What Does Murder of Dwarka Techie Tell Us

If you have noticed, recently murder in a matrimonial relation has become very common in India. In yet another incident in Dwarka, Delhi; a techie was found dead and his wife seriously injured in their flat while the other occupant, the mother of the man was found unconscious in her room that was locked from outside.

Let’s look at the news published by different media for this –

Dwarka, Delhi Techie Suicide
TOI – Jan 5, 2015
Dwarka Techie suicide_HT News
Hindustan Times – Jan 4, 2015

An important point to note for us is how media makes someone guilty by their headline. If you look at the Hindustan Times headline, you will see that the techie is projected as the criminal even when the police investigation is on.

The headline of TOI, however, is more balanced and just mentions what was found at the crime scene. Also, note the difference in the media report that says two different things about how police entered the flat.

It is very important to note for the readers that this is how our perception is created by media. They project someone guilty even without any basis.

Only if one reads the story carefully one will understand that a police officer associated with the probe said that allegedly Amit committed suicide. The word allegedly is written in the news body and may be overlooked by many readers as the title of the article sets the context that Amit was, in fact, the criminal.

Critics, however, find many discrepancies in the story told by Shivani –

  1. If Amit really wanted to kill her (as told by her), how could Shivani escape him? After Shivani successfully locked herself inside her bedroom, why Amit didn’t try to break the door open to kill her. He looked stronger and could do that if he wanted. He had anyways planned to kill himself after his alleged crime. This raises the question whether Amit was already dead before Shivani locked herself in their bedroom.
  2. Then comes another question. How did Shivani get injured? Did she injure herself and played the drama or she got hurt in the process of killing Amit with the help of someone else? Amit’s mother also alleged the presence of a fourth person in the flat.
  3. The only reason alleged involvement of a fourth person and Shivani (as per Amit’s mother) becomes stronger is that at the end of the crime Amit was found dead and not Shivani.
  4. Some analysts may also find the possibility of the wife hatching a conspiracy here to occupy Amit’s flat. (Under DV Act Shivani will be given residence rights in Amit’s flat).
  5. Even though it was said that Amit tried to hang himself by a TV cable but he fell down after the cable gave way. He was found on the ground near their main entrance with blood oozing out of his mouth. Please note, that even though the cable gave way, the fan from which he allegedly hung himself was not damaged at all.
  6. Allegedly, Shivani never allowed him to touch her. Many find this as a sign of the possible presence of a lover in Shivani’s life and he could be the reason behind Shivani’s denying sex to Amit. if this is true, then this strengthens the theory of a fourth person being present in the flat that fateful night.

After this incident when media took Shivani’s father’s version of Amit’s family’s allegations we found him to be relaxed as if nothing serious happened.

Why was he looking so relaxed in this interview when in reality he should have been tensed and shocked due to this incidence? Even if he does not have any feeling for Amit, shouldn’t he be worried about his daughter who was still at the hospital in a critical condition? His reactions raise many questions about the seriousness of Shivani’s injuries.

We still don’t know what happened that night. We hope that police investigation will reveal the truth. It is heartening to note that police have not filed any case as of yet. If we change the gender in a similar crime with the wife being dead and the husband alive, we would have seen a completely opposite reaction.

This incident teaches us many important things that every man in India should keep in mind –

  1. This marriage was through a matrimonial website. We don’t know how long did they know each other before getting married. Allegedly Shivani’s parents complained that Amit used to force himself on her whereas allegedly Amit’s family demanded that she never allowed Amit to come closer. This was the reason behind their matrimonial dispute.

Whatever be the issue, relationship experts find that most of such cases are due to the possible reason for wife’s adultery. In my experience of handling matrimonial issues, I found many cases where women get married in-spite of having another steady relation just for money and take undue advantage of our laws. To avoid such situations one needs to do a thorough background verification before getting married.

  1. When Shivani was allegedly denying intimacy, Amit could not discuss the situation with others. No man can discuss such situations with their male friends and it is best for them to discuss with their female friends. In Amit’s case, he did discuss with his sister but probably she could not give any solution.

Men suffering from such problems should immediately seek help from a well-known Men’s Rights Group or any know Men’s Rights Activist. MRAs are well trained to handle such situations and they could give Amit right advice.

  1. Probably Amit realized that he was being duped and that was the reason behind their fights. In cases where the husband suspects his wife of infidelity, he should first understand if his wife is really having an illicit affair or not in the following manner –

 Read – How to identify an adulterous wife

Once identified, there is way out of such abusive relation –

 Read – How to separate yourself from an adulterous wife

  1. Last but not the least, not all such problems can be dealt with in a similar way. One needs to consult an MRA to find out the apt solution for one’s case. Consultation with most of the MRA groups is free of cost and it only requires a phone call and hence is very easy for any man suffering from any marital issues.

It is important that every Indian man takes some lessons from such incidents and take necessary precautions before getting married especially from matrimonial websites.

Due to legal terrorism today many married men are committing suicide. But how does one identify such a woman before getting into a relationship? Well, there is a solution to that problem as well.

 Read – Second Marriage – marrying a widow

Please note, no matter what is the truth, it is important for all of us to be vigilant about such crimes happening around us. Only making ourselves aware of such remedies is not enough, we need to educate others especially other men about this situation. You will find many such helpful articles in this blog.

Hope this blog and its articles help all my readers. Do share these articles with your friends and help them come out of crises in their lives.



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  1. It was a murder by an adulterous wife as evident from circumstances and statements of Trisha for looting his assets.The biased laws Indian Domestic Violence Act, and Dowry prohibition has turned the institution of marriage as a business for adulterous ladies and an industry for advocates, police.These laws work not to protect the pious institution of marriage and families but to break marriage and families.Now Government must change such draconian anti marriage and anti men laws to protect Indian marriage and families.
    The biased laws have proved very harmful for society and also not good for female as families are ruin they also suffer.It is better to change such laws at earliest to save the society from these evils.


  2. Thanks for such an insightful article. This man was my colleague and we had been working together from 4 years. Not just me, every single person in our ~200 people strong office, knew him as a very gentle person, in office or outside.
    Not a single person that ever got in touch with him, could believe that what is being spread in common media is a anywhere close to any version of truth.
    We do hope that investigation will reveal the truth.
    Will post this link on Amit’s fb wall.


  3. The real factor for this sad incident is Shivani’s parents’ egoistic mindset and the upbringing of Shivani with wrong values before marriage. Shivani’s parents are to blame here because they would have instigated her to live independently and show no respect to husband and his family as she is self-earning and helped her to abuse him into trouble for their whatever vengeance for petty incidents. In this regard, ‘kanyaadaan’ is purely hypocritical lately because when bride’s father performs this during wedding, he, by customs, hands over responsibilities to the husband and his family among 100s of witnesses. But in reality, the wife’s parents interfere in her life’s day-to-day activities unnecessarily and ruining families due to their greed, ego and foolishness. The wife also, being backed by selfish parents, exaggerate events knowing society is anti-male. One should wear Amit’s shoes and experience the trauma of circling around courts and police stations fighting false cases for years for being innocent had Shivani filed false cases against him. We need gender biased and anti-anti-male society. These are just my opinions only.

    This man was my colleague… I knew him as a very gentle person, in office or outside.


  4. Good article:
    Some questions:
    1. How critical are the wife’s wounds ?
    2. Check her call records, investigate everyone she called for past 6 months.

    1. Who made the call to police, was it recorded ?
    2. Husband has not commited suicide, read the report in Times of India given in the above link. Have police started working in angle of 4th person in the house ?

    Please write a followup of how the case goes. Police waiting for SHivani to recup is not good for the case, everything will be overturned.


  5. I lived with him in college days.. The story seems straight out of recent movie “gone girl”
    How long we’ll continue with these communist,evangelical laws which are creating more and more situation of rift and manipulation between male and female in the name of women liberation?..The people who are supposed to deliver justice seems more interested in their promotion , kith and kins career rather than objectively analysing such situation and trry to do justice.I strongly condemn such “order of law” system


    • We still do not know what happened in this case but from our experience we have found many such incidents happening everyday. Men do not have any where to go and we all men collectively need to raise our voice against such atrocities else very soon it is coming to all of us..


  6. I worked with Amit and he was a gentleman. he could never kill anyone if I understood him correctly. The news in almost all leading newspaper is being spread so biasedly, making a villain out of this gentleman. I wish justice prevails in this case however the attitude/reactions of the girls father show like he has already bought the investigating agencies. We need a unified effort to being justice to the deceased family
    RIP Amit


    • So now you know what kind of news you get everyday. You realized this because he was close to you, but this is how we are fooled every day…just carefully check all other news items related to such spouse murder..you will know what I meant..


    • Ravish, thanks, please share this knowledge with others..help others..there are many men who come to us for help but they can’t tell their friends or family members in shame. So it is important that you share this news..


  7. I have a question.
    1)Amit wanted to murder his wife.(going by the newspaper’s account).
    2)Then how come he committed suicide instead of killing her.


  8. Guys do you know, as per Dowry death law, if a married woman dies un-naturally with in 7 years of marriage, the husband automatically becomes the accused and is termed guilty till proved innocent.
    But its for you to see now, here we can see a doubtful unnatural death where police, media ,etc are in a hurry to term this as suicide even after so many evidences are present.
    This is the type of society we are living in and this is what we are being served in the name of woman empowerment. Men will continuously be harassed if we continue to support all this blindly. We need to ensure that fair and independent investigation takes place and the woman be punished if found guilty.
    Please call the helpline and share any info you have on this issue.
    Your identity wont be revealed.


  9. I and Amit have been great friends since past 6 years. He has always need a descent guy and never even had an argument with anyone. It is all because of this girl, upbringing, values that all this has happened. Police should only check for girls past mobile records and truth will prevail itself. It a matter of just one approval to get phone calls of girl. Delhi police should solve this case to get justice to my dear friend.


  10. It is damn sure murder. Its girl’s family fault why to marry her with the amit.

    Actually family is the main culprit, why they wont allow her to marry to whom he love…now once police investigation will be finished everything will be clear soon…


  11. Its murder…if he wanted to kill her than he will kill her rather than left her in unconscious.

    The main culprit is girl’s family, that they know about girl relationship and still forced her to do arrange…and result is this….the only child of a mother.


  12. Excellently written.

    My heart goes down for men chocked to death due to non-cooperation of government, police, law, domestic violence cells in India, woman commission, etc.

    Even the men suffering under the clutches of such characterless, demon women are termed as culprits for no mistake of theirs at all.

    May such women rot in hell.

    I have also written a lot about domestic violence on my blog.



  13. Even if it is turned out to be suicide,the wife and her family should be booked for abettment to suicide.

    During this,the following things must be taken into account.

    1)Did wife deny her husband any of the conjugal rights with no fault of his?.

    2)Was there any cruelty in any form?.


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