MGTOWs Are Losers – Really?

MGTOWs or Gynocentrism
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Author, journalist, and entrepreneur Matt Forney thinks MGTOW men are losers. In one of his recent articles, he claimed that MGTOW is no way for men to go because MGTOWs are nothing but a “creeping cult of male loserdom”.

He basically points to the following reasons why the red pill community is a bunch of losers –

  1. He said, “The original MGTOWs rode motorcycles, banged girls, read books and shared their views through blogs and forums.” He further added that MGTOW was actually an anti-movement against the “impotence of Men’s Rights Activists and the marriage strike.

I am just wondering why marriage meant only having sex for him. The modern MGTOWs do talk about marriage strike because such bonds create an unnecessary burden on men. Given the provider and protector role that the men play in a family, marriage brings a lot of additional responsibility and financial and legal burden on men. However, having sex is not banned for Men Going Their Own Way. Some in the RedPill community feel even marriage should not be banned because anything enforced on a man will definitely not make him go his own way.

Another problem that Matt had with marriage strike was that it was not mentioned in the original MGTOW manifesto. Even our constitutions evolve based on the need of the society. So, marriage strike was not mentioned in the original manifesto of the red pill community of MGTOWs but added later by them. So, this addition can not make them losers.

  1. Men going their own way (MGTOW) are male rejects of American society

So, he thought if a man decides to be on his own and avoid women, he is a loser or a reject of society. Hope he thinks the same way for the women who think alike because of the feminist principle, “Women need men, like Fish need bicycle”. I am sure Matt must think alike for them as well. So this thought makes it clear, that not only the disrespect personal choices and freedom, but he is the biggest patriarchal bigot that can be seen in recent times. He says if men give up on women they are losers who want to feel happy in their singlehood after rejection from women. It is as if acceptance by women is the only goal men should have in their life. That is such a pathetic narrow view of life he has.

He also mentioned that MGTOW or “the red pill” is a lonely-heart’s club. Well, all of us need love and affection of others. But it is not only the girl friend’s love or wife’s love. We can still live in a brotherhood where we respect one another and share our joys and sorrows to live a happy life. That is why in Maslow’s Hierarchy, sexual needs occupy the lowest position compared to love needs which are superseded by self-actualization needs. So it is clear that love does not mean sexual needs (as he meant) and sex is anyways a very basic need but not all fulfilling one.

Maslow's Hierarchy

He also says, “lack of sex can drive a man crazy”. Well, I have not heard any case like that. In fact, in India, all single men live more happily than ever-married men. The ever-increasing suicide rate among married Indian men (and probably married men all over the world) is an indicator of that. And because in India sex without marriage is still not prevalent, we can safely assume that lack of sex definitely DO NOT drive men crazy. There are other better things for men to do. So it seems that his assumption is actually wrongheaded rather than the red pill philosophy he mentioned in his article.

  1. MGTOWs are ANGRY because they are not able to get a date

Well, I am so surprised to see this line from him. This shows his sheer ignorance about MGTOWs. Calling a whore a whore is first of all one’s prerogative. Because, in so many years of pussy worship that alpha men like him did, pushed men to a corner where even the most horrible bitches demand more respect and rights than most humble and genuine gentlemen. These men can not be termed as losers if they call a spade a spade because respect and value should be given to the deserving persons and not to just anyone. Problem is, with men like Matt Forney surviving, is pushing men into a darker phase where they are taught to worship women no matter what they really are and that is why most criminal and bitchy women get legal protection and finances from the most humble and noble-hearted men. Women dare to abuse men openly and call that as their right because of such spineless men like Matt who promote pussy-worship.

  1. MGTOWs are like radical feminists

This is purely his imagination. I have never seen any MGTOW behaving the same way as radical feminists. The radical feminists will be seen more often on the streets, the parliaments or on media bitching in the most horrible language about men (yes, all men are pigs etc). They do not exclude men like Matt, no matter what they propose or how much this alpha male banishes MGTOWs or MRAs. Any sensible and self-respecting person will protest that behaviour unless one is absolutely spineless.


When is the last time you have seen such MGTOW posters?

This kind of generalization that Matt Forney has mentioned in his article never existed in MGTOW dictionary but that does exist in feminists’ books. This is the reason we have one-sided gender-biased recognition of crimes and punishments. That is why for same crime men get more punishment compared to women. The laws of most countries made in such a way that gives unnecessary advantages to women even though the laws may be gender-neutral.

Problem is, when men highlight any crime committed by women or raise such issues, everyone thinks it is an attack on the female gender and all women are supposed to feel threatened by that. Whereas when the genders are reversed and men become at the receiving end, men are supposed to hate their gender and protect women’s interest. This is the reason why men are increasingly pushed to mere slavery as women manipulate men the way they want. Now people like Matt Forney may like that situation but not everyone is obliged to have the same feeling.

  1. Men and women still fundamentally want to be together

Yes, but that does not mean one gender (read men) need to go by all the conditions put forward by the other gender (read women). I am not sure why Matt is feeling threatened by this behaviour of the red pill community. This raises my confusion whether the article was really written by him or some frustrated feminists used him as their mouthpiece to vent their anger on men going their own way (MGTOWs)?

  1. MGTOW will become a pussy worshipper if acute agreeable girl dropped in his lap

The same can be said for pussy worshippers too. They will become MGTOW anytime any such cute girl robs them of their fortune, tortures them like hell and robs their life, dignity, and family – they are likely to become MGTOW. This includes people like Matt Forney as well. Problem is what people like Matt suggest is to go by the whims of women to have a relation and MGTOWs just protest that. They have relations in amicable terms and conditions. Otherwise, a relation becomes meaningless.

  1. MGTOWs are hysterical, intolerant of criticism and driven entirely by emotion

I couldn’t laugh more when I read this. Looked straight from an ignorant ass**le’s mouth. Any literate person would have checked different debates they participated with feminists and how feminist rationalists are cornered with logic and data. In fact, it is the feminists and alpha male who show their emotions and they are intolerant to criticism as well.

MGTOW blogs and YT channels talk about how men can regenerate their self-esteem and think like a human being rather than being a feminist scapegoat. However, feminists always blame men for everything bad ever happened to women (if women have anaemia that is also a fault of men around them).

  1. MGTOW will turn men inward, refusing to accomplish anything of value

This is another foolish and uneducated statement. It is as if saying that men cannot achieve anything without women, when the world’s most successful men are not married or not have relations. This is another unique example of gynocentrism where Matt thinks that if one is not around women or banging a few girls around one isn’t a complete man or achieved anything in life. That is so f**king stupid. This shows the level of maturity he has. I am actually shocked at the pathetic mental retardation shown in this conclusion.

The article, even though came from a man, raises a serious question about the need for him to write such a thing against MGTOWs. Was he threatened by the MGTOW standard or did it threaten feminists who hired him to write this piece of nonsense? This is a sure indication that MGTOW movement and some men abandoning women is forcing many women to relinquish their feminist stand and with the ever-growing popularity of Women Against Feminism and Meninism movements, feminists are hard-pressed to find a politically correct gynocentric agenda under the fine wrap of gender neutrality for their own survival.



  1. My very favourite part of this movement is how apparently ‘going your own way’ means dedicating a significant portion of your time and energy to thinking about how much you hate women, organizing conferences on the subject of how much you hate women, joining internet forums to talk about how much you hate women, all while patting yourself on the back for having seen the light and refusing to let those awful women control your life anymore.

    I mean, I think most people have had that revenge fantasy after getting dumped where the other person realizes what a huge mistake they’ve made and comes crawling back on hands and knees, begging for a second chance. And you look down on them pityingly, and tell them that sorry, you’ve moved on, and your life is WAY better now than it ever was with them. And they are left to live the rest of their days with the torment of knowing that they threw away their one shot at true happiness. Well, these dudes have projected that fantasy on the entirety of the female population. Only because the female population hasn’t even noticed that they are gone, they have to create a whole movement around it and shout about it constantly so women everywhere can be aware that they are apparently missing out on something that they never even wanted in the first place.

    It’s like some kid tearfully threatening to take his leaky, patched up, underinflated soccer ball and go home, when everyone else is happily playing tag without him. And he runs off shouting “Just you wait! One day you’ll want to play soccer so badly that this shitty ball won’t look so bad, but it’ll be TOO LATE! YOU’LL BE SORRY!!”


    • So, what are you bitching about?

      If these guys don’t want to fuck you, and you dont’ want to be fucked by them, great. It’s a win-win situation. Less people wanting to “rape” or “harass” you. I don’t see what makes you so negative about it.

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      • Hahaha ‘rape’ and ‘harrass’ me? Now you’re sounding like a radical feminist. Sorry pal. But I know how to fight, no ‘scary man’ that ‘can’t control their urges’ is going to get me. But I’m going to assume that you were being sarcastic because you think I’m a radical feminist. Sorry to burst your bubble but I’m not your ‘evil counterpart’. I’m just a normal citizen living her life and taking amusement in the irony and hypocrisy of radical feminists and radical MGTOW’s.


        • You know how to fight ? If a MAN really wants to rape You and you have no legal protection, that MAN can bring you on your knees in split second and can BANG you in such a way that you will pray your GOD not to make you a FEMALE in the coming 1000 re-births !!!

          There’s no need for a MAN to not able to control his urges or to be scary to get your kind of weak, inferior and smelly cunts.

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        • hahahahaha, if a guy tried to rape you right now,you would be raped,the only reason you are not being raped right now is for pure compasion


        • I fear you are laboring multiple delusions here. First: If you know how to fight that you are surely aware that even Rhonda Rousey refuses to fight a man, even a low level fighter from her own weight class, why? Because she knows she will be crushed. Second: You say you are “not a radical feminist” but just a “normal citizen living her life.” Well you are missing the point entirely, MGTOW exists because if you are a “Normal” female citizen, you are a feminist who has supported, or at the very least done absolutely nothing to oppose, unjust laws that allow women to brutalize men on a whim, I am sorry sweetie ALL feminism is radical. You can’t ascent to laws that enable women to enslave men and then complain that some see it and want nothing to do with you, because when push comes to shove, you too will accept alimony and unjust levels of child support, much of which you will then proceed to spend on yourself. Sorry honey, you know it is true. Third: The reason he sounds like a feminist is because he is mocking them, he knows EXACTLY what you sound like, having had to endure this his entire life.


      • Hahaha ‘rape’ and ‘harrass’ me? Now you’re sounding like a radical feminist. Sorry pal. But I know how to fight, no ‘scary man’ that ‘can’t control their urges’ is going to get me. But I’m going to assume that you were being sarcastic because you think I’m a radical feminist. Sorry to burst your bubble but I’m not your ‘evil counterpart’. I’m just a normal citizen living her life and taking amusement in the irony and hypocrisy of radical feminists and radical MGTOW’s.


        • So, again, so what are you bitching about?

          Why the fact of some men not wanting relashionships bothers you so much?

          There is no “radical” MGTOW guy protesting around, showing their penises painted on the street. There is just a handful of guys who share their experiences and thoughts in pretty much unkown blogs and youtube channels. And the fact you spend your time finding and reading it just to bitch about it (and that’s your concept of amusement) tells us more about your life than about MGTOW.

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      • Who says I’m bitching about anything? I couldn’t care less. I just think it’s funny as hell. What, I’m not allowed to find anything funny anymore? And I just ran across this thing on youtube, I’d hardly call that research. And from what I’ve seen, it seems pretty radical. You don”t need to paint your dick to be radical.


        • your proble is you think we are penis driven zombies that have no other purpose than serving vagina, but thats not the trueth. live with it

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        • Sure does sound like you’re bitching and making all-encompassing statements about a group you clearly know f-all about. You know I’d explain the Red Pill Rage Process but your post is just so epic stupid that you’re not really deserving of it and you wouldn’t get it even if I explained it down to the minute details.


    • we dont care what you think,
      and probably nobody else does either…

      in fact we enjoy reading people bad mouthing us, its quite humorous,
      and all they can do… run their mouth…


    • You’re assuming MGTOW’s hate women. That isn’t true and is your assumption. I find it to be very coincidental that men exclusively have to “create a whole movement around it and shout about it constantly…”. There’s an “-ism” for that. Feminism. It’s a shame that MGTOW and Feminism even exist.

      I don’t hate women. Dating has become more of a chore. When you’re an average man and are too busy with your job and all of the everyday responsibilities you have (cook, clean, errands, exercise, commute), there aren’t enough hours in the day. Call it what you want but courtship is inconvenient to a modern lifestyle (this isn’t gender specific!).

      It’s not “having a partner” that is a deterrent for me. I don’t have the time nor the energy to put a lot of effort in trying to get a woman’s affection. They haven’t paid attention to me before so that isn’t going to change unless I increase my status. To increase my status I have to work more. Working more means less time to be available. If I am not available I can not have a healthy relationship with a “wife and kids” properly. I work twelve hour days five days a week.

      What is deterring is watching marriages fail (75% of them!) all around me in society. What I think when I see that is: “if 75% of lions attack, would you still get in a cage with one?”. Marriage doesn’t work in our society anymore.

      The general excuse is “It’s too hard to get a girlfriend so I give up”. Excuse being the keyword there. The reality is it is far easier (lazier is other’s word, not mine) to not participate in courtship. It’s easier now more than ever before. Virtual reality can give you the girlfriend experience now. Pornography is free and easily accessible. Sex toys aren’t just for girls now. Hell, there’s companies making life-size human dolls with programmed personalities. They can’t keep up with the orders (morbidly curious? look up Lovedoll. It’s the extreme of all this. NSFW).

      Call them losers, beta males, “herbivore men”, whatever. That’s an accurate title. On the grand scheme of things, don’t only the strongest and best suited for survival reproduce? These men, just like me, are weaker and therefore apt to go extinct.

      “What, you won’t at least try?”

      I have tried. It’s a waste of my time at this point. I’ll try again in twenty years when I’ve gone where I want and done what I’ve wanted to do.


  2. Hahaha ‘rape’ and ‘harrass’ me? Now you’re sounding like a radical feminist. Sorry pal. But I know how to fight, no ‘scary man’ that ‘can’t control their urges’ is going to get me. But I’m going to assume that you were being sarcastic because you think I’m a radical feminist. Sorry to burst your bubble but I’m not your ‘evil counterpart’. I’m just a normal citizen living her life and taking amusement in the irony and hypocrisy of radical feminists and radical MGTOW’s.


    • Yeah, it must be “radical” for such “normal” people as yourself to think that a man could simply do what he wants to do and drop societal norms and expectations like a hot potato. But it’s okay. What you think is really not all that relevant.

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  3. To be honest, I watched some of the videos. The movement seems to be more about doing something about their beta situation. Like giving tactics and advice. For example, if you are gonna get friend-zoned, make sure the girl is way out of your league. She will probably introduce you to her ugliest friend, but if she is way out of your league, that should be in your league. Just people coping with problems. Everyone is so quick to judge on both sides. We all can provide facts and statistics. But what it comes down to is we need to build from the ground up, not through more on top of an already messy system. The laws put in place when our country began were made by sexist, brutal, and not generally good men in our current societies views. They were great, but not good men. We need to match the laws of the current times to reflect the current generation. To quite both sides, it is necessary to take sex, race, and and stereotyping out of the language. We are all human, we should stand as one. Sure, respect culture and your home, but stand as part of something greater too. The trouble is that both sides don’t want to see the what the other has to offer, because the individual is too stubborn, and wants to be comfortable with their own views and not change. But society is changing fast, and if we don’t take it from the current powers, they will abuse and control us just as they have before in every monarchy. Those old men that I mentioned before did get one thing right. I think it was George Washington that said it, but it was along the lines of “Our country will not survive if we fight divided.” Essentially stating we should not form separate into parties. Sure, each State should have its own way of doing business, and set of values, but we should form no definitive “Us vs. Them” It creates a schism across the whole country, and creates discrimination. My best friend is extremely liberal. I am not so much. I feel as though we have grown apart because of it. My point is, we need to take sex out of the legal system, yet still have certain programs like maternity leave, and even allow for the father to have some time off after the mother goes back to work to bond with the child. There is no true way to get everything to equal out, but I’ll be damned if there isn’t something awfully close.


    • I am a MGTOW male and an alpha. Beta’s do not become an Officer in the Army. I went MGTOW not because I couldn’t get dates or laid, but because when my last relationship ended and I looked back on them all, I realised that no relationship, especially my marriage has enriched my life. I always came out second best; emotionally, spiritually and financially drained.

      I went MGTOW after my eyes opened during the 18 months of shit that occurred after my marriage ended to an unfaithful wife. When I decided to enter the dating market again my everything I realised was re-inforced by the women I met and started dating.

      I have woken up to how toxic society and women have become towards men. I fell out of love with women in general. I realised modern women have nothing to offer a man when it comes to a relationship on any level, but what’s between there legs; and they have been giving that to all and sundry. I realised how over rated pussy was. How women are more trouble than they are worth, and that the risks of a relationship with a woman far out ways the benefits. I realised that women are not the be all and end all for men; and more and more men are realising that.

      Why would a man want to buy a cow to get the same milk, (which is beginning to sour) that everyone else has been getting for free.

      After deciding to go MGTOW, and I didn’t even know there was a term for it until a few months ago, my life is actually much better. I have no-one to answer to, but God and the authorities; and I’m not going to do anything to attract their attention. I can do what I want, when ever I want. I have even more disposable income then before, and can enjoy some really great hobbies; ones I could never afford to do before when married or dating. I have no unrealistic or selfish expectations to live up to. I am my the master of my own destiny.

      Any female who has bothered reading this, when you are out and about and a man rejects your advances… it could be me.

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    • Beta is an irrelevant tag when it comes to MGTOW. The last couple of so-called Alphas that have tried throwing their weight around with me got their asses handed to them promptly.

      You get through your Red Pill Rage and figure out what you want in your life. What women want or think of you won’t matter and you won’t have to worry about being Alpha because you’ve transcended that need. You’re free in a way an Alpha could never even concieve


  4. I don’t think MGTOW are necessarily losers; it just happens to be a movement that’s very appealing to losers. While it would be wrong to characterize all of them as woman-hating social rejects who can’t get laid, there’s no club that appeals to guys that are already woman-hating social rejects who can’t get laid more than MGTOW, so it’s jam packed with them.

    There are certainly perfectly decent, successful guys who simply want to do their own thing regardless of society’s expectations of them, but they are the unicorns of MGTOW. Although MGTOW always tend to describe themselves as the best, brightest, handsomest, richest & most sexually-desirable members of society, the vast majority of them come across as bitter, resentful douche bags trying to cope with the fact that the females of the species have turned their collective nose up at them by taking a “you can’t fire me, I quit” attitude toward relationships.


    • Jason said: “Although MGTOW always tend to describe themselves as the best, brightest, handsomest, richest & most sexually-desirable members of society, the vast majority of them come across as bitter, resentful douche bags trying to cope with the fact that the females of the species have turned their collective nose up at them by taking a “you can’t fire me, I quit” attitude toward relationships.”

      Jason, if you look at the expectations of most women looking for a man to partner with, she’s looking for at least a top 20% or even top 10% man, even if she’s barely in the top 50% herself. People say as a MGTOW I’m a loser who could not get a date, and could not get laid. I got laid plenty before I married, and many women were truly well out of my league looks wise – I suppose I played to my strengths of charisma and humor. My wife was very attractive and to this day she is still sought after by many men. I am not a big obese guy, kind of average that way. I make decent money (>$100K/year). I think the “MGTOWs must be losers” and “MGTOWs can’t quit they were never in the game” is just shaming language by people.

      So how many people, MEN especially are top 20% men? Top 10% men? How many men are fighting for a whiff of pu$$y that isn’t either crazy or obese or both? How many men get used and abused by women, and friend-zoned and discarded the second a more interesting man comes along?

      Just because a man won’t invest time, money and energy into chasing pussy doesn’t mean he can’t get pussy. Getting pussy is how many men learned about the true nature of women and why it’s best to avoid them.

      And if you can’t get past the primate feces throwing and shaming and see this, then you’ll never understand MGTOW and never need to.

      I know there are more attractive, more success and basically ‘better’ men than me out there. The only difference between me and them is how much they stand to lose in divorce court. I look at the kind of women today shopping for a top 20% or top 10% man and I just have to laugh.

      If you think because I walked away from a bullsh1t game with stacked odds and way too many unfavorable outcomes I am a loser, then I guess you’re opinion of me never really mattered in the first place. Go, run along and play society’s game by society’s rules. If you want to play Russian Roulette with three bullets in the cylinder instead of one, then be my guest. You call that “being a winner” and brave and I call THAT sheer stupidity.

      Everyone has an opinion right? And most people have a long list of people they think are losers. Other people’s lists are really not my concern in life.

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      • I don’t think “Jason” could be more wrong. Most men who have been unable to get a women aren’t MGTOW. Most MGTOW are men who have been able to get enough women to look back and realize that they have been burned every time because they live in a society whose laws and culture are set to amplify and empower all the most insidious traits of women while suppressing their better natures. The sad thing is that the whole point of feminism is to destroy the family and by extension, civilization, and that MGTOW plays right into this, but you can not blame this just on MGTOW, who rationalize, correctly or incorrectly, that it is better never to have a family, than to have one and be destroyed along with it when their “wife” decides to file for divorce, because she has nothing to loose by doing so (and government funded research in the US has indicated that as much as 80% of all divorces are initiated by women). If you are a woman who does not want to belong to a man, then don’t expect men to pay for you, free men work for what is theirs, slaves work for what is not theirs.


    • What! What site you MGTOW’s describe themselves as the best because I’ve NEVER run into anyone on any MGTOW claiming this. So you’re either lying out your ass, cherry picking or have confirmation bias REALLY BAD.

      I don’t necessarily think Jason is a stunned fucking idiot but your comment sure as fuck is. Once again some Cuck that just assumes that MGTOW is about getting laid and felt compelled to post up a comment and hoped that nobody fact-checked.

      Not about getting laid moron


      • Ah yes, the trope that proves even women are sexual trophies and accessories for men, aka objects. A man has to “get laid” to be a “real man”. These statements are so telling about how feminism really HASN’T accomplished what it set out to do. A woman’s value is her pussy, and a man’s value is in him having the right “stuff” to get it.

        Thanks for proving for us what we already knew.

        Thing is, my definition of being a “real man” doesn’t include anything at all about getting pussy. It’s an unfortunate biological imperative that women (and society and business) exploit at every given opportunity. For the successful MGTOW, these urges are dealt with one way or the other without committing to such silly things as cohabitation or marriage arrangements with the modern Western woman.

        We’re just above all that now.

        If that makes you uncomfortable, do the impossible. Look inward.

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      • You got it wrong Shitty, it’s just that your kind of women at least can get laid. And your kind of women get lesbian or go home. Women going Lesbians.

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      • It is pernicious to think that because a man is not actively trying to get with a woman, that his only other recourse is to sodomize other men, because there is no possible way to control one’s self. I have been able to master my urges for years, and the longer you do so, the easier it gets. I even got to the point where I was not sure that I even had them any more, and that was the day of my freedom. Desire serves me, not the other way around. Such a one is more of a man than any simp that thinks the gateway to manhood is found only through accessing some females crotch, the truth is exactly the opposite. Shelly, not all men are slaves to their appetites, as you seem to be by virtue of the fact that you cannot concede the possibility of disciplined self control, and this, by the way, is exactly why wise men avoid creatures such as yourself.

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      • That has got to be one of the stupidest fucking comments I’ve seen on WordPress in a while
        I mean you’re literally SO THICK that you can’t even conceive that leaving women out of the picture must equal homosexuality because you’re so epically stupid that something else would likely make your head explode

        I mean you DO KNOW that it’s one foot then the other foot when you walk right

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        • It probably was the dumbest comment (sarc) before you commented. Have you not heard of Asexuality? Humans are cognitive beings and can think/behave beyond what their animalistic instincts tell them to do? otherwise we wouldnt have a thing called ‘society’


        • Asexuality DOESN’T APPLY when it comes to MGTOW. And WTF does ‘society’ apply to my comment. Your comment makes absolutely no sense whatsoever


  5. If women created a page like this about men they would go nuts but it makes a fine “Do not date registry” for women. I guess the only direction they can go is to be gay.


    • MGTOWs can have sex. Some use PUA techniques and game women (gaming women are conquests or trophies existed long before the internet precipitated PUA). Other men have no issue paying for sex (on the basis that all men pay for sex one way or another). Some men will have sex if it becomes available to them, but won’t make it a big priority. The idea that a man must play by society’s rules and “get the girl” to “get the sex” is really insane in this modern gynocentric society of ours. The idea that if a man rejects this, he must be “gay”. Women were encouraged to walk away from marriage and traditional roles and sleep with whoever they wanted and this was called “empowered” and “liberation” and “freedom”. Now men are realizing they too should walk away from this “deal” so they must be losers, or gay.

      People who post things like this just don’t strike me as being very intelligent.

      Just more lost souls plugged into the blue-pill poison of the hive-mind.

      It seems to be about either accepting the status quo and lacking critical thinking ability, or simply an overwhelming fear to be shamed. So much about masculinity is wrapped up in the ability to “get women” because this is supposedly such a noble pursuit. Women are really thought of as currency, and that men who “get women” have lots of this currency. Society applauds and envies these men. So, naturally a man saying “forget this game” will be shamed – he’s lower than a “loser” of the game – he doesn’t even bother trying right?

      Thing is, if feminism really wants to smash the idea that women are mere chattel (objects) they need to smash great society’s idea that to be a MGTOW is a loser. Everything about this belief reinforces the idea that men who “get women” are successful. As long as women are seen as something men “must get” to be “a winner” then women will continue to be sex objects and men will continue to be success objects.

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    • It is pernicious to think that because a man is not actively trying to get with a woman, that his only other recourse is to sodomize other men, because there is no possible way to control one’s self. I have been able to master my urges for years, and the longer you do so, the easier it gets. I even got to the point where I was not sure that I even had them any more, and that was the day of my freedom. Desire serves me, not the other way around. Such a one is more of a man than any simp that thinks the gateway to manhood is found only in some females crotch, the truth is exactly the opposite.

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  6. MGTOW are losers who didn’t know how to treat a woman. He either worship a woman too much or is a plain simple. And quite a few MGTOW can’t even get a date.


    • Oh because you women are all so incredible wonderful and fantastic in every way that any man who does not date you and spend all of his money and resources on pleasing you must me a TOTAL loser. This is the perfect example of the rampant and repulsive female narcissism which makes so many want to have nothing to do with you. Why would anyone want to spend any time or resources on such utterly repulsive excuses for human beings. And a lot of men know EXACTLY how to treat a woman such as that, they just don’t want to go to jail.

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  7. MGTOW’s are basically replicating the “Hate the Opposite Sex” B.S. of feminists, and their reasoning, if you can call it that, is as faulty as the feminists’ reasoning, if you can call it that, was. If you’ve failed with women, try again, don’t lambaste all women. If you keep failing, guess what? It just MAY (it is) be your fault!!! Wise up, guys, if women are harming you, the fault is YOURS, not theirs. Stop being simps.


      • Nope, it doesn’t, yours does. Look at the hate comments aimed at women, and you will find out you are wrong. Of course, you like most MGTOWs prefer ignorance, as educating yourself if hard, and you prefer what is easy…you know, like losers do!


        • Third wave feminism ruined sex. Andrea Dworkin brainwashed women into thinking all intercourse is rape. That is actually anti woman, in that it denies the fact women are sexual beings and have intense pleasure from sex.

          Female anatomy can feel pleasure intensely. Andrea Dworkin isn’t pro woman, she hates her own sex.


    • You are exactly right, if women are hurting you it is your fault, that is the point of MGTOW, to NOT allow women to hurt them. You can get mad at the snake for being a snake if it bites you, but the better course of action is to avoid it, defang it, or kill it. Seems to me MGTOW is about avoiding, or possible in the long run, defanging the serpent.

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    • this sounds like the old saying “better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all” The definition of a ‘simp’ is what you’re telling them to do. ‘If you keep failing, try again!” You just expect men to relinquish everything they own and give it to you. Theres no ‘rewind’ button on life and everyone has a breaking point. Have some accountability you hamster


  8. “This is purely his imagination. I have never seen any MGTOW behaving the same way as radical feminists.”

    Then you must not have conversed with or read many MGTOWs. Many of them are exactly like radfems, spouting the same bitter rhetoric, the same oversimplifications of history, the same inability to perceive shades of gray. For radfems, women are always the victim, and for MGTOWs it’s men. They are losers, they are nasty embittered, paranoid and poisonous beanbags of neverending self pity, and they are the main reason I would not label myself an MRA despite having a lot of sympathy for MRA goals and a lot of objections to contemporary feminism.


  9. Funny. I have gotten women. And had sex.

    And I have gone MGTOW for the simple reasons that (a) I value my sanity, and (b) I do not need a woman for anything else other than sex. As my sexual urges are all but dead now due to poor health, I no longer have any use for women.

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  10. So according to this completely out of touch imbuscile mamed Matt, a man who has all of his free time to himself is a loser compared to someone who has to check in and ask a woman’s permission to go out and do things… The loser is Mr Fornay, and I’d say it to his clueless, pathetic face. No watered down, idiot-bitch who writes for a living has the right to tell me he’s more of a man than I am. I spent the least two days tearing the front and sides off a goddamned house. I’m not a loser Mr. Fornay, I’m a mgtow, and you’re a little bitch who secretly resents that he gave a woman his man card and his balls to hold while he pretends to work, writing shit …like we’re all doing here. Does this seem hard? This is what Matt does for “work” while he calls us losers…Sad.

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  11. With most women that are so very horrible to meet these days which really speaks for itself right there.


    • People like you are stunned stupid fucktards
      TFL is people that have their value placed in women’s approval. MGTOW don’t give a crap about that
      Please go be a fucking idiot somewhere else

      Oh and that pressure you’re feeling in your head right at the moment…That’s a THOUGHT!!? Yeah it’s an unfamiliar sensation for a moronic imbecile like you, but they do happen from time to time…Anonymous (AKA Balless coward)

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  12. I 100% agree with you man. I could be defined as a MGTOW. I keep my relationships long distance so that I can return home, to work my butt of, save money, hot the gym, learn a new language and work on my self development, before organising the next vacation and meeting another international girl. It really works out. I cracked that code!

    However, once a girl REALLy gets her hooks into you and starts trying to define your relationship by slowly and quietly mentioning children with you “Your children would be very beautiful I am sure” (for example), it is difficult to escape. No matter how attractive women make the relationship seem and its future potential, women are THE most destructive creatures in relationships. Women many times say they would prefer a good male friend over a female one, because women just fight each other like cats. Divorce rates are high because women initiate the divorce. But they use the reason that they fell out of love because their man changed. Well, their man changed because the woman changed him, and tried to shape in a way that suited her. then, when he lost his alpha individuality, and changed for her, she lost attraction and boom… divorce.

    The answer is not that MGTOW are losers. Also, the answer, personally for me anyway, is that women should not be cut completely. Something just feels awesome when a woman feels that passion for me. It is exciting.

    The answer lays in keeping them at a distance and scheduling the romance abroad with more beautiful women, then returning home to master other life skills including finance.

    Great article bro!


  13. I am an MGTOW who has been married before and had Asian girlfriends. I’m a white Australian guy who is not attracted to my own race. The problem with women these days is that they only care about what is in it for them as far as a “love” relationship is concerned.

    I think men and women could really have decent relationships if women really believed in true love but they don’t. It’s all about men having a luxurious house or apartment, a super high paying job, a flashy car, etc. Men are expected to give up EVERYTHING or women when they marry and we are almost always the losers in a divorce.

    Men are not women’s protectors, providers, baby makers and should never be, not ever. I could not be bothered with any serious relationship with a women now as women are just too demanding and selfish.

    Now I just go to Pattaya in Thailand four times a year. I can have a great time, drink very cold beer, sit on the beach, eat great food and get all the sex I want with out any emotional stress and and any of this “responsibility” crap that women always talk about. Pattaya is full of alpha male MGTOW types, many have given Western society the flick and are living there.

    Marriage is and obsolete “institution” in 2018. It is a global scam to that only benefits women and lawyers and florists and fills government coffers, the money is then wasted.

    I hope marriage and long term relationships and “families” go the way of the dinosaurs. I for one am sick and tired of all that shit and I’m never going back.

    Women have little value for men apart from sex and short-term ( very short term ) companionship. The majority of them are a waste of space.

    Marriage is just endless stress, nagging, and depletion of a man’s financial assets/resources and potential.

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  14. I’m white latin american. There’s no problem in being a loser. People who care being called a loser care too much for social acceptance. There’s no problem in being a loner, a individualist, a misanthrope. Here where i live, with a lot blacks, mongrels, etc i live in eternal conflicts with society for being different, but i think the truth is about conflits, i prefer to be what i am than to please others. People really hate me, and i dont care. The truth is what i really care.

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  15. Conservative people complain about mgtow but they dont understand that different people will never like each other. What’s the point of dating a woman that has nothing to do with you? We are ”educated” by the system to have ”friends” that are different from us, or to date women that have nothing to do with us. But the real truth is that different people HATE EACH OTHER, and this is the real truth, different people will never understand each other if people could at least understand this. For exemple, there’s nobody like me in this world, so, i have to be a loner, or i only would fight with people if a be social.

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