In Response to Deepika Padukone’s Video “My Choice”

I have seen this video from #VogueEmpower video featuring Deepika Padukone –

Here’s my response –

Your body, your mind is your choice until you choose to make me a part of it. Let it rot, let it stink but not in my house, not in my world because that is my choice. To wear clothes or not as you may want, is your choice but not in a civilization where we don’t accept nudity. If you support that please create a separate world for yourself. Those who support you let them be in the nudist world because you probably don’t have anything else to offer to this world. Be content with your body and clothes and don’t bother us. Don’t claim privileges from the society that do not accept nudity either in men or in women. Be happy in your world.

To be size zero or size fifty is your choice, but don’t bother what I choose to think of you. Don’t be surprised if you only have lesbian females to appreciate your choice or some sex-starved shemales. Don’t be surprised if you need to turn to Japanese sex toys for pleasure and you do not have any love. Live alone, rot in the lesbian world, your choice and I am not bothered.

Who wants to hold your spirit with cotton and silk, if you think nudists are free souls, be nudists but don’t spoil other’s choices. Don’t force others to accept your choice of ruining this civilization because YOU as an individual have nothing else other than your body to offer. You want to go nude in public go but don’t blame others if they think of you as a whore, because it is their choice.

To marry or not to marry or to have sex whenever and wherever you want is your choice until that involves me or any other man. Because, if you want to have sex outside of marriage that is cheating then men should get right to file a rape case against you and don’t be surprised if the society lynches you like they did to the Dimapur man. Because to remain faithful to your husband is the oath you took during the marriage. The moment you break the oath, you break the marriage. Don’t claim any privilege from that very man who had accepted to be your provider and protector. Don’t claim his property, rather get ready to maintain him for his life because YOU are the one who has cheated on him. You can have sex with any person or animal you want but if your married male partner does the same, don’t call him a tharki, womanizer. Because that is his choice of staying separate from a whore. And if he thinks of you a whore that is again his choice, respect that.

As you have ornaments, I too have ornaments. But I don’t consider a relation to be an ornament that can be thrown away anytime. You do, so please be away from me. Then you call your love for me can’t be replaced. Lol, you are telling this at a time when you want to sleep around and use me like a tissue paper. Yes, I treasure you only the way I treasure my toilet paper because you are not worth my love in the first place. Go love other bitches on the street or die a lonely life. Don’t consider me in your life as I don’t consider you in my life. My choice.

To cover your body or not is your choice but not in a civilized society where nudity in public is not acceptable. That is the choice of the majority of people, if you want to be different then create a separate nudist society. I will not bother whether you come home or not, because I know I am better off without you. Whether I allow you entry in my home will be my choice, because if you have no responsibility and only rights, please set up your own home with other lesbian women, shemales or street bitches, who cares?

When your pleasure is my pain, songs my noise, order my anarchy, virtues my sins then I choose to be away from you. Kindly don’t try to entry into my world because then my choice will be to thrash any such nuisance. My choice you know, don’t complain. Because when you try to create disturbance in the name of your freedom, get ready to respect my freedom and my choices too.

My Choice ScreenGrab

It is your greatest misconception that you are the universe and infinite in every direction. Try doing that on your own, without the help of any men, you will know.

I understand that your respect for men in your life is at its nadir. I know only your upbringing is responsible for that. But who cares if you live in a fool’s paradise forever. Just stay away from my life else if I don’t like you, you will not be worth enjoying your freedom. Because freedom and rights always come with responsibility, you have no education to understand that. Because all you have is a body that other lesbians treasure. Don’t expect me to treasure you for your qualities, because that is not what you portray here. You have projected your genitals as your identity, so don’t be surprised when you are remembered only for your genitals.



    • This depressed also seems to be fake….to generate attention for that idiot pervert film…these perverts can do anything


  1. Wow Partha you gave such a wonderful valid reply. If women have the choice so let it be for men as well. Why do then do these advantage seekers have to scream foul when men have choices as well of career women or housewives.

    And yes Alok this is not a frustration of Partha. Perhaps you have been so carried away with feminist agenda that you have forgotten your gender. Dont pass random statements, speak with logic and sense. And yes either you have not seen the video or is too blind as another over-concerned magina. These days to support any weired feministic logic is considered ‘cool’.
    We are not against woman kind, we are against shemales and confused males like Farhan Akthar and you.


  2. A man ,if he has sex with his wife even though she doesn’t like ,he may be sent to jail for a collective three years.

    One year ,under PWDVA(2005) and 2 years under Marital Rape law.This is against constitution.As there are two laws dealing with the same subject.
    So if ever there must be a law on such a subject, even though it is next to impossible to prove such occuring,equality before such law must and should be provided as it is the basic precept of anything that could be called a law.Even though I personally discourage such laws which are impediment to the institution of marriage,physical intimacy between couples which reduces the chance of having kids which may halt the reproduction of mankind and thereby the discontinuation of human race,in case a legislation is made,men should also be provided protection and women who rape must be severely punished.

    Also in case a woman denies her husband the legal/conjugal right of physical intimacy/intercourse she should be booked for Cheating and Criminal Breach of Trust as she vowed the vows of marriage in front of all the people during the marriage ceremony and thereby broke his trust by refusing to indulge in conjugal relations.In case she refuses to leave the house,she should be booked for nuisance just the way how you treat a person who comes and stays in your house and does not leave even though you ask him to leave,Illegal Occupation…I mean how you treat a person who occupies a person’s house but refuses to pay the rent(a right which the one who resides owes to the tenant ) ,in this case a woman refusing to give her husband his due rights but still enjoying the benefits of the things provided by him, house ,car etc and not leaving the house. And also as not giving your salary (RIGHT to maintenance)which you have earned to your spouse itself is considered VIOLENCE and the person can be booked under Domestic VIOLENCE Act and is sent to jail in case he is not able to turn himself into an ATM machine for the empowered free booter,she should also be booked for Domestic Violence Act as she is denying him his RIGHT to sexual relations and she should be sent to jail.And immediately divorce should be granted as justice delayed is justice denied.Amen.


    • And also the extra benefits she enjoyed other than the one she needed to just live should be taken back from her and then the facilities /maintenance she enjoyed all the while during the relationship while not performing her responsibilities must be reclaimed and as women are potraying that sex is not their need and they don’t enjoy during sex,every time they ask for sex and everytime they orgasm or enjoy the sex ,they must provide money for the man .In case they don’t provide ,they should be booked for Domestic VIOLENCE and thrown in prison.(:)


  3. I see a lot of anger here in your post. I think there are some points that you are probably interpreting differently from me. I don’t think the video is about homosexuality, bisexuality or heterosexuality. It is about choices that might be available to someone.
    However what is not right about the video is the fact that it is very elitist. It does not talk about the choices available to the average woman in India. Of course, every choice comes with repercussions. One has to be prepared to risk that.
    And please let us not resort to name calling. Deepika is only an actor in this silly video. She is parroting the lines given to her.


    • What a lame excuse to save a woman who is proposing lesbianism and female chauvinism. Deepika wanted to popularize herself through this video, whereas when it bounced she should own responsibility too. If she does not own up the words she spoke then why did she try to preach her choices.


    • You have the freedom to make the choice but you do not have the freedom to reject the reaction it generates in this life or the next.


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