2015 – Year of Continued Subjugation of Indian Males


For Indian men, the year 2015 started with a new realization that the cabbies in India are not safe under women empowerment. A cabbie told me his story of dropping four late night party girls and he was in danger of false charges. The year also brought surprise from PMO, India agreeing to pay dowry on behalf of a brother who was not able to get his sister married. In this confusion of legality of dowry supported by PMOIndia, when Indian men were thinking of asking for help for paying alimony to their wife from PMO, it was then a Techie from Dwarka was murdered by his wife and media tried to show that as dowry attack on the wife by the husband and suicide of the frustrated husband. Only after the media reports were exposed, I realized how adultery by wives and they denying sex to their husbands have become a common phenomenon in India, and murder in these families are no longer uncommon.

That was the time when Delhi elections were on the cards and a lot of men decided to vote for NOTA because of govt. apathy to consider law misuse.

Towards the middle of January, a campaign demanding husbands to take care of half of household work as some women do go for work was a demand that told me that women wanted to shrug off their household responsibilities as well. This was the time when Govt.’s Beti Bachao program made it clear that the WCD ministry has started a war against Indian boys in the name of ‘Beti Bachao’.


On one side was govt sponsored marginalization program based on gender and on the other end was the CMCA survey on Indian youth interest in democracy. Survey results pointed to the facts that world’s largest democracy was reeling under misinformation and detachment from its own youth. A great concern for a democracy that also has the largest population of youth in the world. A strong reason behind India’s promising growth. But this growth was not possible without three immediate tasks for Indian men and boys.

Indian media has continued their male shaming in different ways and promoted a girl who invited men to rape her. A way that depicted Indian men as sexual predators.

That was the time when analysis of India’s census data showed that it might be fudged to show female foeticide. The number of women in the age group 0-6 years in 2001 census was found to increase when they reached the age group of 10-16 years in 2011 census. We understood that constant male shaming was causing global sexodus of grown-up males from mainstream society.

Then came Bangalore Social Media Week where Amnesty International was spreading misandry and misinformation that only ‘1 in 100 women’ reports rape cases. Their biased campaign was exposed in time and people realized how international groups like Amnesty were trying to demean India in global forums.

But the main attack on Indian men and male shaming was still overdue when the British documentary maker Leslee Udwin fooled everyone by a scripted movie she named “India’s Daughter”. It was an attempt to look at India through a rapist’s eye and to prove that India was a rape country. This movie was exposed immediately as a scripted movie but many failed to realize that. Even UN gave outrageous statements on the documentary. Only at a later stage, it came to light that she paid Rs. 20,000 to Mukesh to say her words.

We have seen sexism by Indian media that wanted to show lady luck for Virat Kohli in a match, but when India lost in the match the same media went berserk on people blaming Kohli’s lady luck for India’s flop-show. Anushka, who was enjoying the match simply changed colors.

It was towards March end, a husband showed India how to treat a wife for filing false dowry complaint. We were just finding rays of hope of justice when Deepika Padukone came up with VogueEmpower – My Choice video that has taken women’s rights discussion to a newer level of male shaming. Even though MRAs were jubilant within themselves about this foolishness, it led to a hot debate in social media between Deepika Padukone and Deepika Bhardwaj. Even Sonam Kapoor had to confess that elite women thought male shaming was the only way for women empowerment. Madhuri Dixit, too starred in a VogueEmpower video – “Start with our boys” to shame our boys.

2015 news by month

A young and promising doctor from West Bengal was forced to commit suicide under the threat of false cases from his wife. That was the time when global feminism campaign #HeForShe got steam. We were shocked to lose a young meritorious doctor and then came the feminist propaganda of marital rape. As dowry laws became notorious extortion tool and automatic arrest was stopped, feminists started claiming 70% of Indian housewives were raped. When we have shown that included their own family members and relations like fathers, brothers, and sons, they suddenly changed the statistics and started talking in vague terms.

That was the time when Barkha Dutt took on the Marital Rape debate on NDTV and showed true colors of feminism. She proved that feminists were adamant, self-centered people and their agenda were exposed.

Mother’s Day came with a great celebration to the blogging world. We didn’t have time to write about all activities. It was an opportunity for everyone to show how their mothers had been the problem solvers in their personal lives. Amendments to laws like Hindu Succession Act and Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Acts came in their lives as double jeopardy. It taught Indian men that there was no one to speak in favour of them. This was the time when My Choice was still a hot topic of gender debates and Deepika Padukone’s explanation of her making the film had actually made people like me fuming. I have shown how scientific methods like The Nudge Theory was used by the feminists for male shaming which was eventually leading to India’s growing apathy towards marriage.

At the beginning of June 2015, a survey on love marriages showed how the factors responsible for successful love marriages. The study taught a lot about Indian marriages and Male lives. In that month a male body deodorizer was launched by Nivea for Men through a misandric campaign #BanBodyOdor. Indeed misandry can be used to sell any product including those meant for men.

Then came the Father’s Day celebration. A Bengali movie BelaSheshe changed our perceptions for our fathers. It raised the question of age factor in relations and the true meaning of togetherness and sacrifice in relations.

It was in that month a feminist article on spelling out the code of conduct for male feminists proved the male feminists are biggest losers on earth, even when they try to prove that MGTOWs are losers.

It was that time when a decision to uphold same-sex relations by US Supreme Court changed the situation on human rights all over the world. However, this study showed that over glorification of same-sex relations can turn otherwise normal children into homosexuals.

It was at the end of July this year, the open marriage of someone taught us a lot of lessons. I met Saket Sekhsaria a teen who created a sensation in India by one of his noble works for men.

Then a campaign named “Selfie Against Dowry” took Indian society to the storm. Even WCD ministry promoted that campaign on their FB page without realizing how they were fooled by that.

Towards the end of August, Jasleen Kaur an AAP activist from Delhi wanted easy fame and was exposed by me. Her fame was over even before it started. This incident shook the confidence of all males in India and both Jasleen and Saravjeet became answerable to the society. That led to another grievous incident in a Bangalore Volvo bus that resulted in her serious injury.

In September this year, was India Women’s Summit by India Today group. The summit agenda and previous year’s program told us that women and feminists always wanted special equality and they are never satisfied with the equal treatment and without any male shaming opportunity.

The Male Factor in 2015

On the occasion of Janmashtami, SIF-Hyderabad runs a campaign called “Selfie in Prison” to show that going to prison was not shameful as even Lord Krishna was born in a prison. That campaign taught men that going to jail under false complaint is not shameful.

Towards the end of September, Saffolalite campaign “Protect Her Heart”, proved how misandry and misinformation were leading to more misandry and female domination. Many bloggers took part in spreading the lies, and that shamed the entire bloggers’ world.

October was the month of celebration for men. It started with the good news of a man from Ranchi filing dowry complaint against his wife. Then came another attack on men with the series Man’s World. Another misandric series that kept men thinking about feminists. Many did not understand the dangers still but we responded adequately to them.

It was at the end of October, WCD ministry was once again exposed to the world as it was proved that child development was the least priority for them. It was strengthened towards the end of the year when the ministry started a war against kids, this time by passing Juvenile Justice Bill. Even though many politicians opposed the move in the parliament, in the end, the lynch mob was successful. We realized The Need for Men’s Rights.

In November began with the co-producer of India’s Daughter spilling the bins that India’s daughter was a scripted movie that was exposed when the movie was released.

19th November, was International Men’s Day (IMD) celebrated in different parts of the country when Hridaya NFH launched a book titled “Purush” written by Dr. Partha Chattopadhya. On IMD Indiatimes started a campaign #LawsAgainstMen that was withdrawn after a feminist protest as Indiatimes could not justify their claims.

The tolerance debate shook India with Aamir Khan speaking about intolerant India and telling us that his wife wanted to leave this country. Many have in fact asked him to leave this country.

December was a boon for Indian men, with The Male Factor exposing yet another sensational rape case as false and spilling the feminist agenda. The mainstream media tried to create a sensation with the rape story of a 28 day old baby from Bulandshahr, UP and we have proved that it was a false claim by the mother as was the last year rape story of a three-year-old kid in a Bangalore school.

By the middle of December, I met pioneer of India’s Men’s Rights movement Mr. Radhikanath Mallik who told about the struggle since 1990 and showed me the rays of hope for men in future. A Mumbai based NGO Vaastav created Malendar to remind us of the forgotten days for men. But the month and the year ended with the most horrific and shameful news for a future generation of males in India. By passing the Juvenile Justice Act, WCD ministry proved that it has nothing to with welfare for kids. A reason good enough to separate this ministry from child development.



  1. Partha:

    You have done everything a man can do to stop the cancerous lesion of feminism from spreading across your lovely land. Even though I know you are relentless in your pursuit of justice and fair play, I just ask that you take a deep breath, so I can extend to you a happy, peaceful, and prosperous new year.

    Best wishes, behave, and be well – C.J. Sledgehammer

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  2. /// On IMD Indiatimes started a campaign #LawsAgainstMen that was withdrawn after a feminist protest as Indiatimes could not justify their claims. ///

    i MYSELF can justify\corroborate\substantiate those claims of indiatimes, using n.c.r.b. statistics.
    infact, vaastav foundation’s president amit deshpande sir had written down an extensive comprehensive article so as to back¦corroborate¦substantiate the claims of indiatimes:::::::::::


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