As Marital Rape PIL Gets Focus, #MarriageStrike Started Trending

#MarriageStrike main

#MarriageStrike started trending in India and continued to trend for several days and often was in the top ten Indian trends and continue to remain the most interesting trend as this article is written. TMF also supports the trend and wants immediate attention of all Indian men and nationalists to this trend and the messages sent by thousands of Indians. Like many other foreign invasions, this PIL is a new attack on Indian civilization that all nationalists should fight. The deep agenda behind this PIL is to break Indian families and to make more Hindu women available in the open market for flesh trade. Given that the petitioners are RIT Foundation & AIDWA (two leftsist groups), Abdullah Khan, K. Saifi and Farhan – a possibility of a jihad attempt also can’t be ruled out.    

Thus, the call today through this #MarriageStrike trend should bother all nationalists more than MRAs alone. If the discussion is about individual rights in a marital relationship, then it is a trivial point as men do not have any right today in a marriage and women already have criminal recourse for marital rape under IPC 498a. A look at different points raised by Indian citizens cutting across all levels of the society on Twitter clarifies this point –

#MarriageStrike 1

Men saying that women are burden is a significant point that every Indian should understand. This point goes beyond feminism and should bother all nationalists. When it comes to ‘rights’, the Congress led ecosystem that ruled us for 75 years post-independence, created a picture that only women’s rights need to be discussed and upheld in judiciary and they employed all tricks to sustain that narrative-often by fudging data and ignoring the other side of narratives. So, even in the marital rape PIL, when a judge says that “whether this law needs to be gender-neutral is the discussion of another day”, we understand he also comes from that colonial mindset that create our IPC made to enslave Indians. That’s why such arguments as explained here to make the rape laws gender neutral are easily ignored by our judiciary.

#MarriageStrike Marital Rape 2

Very often men talking about their rights are silenced on every platform and the cancel culture of the leftist forces dominating Indian universities and other national forums silence legitimate voices. So, the high suicide rate among men is ignored, but feminist discussion often state that housewives commit suicide due to ‘marital rape’. Such blatant lies form the crux of ‘marital rape’ PIL in Delhi Court today.

#MarriageStrike Marital Rape 3

So, no matter how much men try to show the persecution of men, the crimes against men and the consequences they go unheard. As one of the judges of this PIL said, ‘that is a discussion of another day’ and that is how men’s plight is brushed under the carpet.

So, evidently Indians are afraid of the consequences of husbands being termed as rapists and call for #MarriageStrike. Now, the problem is, will a written consent from one’s wife before sex really matter? Clearly no –

#MarriageStrike Marital Rape 4

Without going into the nuances, it can clearly be understood by anyone that such consent forms can’t be signed before every sexual interaction one will have with one’s wife. What is more concerning is that courts want to monitor Hindu bedrooms now and now Hindus will be forced to discuss many uncomfortable details of their bedroom or intimate relationship in public.

#MarriageStrike Marital Rape 5

So, it becomes important why every nationalist Indian who are proud of their culture should come out in protest, else they will also suffer. Many men want to support such feminist agenda as well. What they need to understand that it is only a matter of time they are accused and prosecuted for rape and there need not be any sexual intercourse with wife. That is why, they need to protest such anti-national agenda before it’s too late.

#MarriageStrike Marital Rape 6

What men today understand that women want to snatch men’s land, property and all hard-earned income. So, todays women are nothing but parasites. They have turned themselves into parasites by not sharing responsibilities with men but by always demanding more rights and by ignoring men’s rights. In a marriage today, women have no responsibility and that is the crux of the issue. It is upheld by our laws and judicial interpretations. Since, most women still don’t understand this they are distancing them from any relationship.

#MarriageStrike Marital Rape 7

So, when women say, it’s more about companionship and parenting (we have seen this argument coming up in the PIL hearing as well), what they need to understood that this can achieved even without marriage. So, even if marriage is about companionship, we can’t ignore the need of sex in a marriage. Without sex there can’t be any children or the need of parenting. Also, the buck doesn’t stop for men there, as even without any sexual interaction with the wife or even after getting raped by the wife a husband will now be accused of rape. We have already seen how the wives who are most cruel and violent filed all sorts of cases on husband. When the method of judging a crime is only someone’s verbal submission, then there is no sanctity in the process.

#MarriageStrike Marital Rape 8

So, what should men do? Do they install CCTV cameras in their bedrooms? Question is, when even a consent form is not enough and the husband is still implicated in a rape case and is sent to jail, what is the point of thinking any such remedy? Is there any remedy other than boycott marriage altogether?

#MarriageStrike Marital Rape 9

Initially the marriage issues were dealt in civil manner and the counselling efforts could patch up between couples. However, as feminists demanded more laws and criminal sections in marriage, our marriage system started breaking down. Now the counselling efforts are only to further make the husband feel inferior and a criminal. We have seen some counsellors even beating husbands for nothing. These are the centers specially created to extort the husbands more.

#MarriageStrike Marital Rape 10

So, this kind of one-sided bias doesn’t go unnoticed by the civil society. What is happening today in the Delhi High Court and the arguments presented by the lawyers tell us how biased the judiciary and our legal process really are. Husbands do not get any justice even with all evidences. So, when men call for #MarriageStrike they are justified. Everyone notices such discrepancies.

#MarriageStrike Marital Rape 11

The pictures like the above speaks volume. Even today, a woman comes to the court with nothing but crocodile tears and is pronounced not guilty. Through all these feminist attempts women are projected not only as criminals (because they don’t want to face equal trial) but also tells men why they are burden in men’s life. This is certainly not a good sign for women as now there is no distinction between a criminal woman or an innocent victim. So, men will be safer to think always that a woman is lying whenever she opens her mouth. Anyone, trying to think logically may be proved wrong and a fool himself.

#MarriageStrike Marital Rape 12

Sexual crimes by women and adultery/flesh trade is increasing in today’s India. As women become untouchable through these biased laws, it is normal for men to boycott marriage. By blurring the distinction between criminal women and innocents, all women will be branded as criminals or potential law misuser and hence no woman can be trusted. The present-day women are clear examples. So, feminists are creating hate against women which will make them alone. Completely alone.

#MarriageStrike Marital Rape 13

So, it’s not only important to make laws gender neutral and punish a crime and not a gender. But to realize that men’s rights are human rights, we need to close all institutions that promote gender biased society and gender biased attitude. As all such institutions violate our constitution and the equal treatment ensured there.

#MarriageStrike Marital Rape 14

We also need to understand the above cartoon explaining marital rape provision very well. A man can be sent to jail on such a rape complaint and can end up with the dreaded criminals. We all know that the rape accused are meted out a very cruel treatment in jails not only by the police but also by the other inmates. Also, most often today Hindu families have one or two children. A young son is the one who in most cases are the only breadwinner for the family. Now if he is sent to the jail then his family (parents, young siblings) and his property becomes completely unprotected. Also, this treatment leads to him losing his job instantly and will keep haunting him for ever in his life. This article explains.

#MarriageStrike Marital Rape 15

Another problem with the marital rape discussion is that it never takes into account of men’s consent because men can’t file such complaints even when we know that the crime of rape as explained in IPC 375 can be gender neutral as well. It is now defined as sexual assault and this survey showed a good number of men are subjected to sexual assault by their wives. There is also another India today Sex survey that showed marital rape of men.

#MarriageStrike Marital Rape 16

The Marital Rape PIL in Delhi High Court explains feminism in short. The arguments presented in the court and on social media by women and feminists show, women empowerment is nothing but a course on how to demean men and their families. It trains women on how to file false cases on husband and in-laws. This is the reason why feminism is the most hated term even among many women today as it enslaves them as well.

#MarriageStrike Marital Rape 17

Now, as the women empowerment lessons teach women to file false cases on men and extort them, getting married is the best method for women to become millionaires even without any qualifications. As more and more such extortion mechanisms are being legalized by the Indian judiciary, it is natural that women are increasingly viewed as parasites. The tweet below summarizes the whole debate around marital rape and #MarriageStrike well –

#MarriageStrike Marital Rape 18


With one-sided laws and increasing interference of our courts in our personal lives, our bedroom secrets are in the public now and our women have become public property. More than ensuring their right of their psychological well-being, feminists are trying to make women untouchables. Even if these cases end up with the husband paying huge ransom to the wife (Supreme Court earlier said, rape cases can’t be quashed even if the victim turns hostile as it is not a family matter), women will also be the loser. They will be increasingly left alone as the Marriage Strike trend showed what men want now. Men will not even want to talk to them as we have seen after #MeToo. Advocate Ram Jethmalani once commented on this matter that these issues need to be dealt with education and through other provisions. But that argument doesn’t seem to hold waters with the Delhi High Court today. The extremely biased treatment of men in marriage makes #MarriageStrike the only option for men.


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  1. Request you to write an article how this draconian law in case get passed will tarnish image of our great nation since feminists will show statistics of future false complaints. It will impact tourism industry hence economy. Also innocent men will be thrown out of jobs and will not get jobs in future as well. Foreign remittance from NRI will also get impacted because they won’t get visa due to such false charges.


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