#DismantlingGlobalHindutva Panelist Proposes Hindu Women To Offer Their Bodies to Muslims

Dismantling Global Hindutva Poster

How can the three-day online conference under the disguise of academic interpretation of Hindutva and smashing its Brahminical patriarchy by some conspiring global terrorist groups be disconnected from furthering a communist gender agenda? And that is exactly what I am going to expose today.

Its long been tried and tested successfully under the aegis of thousands of feminist NGOs funded by their global operatives to spread misinformation about violence on Indian women in various ways. But ever since we have exposed the funding of those terror groups on this platform and the GOI has banned thousands of those terror outfits in India in 2015-16, those groups were no longer able to further their agenda in the last few years.

With the funding drying up and many of those NGOs were force closed by the Home Ministry for being engaged in various ‘unexplained’ and illegal activities; these terror groups were looking for an opportunity to spread their tentacles again and this time they have chosen an online platform to spew venom.

As the conference on Dismantling Global Hindutva with a trending Twitter hashtag #DismantlingGlobalHindutva tried to dismantle ‘Brahminical Patriarchy’ of Hinduism under the guise of attacking only the extreme forms of Hindutva groups (which do not exist), it was expected that their gender agenda will show India as a barbaric medieval nation. They had a challenge to match Hindu terror with that of Taliban terror on Afghan women, ISIS terror in African continent or terror by Islamist Jihadist in different points in time. So, even though Hindu terror didn’t exist and Islamic invaders for ages have shown these brutalities over women, all the leftist terrorist academicians put every possible act of violence done by the Islamic terrorist groups on the shoulders of Hindutva groups. A clear manifestation of this attitude was seen on the first day, when RSS chief Mohan Bhagawat’s picture with a lathi (stick) was shown as the reason of some men beating someone else in a different place. It was happening at a time when Islamist jihadist were openly shooting and killing people in Afganistan, forcing Muslims to flee the country and forcefully abducting young MUSLIM girls to enslave them.

So, when a panelist who was a documentary filmmaker started the session with an introduction of her documentary titled ‘Rape Nation’, it was evident that the motive was to tell some fictitious stories about Hindu terror to hide the atrocities committed by Islamic jihadists all over the globe. This is the same way a British filmmaker Leslee Udwin once tried to show India’s Rape Mentality by paying money and by breaking laws.

Indians were warned then by the MRAs against creating unnecessary hype around rape, but no one listened and that tactic of shaming India has culminated in this conference. Once advantage such filmmakers have is that stories on ‘rape’ sells, and all they need are some teary eyes.

She started by saying how her Indian Passport was impounded and she was prohibited from fleeing the country because she had filed a #MeToo complaint against an influential person in India. This was the tactic used to be successful earlier and Sarabjit Singh had to suffer the consequences when his accuser Jasleen Kaur was relaxing in the US in the name of education and did not appear in any court hearings in India. This tactic was successful when there were thousands of foreign funded NGOs specially to take up such causes to unleash legal terrorism in India. But with India closing those rogue NGOs in 2015-16, it became extremely difficult for such people to be women by creating confusion.

So, when a narrative is set that it’s the political tactics of the Hindutva groups like The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to selectively rape Muslim women and unleash all kinds of terror on them to come to power in Gujarat and in UP, we get astonished both at their stupidity and to their selective ignorance. At a time when every small incident against any Muslim is projected out of proportion to show crime against minorities, such allegations become baseless. Their selective Islamist agenda was clear when we saw that neither the widespread violence and subjugation of Hindu women by the Muslim goons in the Kashmir valley leading to great exodus of Kashmiri Pandits seven times nor the on record rape, murder and mutilation of Hindu women by the Muslim goons in post 2021 assembly elections in WB featured in their discussion.

In fact, in another session there was a Muslim professor who was speaking about Muslim women widely violated in the Kashmir valley when in reality it was the Kashmiri Pandits who were asked to leave the valley leaving behind their women.

So, if targeted rape, murder and subjugation of women happened in India, that was done by Muslim terrorists and NOT by any Hindu groups. If Hindus were really raping and murdering Muslim women everywhere then why did the Hindus had to leave their homes always and not the Muslims.

Another reason why the panelists narrative that the BJP came to power in UP and in Gujarat by instigating selective violence against the Muslims and specifically raping Muslim women, is not only outrageously misplaced and misleading but also criminal. If that was really the case, then BJP wouldn’t have got about 40% vote share and increased their number of seats by 265 in 2017 assembly elections there. Also, the Muslim appeasing parties like Samajwadi Party (SP) wouldn’t have lost a hopping 177 seats there. We also wouldn’t have seen a DROP in SP’s vote share by 7.7% percentage point (PP) when the BJP vote share was increased by a 24.7 PP.

Same is true for Gujarat as well. Gujarat, a state where 40% of the population are OBCs, 14.75% are Adivasis, 9% are Muslims, 7% are Dalits and ONLY 6.25% are all others including Hindu Brahmins would have never voted the BJP to power. But the fact is, BJP has increased their vote share in the 2016 elections by 1.2 PP with about 49% vote share and INC has still lost with only 41.4% vote share.

So, the narrative created by the speakers at the Hindu hating conference was not only farther from truth but is misleading as hell and highly politically motivated.

While the terrorist academicians at the Dismantling Global Hindutva conference tried to show that the Hindutva groups like BJP and RSS tried to use the body of Muslim women to dishonour the entire community – a tactic well used by the Muslims, Mughal and all other invaders for ages; another academician also suggested that the upper-class Hindu women need to revolt against their castes and marry interfaith to smash Brahminical patriarchy. So, when the commie terrorists tried to tell the world that Hindu groups are using the bodies of Muslim women to dishonor the Muslim community, they also suggested to Hindu women that their body doesn’t belong to them and they should offer their bodies to Muslims to smash Hindutva patriarchy – an easily recognizable agenda of Love Jihad.

That is what Hindus were warned earlier in this article that contrary to popular outlook of blaming Muslim men for the Love Jihad, Hindus needed to look inwards and train their daughters against Love Jihad. There was a time when Hindu women performed Jauhar to self-immolate themselves to survive the rape jihad of Muslim invaders and today we see just the opposite. While inter caste or inter religion marriages are no longer a crime, but the inherent agenda of converting Hindus to Islam was clear in the conference.

The speakers in the conference went on to say that Hindutva is nothing but femicide, rape and murder and promoting violent Hindu patriarchy when, in fact, the whole world is troubled by Muslim terrorism. When Islamist groups are not only killing non-Muslims worldwide including the Hindu India; but they are also killing Muslim women in Islamic countries like Afghanistan. Abduction of Non-Muslim women for marriage is a daily affair in Pakistan and Bangladesh. In Afghanistan they abduct young Muslim girls from their families as well. 

Here it is important for us to distant ourselves from any group that promote terror even if they seem to ensure men’s rights. Men’s Rights was never about forcefully torturing women or abducting them and making them sex slaves to fulfil men’s desires. Hinduism was long shamed by the leftist groups as being patriarchal and oppressive towards women. That is why THIS SERIES on VEDIC INDIA was created to explain the apparently women hating concepts in Hinduism which were all created to favour women and not men.

One panelist tried to project ‘family’ as the main reason for oppressing women and inducing patriarchy on them. It is a common feminist narrative peddled for many years that proposes women empowerment in a single-motherhood setup. However, when the same woman was asked a question whether she thinks that she didn’t need her family, she backed off. She clearly said, she needed a family while adding that the structure of family has evolved over the years and it will evolve even more in future.

While we understand the feminist agenda of breaking all family ties and promoting single-motherhood, free sex and take away the protection umbrella from everyone in the family – it is important that Hindu women understand the same. For years, the men’s rights groups are opposing the one-sided family breaking laws in the name of women empowerment, but the paid NGOs were successful in pushing their agenda in India through overwhelming support of Hindu women and men. It is clearly a lesson to Hindu women that these laws were created by the UPA government under an international agenda to dismantle India and has nothing to do with women empowerment. Becoming single, frustrated and forced to do everything on your own or making a man pay all your bills while he continues to hate you, is not empowerment. The quicker Hindu women understand this politics, better it is for Indian society. Else a Taliban like regime is not far when these jihadists will control all their bodies against their will.

It is also important to note that the feminists who shout that family system is oppressing for women, actually want a family for themselves. They understand the importance of family in their personal life, while they continue to encourage other women to come out of family in the name of empowerment. A double standard adopted to further their paid criminal agenda. So, when they said that in IAS Academy the officers first look at other’s caste to fall in love, you know these narratives are created by some fools for some other fools to believe and should not be surprised if those fools really exist.

So, when one woman panelist said, that the upper caste Sabarna Hindu women organizing in local groups and upholding Hindu values and awakening other Hindu women against Love Jihad and actually proposing that upper caste Hindu women to offer their bodies to Muslims, you know where they want to take India to. They were provoking Hindu women to support and further love jihad. This coming from a Hindu woman Dr. Aknsha Mehta also clarified that many Hindu women are used as pawns by the terror groups. You also understand why it is important to uphold and continue the efforts of Sabarna women to form local groups and create awareness against love jihad.

But the panelists didn’t stop only at instigating Hindu women to offer their bodies to men from other religions, but they also went one step ahead in saying that Hindu women groups promote violence and instigate other Hindu males to engage in violence against Muslims in the name of Hindu vigilantism. A clear terrorist agenda to uphold Islamic Jihad and promote hatred against Hindus.

This conference and the feminist session were thus an eye-opener for Hindu women. This should clarify the real intention of feminists and their pushing for family breaking, gender-biased laws in India. Because unless these laws were pushed through and Hindu women were shown as oppressed, how could they become single and looking out for mates? How could Hindu males start withdrawing from all relationships and how could the Hindu women be made available for Muslims to further their jihadi agenda?

Unless these laws were pushed through and Hindu women were shown as oppressed, how could they become single and looking out for mates? How could Hindu males start withdrawing from all relationships and how could the Hindu women be made available for Muslims to further their jihadi agenda?

The groundwork of breaking Hindu families is already done. Hindu women have skyrocketed their expectations from Hindu men, they started hating their culture, heritage and above all religion. In short, Hindus have almost lost their identity. It is a time ripe to lure Hindu women into falling on the lap of Muslim men. The advertisements like the recent Tanishq ad promoting Love Jihad (the ad was withdrawn later due to protests) was no separate incident. These are part of specially curated propaganda to lure Hindu women, while Hindu men continue to wonder what’s happening to them.


One comment

  1. This is a great article TMF (not taking your name purposefully) with so many linkages relevant to the current time.

    I was actually talking to a Sanatani woman yesterday about these all linkages for an hour and half. And I was 1st time speaking to that person.

    It seems to me many a well meaning woman are realizing this and are also actively participating in reviving Hinduism or rather Sanatan Dharm & Dharmic ethos. Definitely it is also being pushed politically, which is very muh the need of the hour. Because Leftists have almost always exploited the gaps in Sanatan Dharmi defenses on the feminine side to get access to the feminine core of our Dharmic ethos, because Abrahamic & Atheist; bith belief system based maurading forces originating from the Deserts of Arabia & Temperate ecosystem of Europe inherently monocultural in nature doesn’t have a feminine & fluid core, but only survivivalistic & colonialistic machine inside them.

    As Sanatani women are organizing and rising up to plug the gaps in our defenses sought after by Leftists-Jihaadi-Evangelical cabal, Feminists (foot soldiers of the cabal) will get trigerred more and more and increase the frequency of their attack on what they consider as hardening of their soft target.


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