Indian Women Have No Responsibility In Their Families

No responsibilitySo dear reader, did you start jumping simply reading the title? Not unexpected but I will request you to read this before you form your opinion on this matter.

Do Women Really Take Care of Household Work?

In a recent debate when I said this obviously everyone around went against me as they considered this as chauvinistic view and I asked them to tell me one responsibility that Indian women have in their families.

The first reply was, women take care of entire household work. They cook, wash utensils, keep the house clean etc. Well, I said, what if a woman denies doing that? Everyone was sticking to the point that women take up these responsibilities even without asking them to do so, but no one had any answer to my question what if a woman denies doing the household work.

Will it be considered as domestic violence against the husband? Will the husband get monthly maintenance from his wife who does not want to take responsibilities? Answers to both the questions are big ‘NO’. Because men in India can’t even file a case of DV against his wife or any other woman he lives with. Rather asking for a woman to contribute in domestic work may be seen as domestic violence against the woman and the husband may be thrown out of his own house under the right to residence clause in our DV Act.

The responsibility of Household Work

Then I asked another question to the debaters. If doing household work is considered as the responsibility of a woman then the husband should not be responsible for keeping a maid for any of the households works e.g. cooking, cleaning utensils etc. In reality in how many households in India have you seen domestic help? How many of them are paid by women in the household? You will overwhelmingly agree that in most of the cases the maid expenses are paid by the husband and NOT by the wife. So it turns out to be the husband’s responsibility and NOT the wife’s responsibility to do household work.

So the first argument that Indian women have the responsibility for any household work is actually a myth and not true. If any woman is assuming this responsibility it is her wish. Tomorrow if she stops doing the same, the husband CAN NOT do anything but will still have to maintain that wife.

Women’s Responsibility of Nurturing

The second argument given to me was, women nurture children, take care of their education etc. I asked the same question, what if she denies doing the same from tomorrow? Will this be considered as cruelty? Will this be domestic violence against the man? Will the man get maintenance from the wife? What is the remedy the husband gets? No one had an answer to that as well. Well, it is at the discretion of courts to consider this as cruelty but NOWHERE in family laws, it is mentioned as cruelty by the wife.

On raising the child issue, I have asked the second question. What if, the wife decides to carry someone else’s child? What if she decides NOT to leave the husband but continue as a parasite and raise her illicit child with the man she is married to? People said it never happens, but they still didn’t have any remedy to this issue? Someone said, ok husband will get a divorce under adultery ground. But what happens in adultery cases, especially when the husband files the same?

This is what happens –

Husband files divorce under adultery, wife files a DV case and throw the husband out of his OWN house under ‘Right to Residence’ clause in DV ACT. Husband stays in PG or rented house or hostel and keeps fighting the battle while he pays the maintenance to the adulterous wife until his charges are proven. Even if the wife works and earns money husband is asked to pay maintenance to both the wife and the illicit child. This is because any complaint against a woman challenging the chastity of the woman is considered the BIGGEST cruelty by Indian legal system and if the husband goes to higher courts for a remedy court only increase the maintenance amount as going to a higher court challenging the lower court order is considered even bigger cruelty by the husband. If the husband stops payment of maintenance even for one month, it is considered as violating the court’s order and the husband can go to jail for that.

When husband files the divorce and continues to fight his legal battle by living a life of a poor while the wife enjoys all freebies given by her husband, brainwashes the child against the husband, the system consisting of police officers, women NGOs, society and lawyers pester the husband for mutual settlement with money. So for the husband, it becomes either he pays a one-time settlement fee to a whore (a cut of the money goes to the lawyers and system designed to rob them, too) and the child to continue his peaceful life. Many choose this easier route of a peaceful life by paying and thinking that the next girl may be the ideal girl, but in reality, something else happens.

Wife files another case of 498a to send the entire husband’s family to jail. Recently rape, molestation, goonda act and several other cases are also gaining ground. So if the husband does not agree to pay up in the initial negotiation phase and succumb to the legal terrorism racket he is threatened to be sent to jail to extort the money.

If he still fights, he may lose his job as the wife side informs his employer and many a times police goes to his office to arrest him. Now the man loses his job, reputation and literally comes to the street for mistakenly marrying a whore.

If this is not enough then the wife files another case under HMA 24 for maintenance against the husband. This completes the circle as a jobless husband need to now maintain as an adulterous wife, one illicit child, minimum four cases (498a, DV, Divorce and maintenance if not rape etc.) and come to a state of begging.

Adultery and Responsibility of A Wife

One of my friends argued that in all species in the world it is the female species that choose the mating partner so adultery by women should not be considered a crime at all. If we agree to this then an adulterous wife needs to be punished first, simply on husband’s complaint as it is SHE who has chosen a wrong partner in the beginning. If the same reasoning is accepted then it is the woman who needs to pay maintenance to a man under any circumstances because it is the female who has chosen the wrong partner in the first place. However, it is the other way round today.

There is another aspect to it, no court can declare a child illegitimate, so courts in India will NOT give DNA test order that easily and they can give this order only if it is in favour of the child. So even if a husband finds his wife having sex with another guy cannot get justice unless a court in India thinks he needs justice.

Even if we consider a woman is really faithful to her husband, and raise his child as may be happening in most of the families (we still do not know, without DNA test being mandatory at childbirth), then any requirement of keeping an 24X7 ayaa to take care of the child (happens in many families) should also go to the wife and not to the husband. But in reality, who takes up this responsibility? It is always the husband. So it is actually the husband’s responsibility to nurture a child and not that of wife’s.

Now some of my feminist friends argued that it is only the women who can carry your child. So it becomes a husband’s responsibility to maintain her. Well, let’s consider that the wife is faithful, carries the husband’s child but what happens if after the childbirth there is a divorce. If we say that it is the husband’s child then shouldn’t the child go to the father automatically, but in reality, we see the child goes to the mother instead. Now I was told that it is in the best interest of the child, the child goes to the mother. Well, then how can we say the woman carried the husband’s child? In fact, it is her own child she carried and the man just helped her carry the child by donating sperm. Then why is the man asked to pay maintenance to the woman or the child? If he is not given respect as a father, how can the legal system consider the man as a sperm donor and a paycheck only?

So, we have seen that the argument that women have a responsibility to nurture children and raising them is also false. It is the husband’s responsibility to raise and maintain the wife’s child even without custody rights. We understand women DO NOT have this responsibility too.

Women Contributing Financially

After the two main responsibilities of the women are proved not to be their responsibility, in reality, someone said some women earn money and contribute to the family too. But again earning money and contributing to the family is not a woman’s responsibility defined anywhere in the law. It is domestic violence and may be considered as dowry for the husband. Whereas if the husband does not earn and gives money to his wife that is considered as domestic violence against the wife and husband faces the wrath of the judiciary for that.

Then came the last argument. Men can enjoy sex with their wife. But who says a wife is legally bound to have sex with her legally wedded husband. She can still deny that under ‘My body my choice’…well there are some judgments that say it is cruelty by wife and granted divorce to the husband but the husband needs to prove that through a painful legal process in the court of law. And still, the wife gets maintenance from the husband.

Respecting Women And My Mother

When no one could match the reasoning, they said: “didn’t your mother raise you or take other responsibilities?” Yes she did, she has taken all responsibilities in her family and hence she owns everything our family has today but that does not mean every other woman is taking up all the responsibilities like my mother did. We can not think of Sunney Leone and Sarada Ma as same. If we give the same respect to both then I should get the same respect as Raja Ram Mohan Roy got because both of us are social workers, or even worse I should get the same level of respect that Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore because we both are writers. How funny is that??

Also because my mother has taken all responsibilities, doesn’t mean she was legally bound to take up all that responsibility that she voluntarily took up. She took up all the responsibility because she is a great lady but again that does not make it the responsibility of every married woman in India.

So we have seen that none of the responsibilities that we think as women’s responsibility is actually their responsibility. And with practically no responsibility defined for the married women they are given property share in husband’s property in Marriage Law Amendment or IRBM. How dangerous proposition is that?


  1. This article is so true to life
    My wife use to stop taking care of my daughter and stopped feeding her breast milk even to torture me to come tp her terms and hence my daughter was in icu for 8 days.

    She use to run away in important celebrations like diwali etc n never zuse to come out for greeding relatives etc visiting the home to pressurise me. So that ibbuy a new home away from ur parents.

    I think its time for men 2 wake up for the last 1.5 ys I am taking care of my daughter n she has excellend in all subjects extra ciricullars

    won rhyme competition
    awarded most confident student of the year
    awarded highest attendence healthy child award

    even when I am fighting all false 498a cases and I am 28 yrs old.


    • this is the reality of indian woman today they try to be adapt the western culture and they only want the good part of western culture without thinking the consequenses , in the west we live far seperately from parents after marraige and indian woman are trying the same but they dont know how woman are treated in the west they are just treated as sex objects whereas in india woman are respected but indian woman want to leave the respect aside and leave their so called sanskriti and want to become modernise ,

      what the women dont think is that if we men adapt wester culture there would all single mothers left in india , females getting aborted every now and then ,

      the phase of indian marraige now is pathetic , so many divorces just because wife wants to stay away from mother and father in law ,

      so guys dont marry a girl unti and unless you know that she is the one for you


    • @matheikal, it’s your kind of men (I don’t want to use the term m*****a because of age, guessing from the picture) who are responsible for ALL this one-sided societal and legal double standards, ALWAYS favoring women.

      Woman can deny/restrict/refuse to have sex, and it’s considered normal; but not when a Man does the same.

      Woman gets her won “share” of whatever belongs to a Man, even with ZERO contribution; but not the same in case of a Man.

      Woman can use any kind of shaming and name calling against a Man, can degrade/belittle/have no respect to a Man, can accuse of false Dowry/DV/Harassment without any accountability and/or repercussions; ALL this apparently for NO reason or FAULT of a Man and just because of that Woman inferiority complex, low self-esteem and bitchy nature.


  2. I concur with Partha. There is no law in India which defines women’s responsibility, but we have countless number of torturous family laws defining husband’s responsibilities and not doing so, will amount to domestic violence on wife. Husband is supposed to be moral and chaste, but wife is not supposed to be moral and chaste as per Indian laws. Indian family laws legally promote bastardizing Indian population and children. Very recently, there was a supreme court judgement where they agreed based on DNA test that the child was not her husband’s, even then, the judges gave judgement against husband for paying maintenance saying that if they will not do so, the child will be called a bastard child and she will not be able to get married.

    There have been many divorce cases where wife filed divorce on the basis of domestic violence because he asked her to do laundry or cooking or dishes in the house while he takes care of the earning and living in outside world. Majority of today’s wives are cut out from Western oriented TV and social culture of infidelity & unfaithfulness. At the time of our mothers, who voluntarily took care of all household things as life came by on day -to-day basis, such women are not cast any more by God. This generation of mothers will perish soon, they can not teach the same to their daughters also.

    A wife, in India only demands- for me and my parents and brothers- at the cost of breaking up of many years of union and nuclear set of Indian husband’s families. If a wife chooses to not do anything or not own any responsibilities in the house, including but not limited to going for prostitution or sleeping with her boyfriend in the presence of husband and her children, or going for surrogacy, husband can not say NO to this, if he does, or if he also indulges in extra marital affairs, the wife will slap him with DV or 498a complaints immediately.

    Any husband or father who supports the hypothesis that larger section of Indian women own responsibilities, they are wife lickers or joru ke gulaam.

    When the question of child maintenance comes in divorce, they immediately label that the child is her husband’s but when the question of sharing the custody comes, they immediately demand take away child from father saying that the children are her’s.

    Yes, the greed for money, selfishness and infidelity are the guaranteed virtues and immoral responsibilities ingrained in our present day Indian women who are cast while watching western under the cover polygamist women TV culture.


  3. Super one…almost takes care of everything…we must not forget that judges are also beneficiary of this Matrix….otherwise why on earth a man has to fight 19 years upto SC to prove that a child was not his and had to pay maintenance 19 years of the illegitimate child..


  4. A realistic article and reflects true picture of Gender biased laws in India.All the laws must be gender natural from very beggining. All the gender biased laws must be revised to make them gender natural.All the politicians deviding society for vote bank must be condemed.


  5. Origin of Feminism or all Feminist arguments are based on WORLD’s BIGGEST HOAX.


    Since, most feminists are non-science graduates, I can understand their ignorance. But Society at large, has believe this Hoax.
    Science & Biology prove that Women have HIGHER urge and NEED of Sex as compared to Men. Women are more Horny than Men. Still this Hoax has formed the basis of complete Feminism. And all on basis of “PAYMENT FOR THE PAIN THAT WOMEN GO THROUGH WHILE HAVING SEX”.

    Dowry/DV/Maintenance (Marriage), Rape (Outside Marriage), Sexual Harassment at Workplace (in Office). All born from same HOAX.


    2nd biggest Query, all the household work that Feminists claim that a woman is forced to do after marriage, do bachelors die of starvation? Nobody to cook at home. Do bachelors wear dirty clothes always? Nobody at home to wash clothes. Do bachelors live in dirty houses? Nobody to do household chores. Is it? So, all so called work which are attribute to women can very well be outsourced. But can you earn while outsourcing your job? Still where is the maths of equating Office Work and Household Chores???


    • The only way, any of this is ever going to change is when there will be a strike fall in the number of marriages. Men need to deny getting married with such laws in place. Untill such day, the society will not re-look into the matter. All our bloggers, writers & activists must focus on this one aspect and influence unmarried bachelors to deny marriage. If we can only get one law where the bachelor boy must be informed of all these laws before marriage. We need to promote this among the students in their final round of education. They are the absolutely next in line.


      • Marriage, you need to strike on sex.
        I’m not fucking kidding.
        You fuckers confuse “I need validation” with “I need sex” and the women think “If want sex and money, but I get both if I refuse sex for a while” and you both end up having neither.
        Hold women responsible for their own sexuality or change will never happen.


  6. here I want to add another area where, BOHU’s come to husbands home & openly says I shall not look after your parents .Due to such misdeed families are breaking , elderly are suffering . In my opinion this is becoming epidemic .Is there any remedy ? No. There is a law in the name “maintenance & welfare of parents & senior citizens act. 2007” , Where no accountability of BOHU’s is delineated .As a result bohu’s are becoming wayward . This important area needs to be taken in to account.


    • you are rite.Thats what I am saying all ladies using law.In other wards I can say law is destroying our Hindu marriage tradition.


  7. In western countries a woman work for a living, for her husband and family. Now what happened is the western culture towards work influenced over here but in negative way. Woman here work just to make herself prove that what she’s capable of, not because she sees work as family responsibility. She does so all for herself. That’s what the attitude is about work in India. Working is a good thing but is that the family responsibility that drives you to work or just it’s all because you need to stay away from home. Simple and straight.


    • It is not as simple as you think. If a woman works, she has no onus on financially contributing to the family. She no onus otherwise as well. Even she does not have any responsibility to raise children as well or do house hold work.


  8. Hi,This is 100% correct. Most of the ladies using laws for their selfish things. Indian Marriage act needs to be revised.I will all the guys to take this forward.


  9. in order to save indian culture,tradition,economy these gender biased law should be revised so that the misuser are punished severely.


  10. r we heading towards a society which rules by the legal domination of women and men are going to be treated like slavery ….then why r we calling ourselves as independent..


  11. Forget about the legal consequences. Compare men’s responsiblities and women’s so-called responsibilities. Man providing for his wife, risking his life for her – well, that’s his duty, he cannot avoid it. But if a woman is cooking for her husband, cleaning the house, etc. it’s more like she’s doing him a favour than fulfilling an obligation. See the Havells- Respect Women ad. Wife gives the fruit and juicer to husband, saying go make the juice yourself, and implying that he thinks she’s a kitchen appliance. So a woman doesn’t have to cook. But a man still has to lay down his life for a woman. Double bloody standards!! Next time somebody says “You’re a man, you should …(whatever)” just tell them to go to hell!! Say the time for gender roles is past. You cannot impose that obligation on me.


  12. First of all, may be your ex-wife or the ladies who you used as reference for this article were really messed up and needed some counselling- well, nobody is perfect.
    Or the other side of the coin could be that she had a reason why she was acting that way – may be pressure from people around her who expect more from her and she eventually ended up doing nothing. I am not sure what was going on with her as I don’t know the truth. But this accusation of all Indian women is something that cannot be accepted.

    Secondly, the article poses a lot of “what if” questions like what if she does not do this or that. A lot of assumptions and theories based on the baseless assumptions.

    You clearly do not have an insight about how much pressure an average Indian woman who is married and has a job is going through. Forget about the “what if” questions you posed above for a moment. In reality, she is expected to do cleaning/cooking/laundry and looking after kids in spite of keeping her job. In some houses, she is also forced to “submit” all her money to the in-laws. Few lucky ones are spared of this submission though. But a lot of them still fear to spend it for their own needs as a woman is always blamed for doing something nice for herself. This is not an “Indian” thing but exists everywhere around the world.
    Men do help in household chores, but it is only “help” and not considered to be sharing the responsibility. If he is late from work, she has to do his share of house-hold work and well, it is convenient for him to get back from work late as he needs to excel in his job and does not care if she excels or not. But if she stays late from work, she is forced to feel guilty for not taking responsibility of the house and kids as she is made to believe that it is mostly her responsibility and not her husband’s.
    And often when the in-laws visit, she does not get any of her husband’s help because he does not want his mother to think that he is “suffering” in the kitchen and so this only “saves” his wife’s esteem in front of the in-laws. Not to mention the pressure from the in-laws when they ridicule each and everything she does around the house – from parenting to cooking and everything. But her husband does not have a clue about what is going on behind the scenes with his mother and wife but is ready to blame if his wife loses her mind after taking so much pressure.

    A lot happens around a woman in her day-to-day life, Indian or foreign, and she is just silent about how she feels in many cases. Above everything is the very high expectations from the people around her, including her husband. Well, if one day she stops functioning around the house, it just proves that she is tired or unhappy and is probably just a cry for help and some love. But well, like I mentioned before, nobody is perfect.

    Either way, if your relationship is not working out, you should better seek professional help. There should definitely be a reason why one of them in the relationship, be it husband or wife, is not taking up any responsibility at all.


    • BTW I did not comment on the divorce laws as I have not studied all of them. It is understandable and painful if the wife was the one who was cheating on her husband though they were having a love-filled relationship and the husband has to over-spend. But in most cases, it takes two to make or break a relationship.


      • lol…it does not, this means either you are old or not informed. Nowadays women get married to someone simply for money and property, many many cases. Recently in Delhi Dwarka a husband was killed and we can understand that this is another adultery case, where wife had the affair and got married for money and killed the husband for his flat.


    • I did not have any assumptions in my article, I only said none of these that you referred or generally considered as woman’s responsibility is actually her responsibility. It does not mean women around me are bad or they don’t take these tasks. My mom is doing this for 50 years now.

      The conditions you mentioned regarding, taking care of kids, job, and giving all money is fictitious. Also the working women or women taking care of everything are things of past, from my mother’s age. Not valid any more. Working women have two three maids at home, all electrical gadgets to help them and nowadays husbands also do understand and share. This article only says that nothing that she does is her responsibility as she can not be punished for not doing anything. Whereas a husband can be punished for not being provider or protector of the house. This is the difference.

      Also bringing in my personal relationship in between is not appreciated. This is because, this article has nothing to do with my personal relation. When you protest against rape, for instance, do you first need to get raped to protest?


      • You forgot husband denying sex is also grounds for cruelty, except she has to go through way less burdens to get compensation for it.

        Indian men: “yeah, she beats and rapes me, but if I divorce her or even think of talking about this to anybody I lose my house so…” For the gods’ sake, the sooner your realize your life doesn’t matter the sooner you can start making it matter.


  13. Excellent article. I hope this serves as a warning for men to stop chasing the Indian counterparts of them western bitches, who are quite clumsy and disgusting anyway, yet have that entitled mindset. What are the men going to do, and what are they doing? A huge lot of the most eligible bachelors AREN’T marrying. They’d rather roll with a kickass hoe in their BMW than a psycho girlfriend or wife who will TAKE their BMW. What’s happening, bitches? The proverbial Hump and dump. Nobody wants to get committed to a hoe(they come in a multitude of forms, mind you).

    And when these whores start to turn 40 and still haven’t achieved squat in terms of a fulfilling relationship, they start to feel the anxiety cuz of their wombs nearing expiry and their naturally ugly ass look as compared to the young ones. Get all cold and bitter towards men in general, and start to poison the minds of even underage girls about ‘how a woman should be treated’, no matter if she’s full of shit to begin with. Essentially looking for companions in their misery.
    If you’re a girl and have bought into this feminist crap, sorry to say but you’re full of shit too and your life is going to suck big time no matter how ‘successful’ you think you are, no doubt about it.

    Piss your silly life away at the workplace(where you’ll only slog without much recognition anyway), get up at six o clock in the morning for your boss, have an overhead of at least 12 hours daily for this shit, suffer from burn out after you come home and neglect your spouse and family, fuck up the atmosphere, get paid but still stay poor enough that you’ll have to keep working for a lifetime, and yet get fired the day you refuse to comply, OR be the pillar of strength and inspiration for your home and your family, be the best wife your husband always wished for, have a wonderful married life, raise your children to be great human beings and who will be full of gratitude for you till the day you die.
    Choice is yours. You CAN’T have both. Countless harmless semi-bitches like SSN above are trying it, juggling two lives with varying but certainly high levels of frustration.

    And guys, i advise you to NEVER get married in India, at least not till the laws are made gender-neutral, which to me seems rather impossible in my lifetime.
    Please consider pursuing women from other countries, lots of good ones out there who’re really nervous with all this shit that’s going on, American and Americanized women are the worst.
    If you’re doing good and manage to find a good woman(probable but not likely), seriously consider a super-strong pre-nup. And I cannot stress this enough. DO NOT have children with her till you’re absolutely certain that you’ve made the correct decision. Everything’s pitted against you in this one. Just one bad decision away from homelessness, and worse, a long time luxurious stay at the Stonewall Motel – essentially followed by homelessness.


  14. Let me give you an example of how it sounds:

    Title: Indian Men are rapists

    What happens if a man rapes his wife after marriage? There is no law against marital rapes. Is it there? A married man can rape his wife whenever he wants. Hence, Indian men are rapists.

    With due respect, I know that all men aren’t rapists and women rape too. This was just an example to show how blunt & unreasonable the title was wrt your post.

    I agree that the laws aren’t in favour of men. I had high expectations when I read your About page. I was eager to know men’s perspective since I have felt many men do face problems.

    You did bring up some valid points in here alongwith some ‘what if’ scenarios. But your title does no justice to your post. Answer to your what ifs are ‘nothing happens’. That doesn’t mean women’s responsibility isn’t a responsibility!
    You kept focussing on the fact that there are no laws in favour of men which is true, but that doesn’t mean women do not have responsibilities.
    Does it become a responsibility only when not doing it is punished?

    Pointing out the flaws and trying to find a solution is in order. But Let us not be blind to each others responsibilities and twist the reality.


    • Let me tell you the replies that you may not know –
      1. Women do have provision to get justice under sexual assault in various forms including what you called marital rape – IPC 498a and DV ACT. Please read these to understand. Coming to the point that – Indian men are rapists as you said, that is how feminists have been projecting men. Also fyi…men do not have any provision to get justice if they are raped by their wives.

      1. Responsibility also brings punishment if that is not done. For women, they can’t be punished if anything that you consider as her responsibility is not done by her. But a man still needs to maintain his wife. Also today many women are challenging these traditional roles and hence they are shunning these so called domestic responsibilities, too. Example – #SharetheLoad campaign..

      2. Also when you say each others responsibilities…that is what is traditional gender roles that feminists want to challenge and many women don’t want to take up today.


      • I agree I am ignorant about the law.
        If you have read my comment, you’d have noticed that I haven’t denied any of the accusations that you have laid on women. I also haven’t denied the fact that there aren’t any laws for men. They are all true. I hope that is clear.

        Women are challenging the system because of the burden it causes. Again I don’t deny some have ulterior motive. But there are many women who wake up at 5, do the chores, prepare food, send children to school, go for work, reach home late, prepare food again and this is causing a lot of pressure on them physically and mentally. I don’t know which part of the country you are in. But, from where I am, this is the situation of quite a huge chunk of female population today. A campaign to share a bit of this work, how can that be shunning of responsibilities? Haven’t you come across women of this kind? When you say this campaign is to shun responsibilities, do you imply that let them suffer and carry on with the burden?

        Besides, again, this campaign isn’t to shun responsibilities. It isn’t to be read in between the lines. Look at the face of it. Sharing the workload of over-stressed women. That is all this is. It isn’t anti-men, it isn’t to shame men, it isn’t for the housewives to shun their work. The scenario in the video happens in almost every house in my place.


        • Probably, you must have come across many cases where women have misused the laws.

          I have come across many cases of domestic violence, abuses and there are many women around me who are stressed out due to office work & house chores with no one to help them, while the men are watching TV after their office.

          I understand the case isn’t the same everywhere. I am not prejudicial enough to tag all the men in the same category and I was trying to open your eyes to the other side of the coin regarding women, which I failed. I do feel sorry for you, to not have been able to live amidst some responsible women.

          As far as I am concerned, if one person gets solace due to this campaign, it would be great. This isn’t a law that could oppress men. This is just a campaign & simply view it the way it is rather than add unnecessary filters.

          Regarding this particular post, my point was,
          There being no laws against women doesn’t mean that women do not have responsibilities. The conclusion was a bit far fetched was my point while agreeing to the rest.


      • @Partha, there is no point in replying to these kind of women. The person you are responding to is blatant, ignorant, one-sided, egoistic, pathetic and morally delusional. The very moment she used the term “marital rape” itself speaks volumes about her attitude, low-self esteem and inferiority complex.

        Funny thing is, in really life these kind of women live up to their name, “pussies”. And it’s only “online” they rant. Does this person even know who “invented” the keypad/keyboard she used to type her stupid rantings ?

        Make all the laws gender-neutral and remove one-sided laws, societal & legal double standards favoring their gender and this same person will “suddenly” become obedient, faithful, loving and caring !!!!!


  15. A good article.. many sour truths and innumerable emotions. But….
    Can anyone / all of us go out to the streets, just like you ran for Nirbhaya or for innumerable rape cases, and straighten this?
    Can anyone start a facebook post on this, circulate it, gather at Delhi?
    In all probability… No.
    Hai koi MARD… ya yahan hum sab NA-MARD hai?
    Congress mein koi Mard nahi hai.. so we should expect more such laws.
    The Modi government is an opportunity for change. May be one of us can bring a revolution. Who can?
    Some politician made Kanhaiyya a leader. But you can be a leader your self, a true leader.


  16. You have really opened my eyes about the urgency for some gender balancing laws in India. Thanks a Ton for this article!


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