিশ্বে যারা চিরস্মরণীয়।

“Those who are remembered for ever, those who enlighten us above all meanness, our identity should be aligned with theirs. If we malign them, we will always be imprisoned by that sin. Those who will be remembered in this world forever, we should take pride and respect them.”


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  1. I can relate and understand why you took so much pain in highlighting the great person’s life.

    But being a stubborn liberal who can defend Santan Dharm and traditions of our land or of any land where native culture survives along with truly liberal ethos without resorting to go back in history of individual personalities, I would say, that associate professor should not only be named and shamed, but also be prosecuted under Prevention of Sexual Harrassment at Work Place act, and other criminal acts that is deterent against sexual crimes and possibly detained to prevent a bobtizing crime.

    That guy who got that reply should be encouraged to file a Zero FIR, may be in some other state, may be Bihar, UP or Delhi.

    If such women in teaching profession are prosecuted some hopeful message will go to society.


  2. I am surprised that you mentioned about “Love Jihad”.Our constitution allows us to follow any religion of our choice and convert to any religion out of our own volition.So if a Muslim boy loves a Hindu girl and offers to marry her if she converts to his religion,what is wrong in it?.It is not as if he is forcing her to convert or marry him at gun point,which then becomes criminal intimidation.As long as the girl has no issue converting to the guy’s religion,why do others have a problem?.Previously your posts used to be neutral to religious affairs of the country and used to focus exclusively on men’s rights and the fight for it irrespective of the religion of men you are addressing to,but off late I have observed a little bit of bias against Islam or Muslims in general.Peace.


    • Oh I am a Hindu, and I definitely support Hindus and oppose Love Jihad. If the Muslim boy loves the Hindu girl so much, why he doesn’t change his religion and why is it always the Hindu girl (or boy) need to change religion?


      • There is no force involved.Thats the point.It is the girl’s choice or the boys choice decided on mutual consent.


        • Also you saying since you are a Hindu you will always support Hindu (though a Hindu may be wrong) instead of being objective or neutral in approach will blind you from the sufferings of the minority community or hamper you from forming informed opinions.Minority men are also men too who suffer because of one sided laws.Peace.


        • Peace.

          Suppose if a Hindu girl marries a Muslim only after the guy converts to her religion,it does not seem to bother you.You are only concerned if the case is vice versa.

          Also, does not the girl involved in the relationship conscious of the fact that the man she loves is from a different religion, be it even at the start of the relationship.It is altogether a different matter if the man hides his religious identity while proposing to the girl.And the girl becomes obliged to marry him since she loves him and cannot lose him.In such a case I agree that there is a psychological force.Only in such a case it can be labelled as a “Love Jihad”,though the label is stereotyping Muslims of India.


        • It’s never the case that a Muslim boy gets converted. That should be the case, don’t try to promote your Jihad here, that will not work.


    • Its you who is a Bigot not us. the cry of “…Being Targeted…” has been dramatized by you people fantastically inspite of having 56 majority countries where everybody knows how religious minorities are treated. Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan are the best example. We hear cases of Hindu/Sikh women being abducted and raped by Muslims but in India we find innumerous cases of Hindu women marrying Muslim men and getting converted but not vice versa. If a Hindu man had to marry a muslim woman, first of all its not allowed, even if its allowed the Hindu man has to get converted to Islam because its clearly mentioned in Quran as well as hadith ( well i dont remember the exact refernce ) not to marry Al-Mushrikun. So before you call someone else Bigot be a little careful. Because your bigotness is well established.


    • Most Importantly Love Jihad is not Stereotyping. Jihad means to fight for the cause of Allah and the Establishment of Islam. If a Hindu woman is married to Muslim man that means the child born to that couple will offcourse be a Muslim. Thats how you actually multiply the population , which one day will outnumber the majority. Thats the main focus. Thats why its called Love Jihad.


  3. I was refraining from commenting here, but watching this interesting exchange.

    You are right TMF, in saying that it is not reverse. Let me add to that.

    Even when females of religion of peace marry males of other religion they force (psychologically) their partners to convert. Though it is not limited to only this religion.

    And usually females in a marriage have the control over children’s religion and culture, except when religion of peace is involved.

    Well I can say that it is individual responsibilty, understanding and choice. But having said that, I will also add that no community or culture can ignore the trend if they care for their safety, nation’s security and general peace.

    And the past and present trend is, colonialists and invaders use all kinds of deception including, feminism, women safety, sexual grooming, etc as geopolitical tool. And religion of peace followers have been successfully using this across the world (not only in India).

    Now I see to they are using Men’s Rights activism also as a tool.

    Basically the whole trend shows that they are infiltrating into everything.

    If that were not the case, Lebanon, Iran and now Europe’s nation wouldn’t have turned into the place that they are now.

    And people who are leftists, communists, socialists and feminists in mindset are usually naive to not see that coming and enter dangerous as well as vicious cycle. For traditionalists, conservatives they use “love jihaad” as women are weak-link.

    Else in Kashmir those slogans from loud speakers announcing we want Kashmir with Pandit women and not men, wouldn’t have been announced.

    And one of the reasons women are ususally weak-link could be noted from their relatively higher degree of susceptibilty to “Stockholm syndrome” compared to men.

    Frankly speaking, I am happy that no all people are getting fooled by Al-Taqiya.


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