You Will See Sexism Like These In MOST NYE Parties

As the night clubs and hotels are gearing up for New Year Eve party there seems to be a competition among the organizers to bring more sexism. And mostly this form of sexism often goes unnoticed by all.

Vivanta by Taj

Los Angeles New Year Eve Party

LOS ANGELES 2016 Tickets Rates

5999 AI: Per Couple

4000 AI: Per Stag

3499 AI: Female

They are charging 14% premium for being men.

Sheraton Grand Fiesta

Sheraton NYE Party

Sheraton NYE party charges 25% gender premium to single males over females –

The Grand Fiesta Tickets Rates

7999 AI: Per Couple

4999 AI: Per Stag


3999 AI: Female


Evolve 2016 at Royal Orchid

Evolve 2016

Gender premium charged by them from males is 37%.

White Orchid NYE party

Sunburn NYE

They are charging the highest 50% gender premium to men over that of women.

Coupled with this kind of higher fees for men, these parties often bring dress code for men while women can wear anything of their choice. Organizers demanding men to wear only formals while women are permitted to wear anything brings one more form of sexism in our parties.

We men also almost never ask these party organizers why do they charge extra from men or show gender bias in dress code? Is it the gender surcharge that we men need to pay or is it another way of asking men to come in pairs and pair up with another girl, so that they can enjoy free party at the expense of men?




  1. Indeed a business decision. With Indian women surpassing every statistics in increasing in their smoking, these Party Nights tend to earn more out of booze and smoke from women, hence they want more of females coming to their parties.

    Just to put the stats, women smokers have increase by about 240% from 1980 to 2012 in India and stood at 2nd highest to USA and even higher than China. Interestingly, for both USA and China, inspite of Population increase, the Absolute numbers of Women smokers went down, for India, it increase from 5.3 Million in 1980 to 12.7 Million in 2012.

    So net net, Men, since you are smoking and boozing less, you have become a non-interesting invitee for such parties.
    It’s like, on time credit card bill paying guy is the worst customer.


  2. Men are busy in working. They do not want protect their rights. So that they are salient. For example we have many songs which are blasting men but no one opposed this, but now simbhu songs (beep song) see the public reaction.


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