Why Men Are Turning Women Away?

Marriage Sttrike


Marriage Strike – Part 2

With the International Women’s Day round the corner it is the appropriate time to delve into relationship issues that people face and the reasons behind increasing number of men turning women away in their personal lives.

In this series on Marriage Strike as I discuss the issues men face globally with one-sided women empowerment, you will know how women are no longer worth our time. And these are experiences shared by men in one feminist article blaming the governments for this marriage strike by men.

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Sluts Way Home

The slutty behavior of women increases as our society starts accepting the same. As the shame is removed and women become educated without contributing anything to the society, they keep their slutty engagements going. Even though never in the history of mankind they needed to accumulate wealth or think about their

Slutty women not getting punished takes away their credibility
Slutty women not getting punished takes away their credibility

Future, they have always got simps to take care of their lives in the sunset years of life. But that male conditioning is changing now. As young men see women cheating on others, they turn their back on women and focus on their amazing solo life.

As a result, modern empowered women are forced to take care of themselves and get lonelier and commit more suicide. If the countries like The USA, The UK and Japan are now appointing ministers for loneliness, that indicate that something is seriously wrong with women. Japan has so far ignored male suicide like any other country but when Japanese women started committing more suicide, they understood the importance of this issue. Japan’s women are forced to fend on their own as men are increasingly turning away from women and unable to bear the stress, the empowered Japanese women need to commit suicide.

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It was women who promoted all women as a single ‘class’ for so many years and that have helped feminism grow but any bad behavior from a single woman also should be seen as a ‘class’ behavior. So, when some women cheat, that should be looked as a problem with ALL of them. And when literally every other woman come forward defending such cheaters’, pornstars and prostitutes, you know what goes inside their minds. These supporters tell us that given a chance even these women will cheat on their men; so they are better avoided.

Jobloss and Jail

The talk of men’s responsibilities and women’s irresponsibility in a relationship is so intense today and the gap in their contributions in a relationship is so wide, that all marriage incentives are taken away from men.

Alimony burden on jobless men
A man is asked to maintain his wife even if he loses his job and even when the wife is capable of working

When men are heavily punished for no fault of theirs and situations beyond their control, they see those punished by the system and get worried even more. Even earning wives are given alimony and child support with barely any visitation rights to men.

Many jobless men are ordered to pay alimony to their wives in different parts of the world. Even the celebrity weddings are called off with heavy payment of alimony and these set the trend for men. Even if a woman prey to man for cohabitation and marriage, even if a woman takes a vow of not filing any complaint against him and to be always with him in the matrimonial journey, one can’t be trusted. The unjust court proceedings and court orders have done this damage to women.

All Perks and No Responsibility

But when women themselves have asked for male privileges and got all the privileges, why should men now bother about these privileged women? Women today can earn and many of them can’t even reproduce healthy babies. They have so many medical conditions in their younger years, and all of that comes on the husbands’ shoulder.

Women only have all perks and no responsibility in a marriage. A good contributor to stop marriage

Even with all the perks in their life, women today are becoming alone. The shrinking gap in wage and in suicide rate in the west and in Japan, shows why one gender can’t have it all and why we created an amicable social structure in our traditional days.

Unfair Child Support

It is the leftists who promoted and upheld feminism for decades. On paper they sound very good so many people fall for their lies. However, when they experience the reality, they get shocked. Some remain in constant denial and some others do not know what is to be done.

Come International Women’s Day (IWD), every year women are told how oppressed they are and how much more they deserve. The leftist narratives of oppression never end. Every year they find out new oppressions and carry out new campaigns to break families.

Men who get fooled by this propaganda and do get into marriage realize their mistake once their marriage breaks. In the name of working in the best interest of the child, courts break families, try to hide a woman’s illicit affair and punishes her partner/boyfriend/husband for her immoral acts. The men who might have earlier been feminists themselves understand this in the hard way.

men are often forced to pay unfair child support
While men continue to pay unfair child support, their own children are aborted by women without informing them

These men not only end up paying child support for someone else’s biological children but are also kept away from visitation rights and experience killing of their own children by the women as her ‘right.’ When the courts do not hesitate to punish men and force them to pay lifelong maintenance to their wives’ illicit children, the same courts find it empowering for women to abort their children, without the consent of the man. So, a man becomes a loser from both sides.

Men – The Retirement Plan

Men are sick and tired of being treated as the retirement plan by the women. If unfair child support and forcing men to maintain someone else’s biological child is one part of this plan, then the huge remaining part is women’s unending list of desires and demands.

Men viewed as retirement plan by women
Women often have very unrealistic demands in a relationship and have almost nothing to offer

While dowry is a strict no-no for them, women do not hesitate to pile up their expectations on their men. Women nowadays do not mention what value they can bring to the relationship, but they show interest in what they will get out of a relationship. The ethical and ‘good’ men who come in their life in their prime get rejected, but the same women do not hesitate to come back to those ‘rejected’ guys when they turn 45 or more. With all interest in sex gone by that time, the women can’t propose any other value as well.

So, men do not have any reason to engage with these women. Moreover, when women turn 40+ they start having more ailments and so they become pathetic. Many of them suffer psychological imbalance and their whole liability comes onto men. Even if men try to bond with these women, all they get is the bitter and unbearable burden of her past relationships, and the result of her past irresponsible lifestyle. Women who promote drinking as their personal choice, become

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huge liability on their men in the older days due to the same drinking habit. The women who enjoy sex with multiple partners in their young age, often bring those diseases to the home of the men who marry them. So, marriages with aged women, single mothers, divorcees and women who had multiple partners only remain as burden on men.

–End of Part 2–

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    • That is why dowry should be compulsory in any marriage. With dowry women were still getting married. Without it they are only sleeping around. They are now left to die by committing suicide.


      • @TMF

        Not necessarily true. In Hebrew Culture and a few other cultures like it. The man pays a Bride Price for a woman to be his wife(Exodus 22:16-17). But sleeping around also didn’t happen.

        The Fathers was nonetheless is responsible for their daughter. And it seemed to be successful in keeping their daughters chaste outside of wedlock. Who was compensated for his loss of labor:

        Likewise we don’t want women with poor character especially to be married to any Man which Dowries may help to cause happen incentive-wise like with wealthy women of poor character. Why should any man no matter the dowry have to suffer them?

        Most women can work on their appearance with exercise and good diet. Of course there will always be unfortunates due to the roll of dice. But that’s life.

        Of course women who would be spinsters should have alternative paths to life.


        • There was a time when some Indian tribes paid ‘Bride Price’ as well. Yes, this is always due to the loss of labour. But in Indian society the dowry system was women’s rights, to ensure she gets her share in her father’s property.

          Dowry system helped many women get married. But now with no dowry but compulsory alimony who wants to take the burden of women?


        • “Dowry system helped many women get married. But now with no dowry but compulsory alimony who wants to take the burden of women?”

          Exactly. Maybe its needed. Who wants the incentive to take on women of bad character that don’t have the character,beauty, health and household skills that Men want?

          Women’s Parents would be incentivized to prepare their daughters to be proper ladies with good character first.

          Make it worthwhile for potential Husbands in other ways. Not all women should be married if they cannot fit the criteria.

          “But in Indian society the dowry system was women’s rights, to ensure she gets her share in her father’s property.”

          Israelite society allowed women to inherit their Father’s Property to keep his name alive( if they had no brothers but they had to marry within their Father’s clan to retain it since it defaulted to their Husband:

          But I think that many poor Men who would be Fathers of Daughters would suffer under this system despite the advantages of dowry in other ways as you state.

          And Husbands are persuaded by the large Dowry. But may end up with a Wealthy Woman who makes his life a living hell.

          Of course I am assuming the absence of all the misandrist laws in this statement.


  1. Our society: Dowry is wrong but marrying a man for his salary, car, house, jewellery, food, clothes, vacations, gifts is acceptable. After a divorce, taking alimony, child support, and his property is also acceptable.


  2. I just want to clarify that I am against dowry, and any woman who is harassed should leave her husband. My comment was only for those women who exploit men.


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