Tarun Tejpal Paying The Price of Misandry He Created

Do you remember Tehelka expose’ of how Delhi police handle rape cases based on some sting video footages? Find a link to the same here.

They have projected the story the way they wanted. They have interpreted the words of police officers the way they wanted. That was the time when they wanted to show their human face to the world. Well, at least the world understood that as their human face. But today their true face is revealed.

In 2012 Tehelka opposed the police officers’ views on nudity and vulgarity in public and promoted nudity, vulgarity, and irresponsibility as synonymous with women rights.

That was the time when the Gurgaon rape of a pub employee was reported and police officers were commenting on the ways to prevent rape. They were just in a chit-chat session and were completely ignorant of being videotaped.

Tehelka picked those interviews and tried to prove that open nudity and display of sexuality should not be considered a problem but the mindset of the men should be. However, what Tehelka did not publicize but many of us who went through the videos well noticed that police also said that in Gurgaon case they had a record where the girl wanted to have sex. But that was reported as a rape later.

After the Tehelka report, which was nothing but promotion of public nudity finely wrapped as the women rights issue, most of India didn’t realize the true color of the report. But some people wondered why nudity was promoted nationally like this when men were also not supposed to roam nude or semi-nude in public. Was nudity or exposing in public synonymous with getting rights? Then why men (who are supposed to have all the rights under the sun) do not have this right? Well, as men we don’t want this right as the meaning of human rights is completely different. We understand that clothing and shelter were two foremost conditions of formation of society and civilization and when we remove the need of one, then the very foundation of civilization is severely attacked.

Now let’s consider what the same Messiah, the great protector of women has done now. This recent report says Tehelka editor Tarun Tejpal is accused in a sexual assault case now. So one who was a protector of women in 2012 has become a BIG woman abuser in 2013. If not, then WHY did he apologize to the woman unconditionally?

Tejpal says  ‘it was a bad lapse of judgment’, a big jugglery and craftsmanship with words that reporters are good at. On the other hand, the accuser says it was “not a bad lapse of judgment but a case of serious sexual assault”. Reportedly Tejpal groped her twice and tried to disrobe her.

The truth of this case will come out in due course. Probably to save the face of the brand the matter will be settled internally with money. But people know the truth today – Tehelka is a big fraud brand. They cheat people with falsehood. They have painted a false picture of themselves in the public minds in 2012 to make all men as potential rapists. They have shown great disrespect to all men in the society by showing men in that way. They had also shown disrespect to women by promoting nudity and vulgarity and mixing that with women empowerment or women rights issues.

Today they are just paying the price of that misandry they have created. Anyone who doesn’t take a lesson from this may also suffer like this in future.

See how much punishment he is trying to avoid by just stepping down – here


  1. Piece of crap opportunistic post from you trying to get in on the hype. Clothing was a foundation of civilization it seems. Go read your history books again and find a better reason to apologize for your sexist views.


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