Women No More Chaste – Men Say ‘No’ To Marriage

[In a feminist article for a woman’s magazine the feminist author blamed the government for a large number of exodus of men from the marriages, but more than the article itself the comments made by the men were eye-openers. Each and every comment was so insightful about this problem that I could hardly segregate comments based on their importance. And hence I have decided to make this a series titled #MarriageStrike.

In this series titled Marriage Strike, I discuss the comments made by other men about why they chose not to marry or date any woman and decided to live a happy single life.

This is Part 4 of the Series]

Women have overpriced themselves in the relationship space

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Dating is Not Safe

Men understand that dating is not more safe today. They understand that there are so many landmines in a relationship that any man can be trapped and get finished. Even when they are dating a woman – whether a single mother or not, its always their fault.

Dating not safe for men - marriage strike

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With so many laws against men, and with the entire legal system and society structured against men, today men do not have any place in a successful relationship. It is thus shocking to see that so many men still get married around the world and no country is bothered to look beyond feminism. Only China has recently taken action against feminist NGOs to revert the feminist system and increase the number of marriages there.

It is indeed sad to note that millennial men are so stupid that they still want to believe that their choice of woman will not be bad, or the fate will favour them.

Chastity is Important

‘You don’t put the ring on a city bike’. In other words, an unfaithful woman may be fun to have sex with, but a man can’t marry a woman who is riding every other man in the city.

Women's Chastity Is Important - marriage strike

Well, if feminism has done anything to women, that taught them to be promiscuous. Women think being unfaithful is cool and with unnecessary promotion of women everywhere they have very inflated ego. Their self-worth is too high compared to their actual value proposition. It is true not only in the western society today, but in every society where we find feminism. Even India is no different.

The increasing subscriber base of prostitution site OnlyFans only shows the poor condition of women’s self-worth. It is said, a woman who is stripping to earn quick buck, a woman who wants to glorify sex-work as a work, probably doesn’t have anything else to offer. Obviously, such women can’t be the wife of any self-respecting man, no matter how much of a promoter of equality one is.

MGTOW Is The Way

The movements like Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) is not new. It has been existing in the society for a long time. Even though the philosophy differs in different MGTOWs but they don’t want to get into any committed relationship. But as we have seen earlier, even dating relationships are not safe for men.

MGTOW is the Way - marriage strike

Men accept the condition to pay up even in dates, no matter whether the woman earns. Also, men realize very late how women change during their relationships. When they are in a dating relationship, they act to be committed to the man, but only after marriage they show their true colours. If the above comment talks about the situation in Brazil, it’s no different in India or in Australia.

Celebrity divorces only adds to this pandemic. We have already seen how the divorces of Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates had made their wives super rich. In India, even jobless husband is asked to maintain his wife by ‘beg, borrow, steal’. In this situation why should men marry at all?

Shed Weight, Not Wealth

The benefits of remaining out of relationships is many for a man. He can gather enough money to travel through the world. Even in a pandemic situation that may not be possible but still he owns it completely to take care of himself. He just needs to stay fit to avoid unnecessary medical emergency.

Shed Weight, Not Wealth - marriage strike

Some people who understand the family laws and their implications will continue to advocate against marriage. They understand that marriage is madness. They understand that the legal system is madness and relationships and women are worthless. It is the laws that drive more divorces today as it provides an open offer to women to become promiscuous, to break their relationship for no apparent reason. So, men prefer not to get broken but to shed weight and get going.

Knowledge Sharing Is Caring

When a man gets divorced or a woman gets a fortune on her divorce, men do take notice. When a woman can become world’s richest woman simply on divorce why should men fall for that trap? They do share their stories (ulbeit men are poor storytellers) and other men do take note.

Sharing is Caring - marriage strike

Not everyone can vehemently protest against feminism or fight for men’s rights. There is fear of social media censorship and even losing important personal connections. So, they prefer to silently move away from women.

— End of Part 4 —

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