Dwarka Techie Murder – Was TOI News On Autopsy Report Fake?

In a very hurried move after the mysterious death of Amit Bachchan, the techie from Dwarka, Delhi is said to have hanged himself and committed suicide. The report is published in the ace media Times of India, on 5th January at 11 pm IST.

False TOI report on Dwarka

The point to note here is Amit’s body was recovered on Sunday, 4th January early morning.

However, Amit’s family and friends demanding that even until 7th January evening 8pm IST the autopsy report is not out. They have asked the police officials about it and they have denied the existence of any such autopsy report. In an update in the Facebook page “Justice for Amit Bachchan,” his friends demanded that there was no autopsy report until 7th January, 8pm IST

Justice for Amit Bachhan

To understand this whether an autopsy can be done within one daytime, I have tried to search the internet and find out some paper on the same about the average time needed to conduct an autopsy. You can find the full report on medico-legal autopsy guidelines in Indian context here – Post-mortem report

Please note, the salient points of an autopsy (refer to the paper for more details)-

  1. There is no medico-legal post-mortem is permitted to be conducted after 5 pm unless there is a serious threat to law and order.
  2. An autopsy can only be conducted by authorized medical practitioners.

  3. A written request by a competent authority like police or magistrate is a must for any autopsy.

  4. Police need to inform the doctor about all possible details of the deceased before the commencement of the post-mortem.

  5.  Requisition for an autopsy can only be received until 4 pm IST.

  6. Medical officer should study all necessary details about the dead person before starting the autopsy.

Please note another important observation made in this report –

“The necessary papers authorizing the medical officer to hold an autopsy are frequently brought by the police long after the body has arrived. This dilatory method on the part of police has occasionally led to the decomposition of the body in post-mortem room even when it has arrived in a good condition.”

(page # 376 of the report, 4th and fifth para)

So we understand that with so many restrictions in place regarding autopsy and in no way an autopsy can be done in one days time by any competent Indian authority.

I was trying to find out how many days typically Indian medical boards take to complete an autopsy and I have come across this FAST TRACK case where police, AIIMS, and Govt. came under Delhi HC fire for not able to submit the autopsy report even after days.

HC fires Govt., AIIMS for delay in autopsy report

After going through all such details we come to know that in a case that is not fast-tracked and when there is a backlog in conducting postmortem investigations, there is no way an autopsy can be done within one day of a death.

These details force us to believe that there is no way the Times of India report on autopsy can be true. That is why we don’t find the same news of autopsy report yet on any other media. It is shame that Indian media like TOI is used to fool common Indians and deny justice to law abiding and peace loving citizens.

Dear reader, it is very important to bring justice to men like Amit. If you do not raise your voice today against the biased reporting by popular media like Times of India, one day even you may be affected by such biased reporting. It is important to raise your voice today. Please share this with others and let them know how media creates bias in our mind and deny justice for common men.


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  2. “This means he had committed suicide……”.So,Times of India is the new judge ,jury and executioner who has even more authority over Supreme court of India to finalise a judgement.
    Violence leads to injuries and death.How can


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