Khurshid Anwar’s Death: An Eye Opener For Many

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The man at the forefront of Delhi protest was accused of rape himself and he had no option but to choose the easy way out.

The famous writer, reporter and a women rights activist Seema Mustafa has now realized that media trial in rape or sexual harassment cases is bad –

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 Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) have always been against media trial and street trial in rape or harassment cases. MRAs have always been projecting false cases (see – Politics of Rape in India) and huge suicide by innocent males due to these false cases for a long time. MRAs have always been criticizing media for not reporting male suicides rather suppressing the same (see – I saw, I learned). But feminists have never bothered to listen until Tejpal was accused (See – Tarun Tejpal paying the price of misandry he created) and now feminists like Seema has no other option but to condemn media trial.

Seemaji, why you or other feminists never realized this earlier? I see that exactly one year back on 20th Dec 2012 you have invited people to wear badges and come out in large numbers and observe ‘BLACK FRIDAY’ on your FB profile.

Khurshid Anwar 3

Isn’t it fuelling public outrage? You have spilled the anger and outrage then and added to the street trial, so why are you surprised now? IS it because Anwar was one of you and Ram Singh was not? Why do the hypocrites like you never believe sufferings of common people that MRAs have been highlighting for long?

On the same day on 20th December last year you wrote a letter to Soniaji asking for a reaction from them ( Your sarcasm showed that all political leaders should have commented on Delhi rape. Wasn’t that another attempt to create snowballing reaction, creating public outrage or fueling the same?

I agree with your views that media trial is dangerous, that should be stopped. I would also like to add to punish all such media and also not to report the name of the accused until proven guilty. But that is what is happening for a long time. That is how many innocent men are considered rapists and lose their dignity instantly. Even SC cannot help them –

Khurshid Anwar 4

Why should men be like helpless creatures on a rape / sexual complaints from a woman when we know 75% rape cases in the country is false and filed for taking revenge? (See – Rape! It’s My Fault). And you realize this today because one of YOUR sponsors has been accused. It’s not that only this case confirms that women are liars, 85% false dowry cases filed every year, 80% false dowry death cases and almost all domestic violence cases filed every year or the overwhelming majority of rape cases (shown earlier) already proves the point that many women are liars. But still you feminists have never agreed.

I don’t know what is truth or the story behind it and I don’t want to judge either, but I hope you have good answers to these questions –

Today you understand media’s complicity in Anwar’s death and feel that is tragic but the skyrocketing suicide of men and especially married men in India already proves this discrimination and you feminists have never bothered to look into it.

You and people like Khurshid were responsible for creating a situation like street trial and sustained that with your various other activities, that has eventually led to today’s scenario where men can be easily exploited in sexual crimes (see – Alert Guys! A Molestation trap for you). The need of the hour is to support Men’s Rights and its ideology to have gender-neutral laws. We invite all feminists who believe in the same to join men’s rights – (Dear Indian Feminists: Its time to join men’s rights)

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are solely responsible for your future


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  1. This is message to my fellow 498a dv act and
    rape work harrasment law promoters

    Real men are to be respected.

    No matter how much u supress men the truth is we luv women because of there sensuality n purity n care for women female gender

    dont plant hatered in me I am just 27 n

    I will never marry thanks to people who promoted a draconian law..

    I prefer to die than marry


  2. You learn from the West … and that is our problem. If we can stick to our rich and old culture none of these problems would occur. It’s a shame that we all live in a hypocritical society.


    • I totally agree. We’ve willy nilly created a hypocritical society. We need to reverse the wheel of time t crate a transparent and accountable society. We need to ban all forms of mental corruption arising from various cultures and isms. May good sense prevail on the citizens before we are all devoured by the greed of so called progress, modernisation, globalisation, etc…


  3. This is so true… I totally agree n wish these false filed cases should be handled carefully. Specially by these media n social activist… but ironically me being a female…sometimes I too feel… Its a pay back time! So much bad has happened to women in past… that todays few women with bad intensions, revenge or for the sake of hatred. They tend to use all the women protection law into their favour, for unjust justice!
    I wish this to end…or this will result into more divorce, suicide, revenge n hatred.


  4. […] Khurshid Anwar lived alone in Delhi as he was a divorcee. He was also a women rights crusader and formed Institute for Social Democracy (ISD) to fight for women’s cause.  He was accused of rape by a woman from his own NGO. After Nirbhaya incident in Delhi his NGO was at the forefront in Violent Delhi Protests against crimes against women but that was in the morning. The woman alleged that same evening he tried to rape her when she was in an inebriated state. Later the FCRA details of his NGO revealed that funding to his NGO skyrocketed in the year 2012-13. […]


  5. The NGOs, claiming to be working for women empowerment, specially run by Christian Missionary Nuns in India, spoil the image of India abroad just to collect huge donations. Actually, the situation of women is much better in India than many western countries. The radical feminism, imported from the USA by some Christian Nuns, is on rise in India and it will ruin family life. The government needs to take strict action against the NGOs who do roaring business in the name of women empowerment.


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