This Is The Story Of My Half Girlfriend, What Is Yours?

Half Girlfriend
Half Girlfriend Poster

I was young, she was younger. I was shy, she was not. I spoke less, had less number of friends – she spoke a lot, had a lot of friends. I was working, she was completing her graduation. I thought her voice was sweet, she thought mine was warm. Both of us liked arts and creativity. Both loved to dream and dream big.

Our physical distance didn’t matter. With these differences and similarities we came together, very near to each other, so near that soon we were married.

You may ask me – then how is this my story of half girlfriend?

For those of you who want to remind me the concept of half girlfriend again, I will tell you that my story is not yet over. In fact, my story of half girlfriend started only after my marriage.

We were very happy for first six months. No qualms from either side. I used to boast to my colleagues that I have got the best wife on earth and she cared for me so much.

But everything started breaking down slowly after first six months. Some unseen factors started playing in our marriage and slowly we drifted apart. I tried a lot to feel happy. One of that quick remedy for such situations is travel. In fact, both of us loved to travel and we were going out almost five-six times a year. Soon, her friends envied us. They used to give my example to their husbands and complain how they didn’t get time for their wives.

For next six years of our life, it was all showing our happy faces in public, posting happy messages on Facebook and trying to feel happy in a make belief world where I wanted to believe that I was happy. By then, I started feeling only I was unhappy and she was enjoying her life; so I didn’t bother about her anymore.

A series of a heart-breaking discovery of the crooked mind behind her beautiful face shattered me. I tried to push the ugly reality away from me every time but I was too weak to succeed. Finally, we fell apart. Our dreams were shattered, I started my journey alone on the graveyard of our dreams.

Does marriage mean any commitment today? If yes, then why do so many wives remain half girlfriends forever?

This was my story of half girlfriend. What is yours?



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