This Is How Indian Media Has Created Rape Story Of 28 Day Old Baby From UP

Do you remember the once most discussed rape case of a 28-day-old baby in Bulandshahr UP? If not, this article will remind you of that story and will show how foreign paid Indian media create a fake rape story based on some baseless allegations. You will know how people are fooled into believing a wrong state of social affairs by these fake media news. It was written earlier but valid even today. Just keep a watchful eye to any rape case reported by media, you will know what I am saying.


The original article

It is a competition among Indian media now. How to create new and heinous rape stories every day. It is as if presstitutes have a great competition among them and in this race of creating the most discussed breaking news Indian media has created a rape story, this time with a 28-day old baby from Bulandshar.

The alleged incident that happened on Saturday, 5th Dec was first reported by Times of India like this – 

28 old baby rape TOI
28-day baby rape – TOI report

Next day Indiatimes reported the news as confirmed rape even though the investigation was not even properly started –

28 old baby rape Indiatimes
Indiatimes Report on 28 Day old Baby Rape

Indiatimes has shown the really degraded state of journalism in order to get the viral article and used a representative image of a baby to pronounce that the rape of 28-day baby had happened. They did not bother to mention anything about the inconsistencies in the statement or the doctor saying there is no rape. But they needed viral content to reported without any journalist queries even.

Aaj Tak reported this news like this –

Aaj Tak 2
Aaj Tak reported 28-day old baby’s rape

Note, Aaj Tak not only made it a confirmed rape of the baby in their report (by then only the complaint was filed and crime was not established) but Aaj Tak also missed to answer some simple questions. If both the parents were out casting their votes then who was there with the child? Also, the report body does not say that doctors confirmed rape, however, the headline said so without any basis.

The New Indian Express ‘added’ the fact that the baby was “profusely” bleeding in their report, just to make it more realistic –

Indian Express 28 day old baby rape
Indian Express report on 28 Day old baby rape shows profusely bleeding when in reality there was nothing

Question is why didn’t other newspapers say that the baby was profusely bleeding? Or was it only Indian Express’ express imagination?

When the Indian media had completed the damage the international media picked up the story. Khaleej Times reported the story as confirmed rape on 9th Dec –

Khaleej Times
Khaleej Times on 28-day old baby’s rape

But in their news, they mentioned the word allegedly, that readers don’t notice. Again they reported the story without answering the question who was at home with the baby when both parents were out to cast their vote. Any normal person understands that the bay could not have been alone at home.

So when mainstream media failed in their duty and showed highest level unprofessionalism, an independent journalist Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj from Delhi reached the Bulandshar police and asked the basic questions and came to know this as she had updated on her Facebook–

Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj
Deepika Bhardwaj on Bulandshar Rape

If only the mainstream media did their job properly, they wouldn’t have reported this incident as rape. It shows where our journalism had gone today.

Deepika’s findings were confirmed by another media report by Hindustan Times –

Hindustan Times
Hindustan Times Report says that doctors failed to establish that the baby was raped

This case proves that 90% of Indians who believe such stories are really idiots. Such a tiny baby will not even survive rape. People do not have this basic sense and our media is taking advantage of this for creating their viral content.

Even without waiting for the medical board decision, I will say – yes, the baby is raped. The baby is raped by Indian media. Not only the baby, it is our mother nation that is raped by our media and they are still not hanged to death.


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  1. I am curious is there some type of penalty for journalist in India for reporting a story that is not based on facts? It sounds to me they have no morals and just print whatever. I realize that media often paints a picture bigger than what it is, but from what I read, they are blatantly lying and disregarding the facts each one of them. At least print an apology, retraction, or something. That poor baby has to live with this in the media the rest of her life. It is good that journalist, Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj, did her own investigation, but the false reports are still out there.


  2. It’s not just the presstitutes in India spreading this disease of feminism, everywhere they are the same. Do you know which ethinic group owns the media houses? Have you heard of Kayne West? How about Beyonce Knowles? Yes? Have you heard of Jacob Rothschild? No, right? You my friend have made the last man very very happy.

    Their agenda is simple, ride on sentiments and create a difference between two groups. In this case, they have identified women as the oppressed and the men as the oppressors. The end result? Everybody supports women no matter what. So what we get are crippled family units and come on, the best way to destroy a country is to break the family unit. The children born will be a bunch of fools who are oh so easy to manipulate.


  3. […] A similar thing had happened in the case of the rape of a 28 day baby.  After the news drew international notoriety of India being a rape culture, came the news that the alcoholic father of the baby is a serial false accuser. When his wife charged rape falsely last time, if proper penalty would have been levied, they wouldn’t have dared to file another false case. More detailed report on this is available here:… […]


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