Why Some Men Say – Stop Marriage

Is biological attraction between men and women reducing for some reason and men are increasingly turning away from marriage and relationship? Why is it that a growing number of men now call for Marriage Boycott. This series explores from a discussion where feminists blamed the government but men showed various reasons.

This is Part 3 of the Series]

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Marriage Strike Series


Wedlock’s the devil

Lord Byron (1806)

Marriage – A Destroying Contract

Hindu marriage was once considered to be a religious union, but not anymore. In a hurry to prove their advancements even traditional societies like Hindus have converted marriages into legal contracts. There is no religious matter left in a Hindu marriage today and what remains is the

legal consequences. Men have understood today that they have no gain from a marriage. Since family courts started ruling that men should pay alimony to their earning spouses and maintain their spouses at any cost marriage has become extremely loss-making institution for men. Not only regarding alimony payout to their wives, men are often not allowed to see and meet their own kids. The situation is same in countries that have shared parenting norms.

The situation is worsened with every celebrity divorces and celebrity women getting hefty sum of money as alimony. The wife of Jeff Bezos – Amazon CEO, became the richest woman in the world simply by divorcing her husband. She got the money simply by extorting her husband and Jeff Bezos paid the price of ever committing to her.

Marriage – Sucks Men

The institution of marriage has become so heavy on men that it sucks men of all their strength. Even when there is no divorce and the man is carrying the burden on his sole shoulders, he is not spared.

He is first destroyed by his overbearing responsibilities during the marriage and is still pushed to pay a heavy price while divorce. Men who have taken good care of their family during the happy days, are asked to maintain their wives even after separation. 

Past Matters

The pas behaviour and relationships of women matter the most to men. There was a time when even women valued chastity more than any other quality in themselves. But feminists have forced women in a dating culture and dating apps are flooded with women seeking men for relationships.

There is no end to this culture and with every passing year, younger women are hooked to this. Dating apps like Tinder helps them find a new mate every other day until they turn 30 and plan to have a baby with someone and marry someone else. If having baby is their choice, then they should be solely responsible for their past behaviour and past sex life. It is the women who openly promote that past doesn’t matter and a man should value a woman irrespective of her past. Whereas feminized men who every marry such women realize the consequences very soon.

If men have grown an apathy towards women that is because of their open promiscuous behaviour and demanding respect at the same time. Women who do not show commitment in any relationship, women who openly sleep around with different men, lose their trustworthiness as a potential mate. One who was in multiple relationships, can hardly commit to one.

Women are responsible

The biological attraction between a man and a woman is maximum in their younger years. Due to constant promotion of late marriage, independence etc. women enjoy their sex-life with multiple men and even with other women as their independence and then expect a new man to take care of 

them in their old age. In their prime, women say they don’t want to marry, marriage is against their freedom etc. and turn down proposals from young men often go back to those old pals for cohabitation.

As much as feminists would like to blame the government for the laws, it is the women who are pushing the laws in every country to become more gender biased with every passing day. This has made women the untouchables and since women push for new laws, and hide behind feminism for every small thing without taking any responsibility, they remain untouchables as a ‘class’.

Slavery Without a Bond

In India, feminists wanted to bring Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage or IrBM law until the BJP led NDA government shelved it after a strong protest from the MRAs. Feminists cried hoarse for easy divorce stating women are often forced to remain stuck in marriages or the divorce proceedings have become so complex, women needed an easy way out.

Also, it was said that most other countries had an IrBM in place and hence India too needed one. In Canada at least the law is that a couple needed to spend 20 years of married life to support the wife for his lifetime. In India, even without the IrBM there is no such time-period after which a husband becomes responsible to maintain his wife for rest of his life.

A middle-aged man becomes tired of handling one-sided responsibilities in his family life but he can’t quit his job if he had ever married. The alimony payout to a non-cohabitating wife becomes a lifelong burden on him. Since women continue to remain a burden and push for more laws in their favour, they only turn out as monsters.

–End of Part 3–


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  1. I think more and more boys are becoming feminist and running behind women at every cost treating girls like princess. They r taught by society to be a simp even if girls kicks them. Anyone who teach them not to be a simp is misogynist.


  2. This is why men are going MGTOW. In Meerut, yestersay, a woman thrashed her husband in public (which everyone saw) suspecting an affair and then went to the police and complained about domestic violence (which no one saw) and a case was registered against the man!


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