These Feminist Lies Are In The Marital Rape PIL

Now based on some feminist lies Delhi High court is wasting its time in determining if ‘Marital Rape’ needs to be considered as serious as ‘rape’. Those who were shouting a few years ago that ‘rape is a rape’, is now on the verge of being called a rapist. Because now feminists have found a rapist in every Indian household and soon Delhi HC can put its stamp on the same.

RIT Foundation And Marital Rape

RIT Foundation, a Delhi based NGO is behind this PIL, came to the court based on a bunch of lies. In their petition, they claimed – “It is further submitted that the Petitioner society decided to take up this case after having worked with vulnerable groups of married women in Delhi.

A close look at their activities since their inception, however, tells a different story. The activities are undertaken by them since 2010 is listed below –

RIT Foundation activities

Nowhere in their activities in past several years, we find that they have ever worked with a married women’s group. Their foundation was for training special needs children and they have absolutely nothing to do with ‘marital rape’. An NGO, that is not even remotely involved in such matters is now in Delhi HC to change the law of this country based on their lies. PILs which needs to be data-driven is now being judged on emotions.

Can We Copy Marital Rape Law From Other Countries?

One of the reasons stated in favor of criminalizing MR in RIT petition is that other countries have criminalized it, so India also needs to do it. Study of different laws in other ‘civilized’ countries we find the following –

  1. Pissing in the sea is a crime in Portugal
  2. In Minnesota, Husband and wife can’t dry their underwire on the same wire
  3. Spitting and chewing bubble gum is a crime in Singapore
  4. In Oshwa, Ontario in Canada it’s illegal to climb trees
  5. In Victoria, Australia changing light bulbs without a license is a crime
  6. In Switzerland, Swiss men can’t pee standing after 10 PM, if they are living in an apartment building
  7. It’s illegal to feed pigeons in Venice, Italy
  8. In England, even pasting a postal stamp of the Queen’s image upside down is considered treason
  9. In Spain, driving with flip-flops are considered a criminal offense
  10. In Greece, wearing high heels is banned.
  11. Driving with headlights off in the daytime is an offense in Denmark.
  12. Women are stoned to death for adultery in Saudi Arabia.

So, now should we introduce these laws in India too?

When it comes to telling lies and showing victimhood, women NGOs and global organization like UN Women has always shown leadership. Some of these lies are in the marital rape PIL intervention filed by a FEMinized men’s group in Delhi HC.

Telling lies, the Lancet way

They have referred to a paper by British Medical Journal Lancet and claimed that the Lancet study showed 27.5 million women in India have suffered from sexual violence and 10% of all married women suffered marital rape in their lifetime.

A close look at the Lancet paper however clarified that it was a secondary research where all source of data was NFHS 3 survey and 27.5 million data was also their calculation. This data didn’t feature in NFHS 3 survey. Lancet study which was not a primary research is now shown to Delhi HC as a primary research through misrepresentation of facts.

This study also created another lie that only 1% victims of sexual violence report the crime to police and hence most of the rape cases go unreported because as feminists claim today, women don’t have adequate measures to file such cases.

This is a lie that figures in the petition of FEMinized men’s group, that works with UN Women and use men to work for women.

Their petition in Delhi HC says – “According to a report in British Medical Journal, Lancet as many as 27.5 million women in India have faced sexual violence and 10% of all married women experience sexual violence from their husbands”.

But in the Lancet paper available here, we find, “it is estimated to affect 27.5 million women in India and only 1% women report such cases”.

Marital Rape Lancet
Lancet Study On Marital Rape

So, we find that both 27.5 million, and 1% comes for another ‘so-called’ research by Palemo and Peterman (2014). If we check the original research paper by Palemo and Peterman (2014), available here, we find this –

Palemo and Peterman_2014

Clearly, both Lancet and Palemo and Peterman were confused about their findings and they reported different numbers at different places to create a lie. Others cross-referencing their studies only spreads the same lie and now that lie is part of the Marital Rape PIL.

One interesting point to note is that the paper by Palemo and Peterman (2014) was also not an independent fundamental research but their data was derived from National Health Surveys conducted in these countries. For India, their source was NFHS 3 survey conducted in 2005-06.

But whether it is 1% or 2.3%, when there are some women already reporting such crime to authorities, there already exists remedy for women. Then why is this new requirement of calling it ‘rape’ and destroying this society? Because the consequences that come along with a ‘rape’ charge is also huge and since this happens in the bedroom of a married couple, it becomes extremely difficult if not impossible to prove such crime.

But, the biggest danger of marital rape data as captured in NFHS 3 survey is elsewhere. I will discuss this in my next article, as I discuss how wives’ mood changes, tiredness and husbands’ overtures for sex were captured as Marital Rape in NFHS 3 survey by design.



  1. Partha, can you or someone help me get into this PIL thingy, because I know I am surely a victim of marital rape (that means male rape victim of woman). I have also seen my infant son sexually exploited by his mother and another woman of neighbourhood. At least in later case I could intervene.

    This marital rape furor wouldn’t die out. So let’s focus on making it gender neutral. FemiNists who argue that women don’t lie and misuse law will have to accept that making it gender neutral will not lead to men misusing it as well, if women cannot or will not misuse it as Women and Men are equal and have equal potential. Plus citing examples such as mine and other men, it can be argued that since .00001% men report actual sexual assault by women, making it gender neutral is the first way to bring the victims out in open for empowerment.

    My idea is simple. Take the Bull, well in this case She-Buffaloes by their horn, instead of wishing away the problem.


  2. Hi Partha,

    First of all, I appreciate your effort in pinpointing the sorry state of our country effected by feminism. I am following your blog for several months and strongly feels the articles are well deserved. Now, feminism has become more and more vicious and those following this ‘ism’ are more engaged in spreading misandry. Some years back, I was also a male feminist, who believed feminism is needed in our society. Then later, I came to read more articles on the same and found the ‘ism’ mainly points its fingers on men, spreads misandry, seems to fight against the so called monster, ‘patriarchy’, and so on. Whatever wrong doings done by women are also depicted as a result of patriarchy. Now all we are seeing the real face of this movement. In short, we can simply say that the main slogan of feminism is “women are always right and men are always waste”. And all these are in the name of ‘equality’!

    Now, I am sorry to say, but I strongly feel this ‘marriage rape’ law will be passed in the nearest future. If that happens, surely I will keep away from all marriage proposals. Why should a man spoil his life for the sake of society or for the whims of his family? Its so hard to live under the threat of such laws which are highly misused. After all, the purpose of life is nothing but “to live”.

    When our fellow men will rise to stand against such legal harassment?

    Note: There is a quote in Bible – “It is good for a man not to have sexual relations with a woman”. Even that I am not that much religious, now I understood well the meaning of this sentence!

    Keep on going. Have a nice day!


  3. […] So, from the above polls and the detailed analysis you can find that Indians don’t want marital rape exception to be removed. So, the petitioners’ PIL that said that Indians want justice from marital rape is not only false but plain simple lie. Also, it was already proved in another article on this site how NGOs working in completely different field…. […]


  4. […] Very often men talking about their rights are silenced on every platform and the cancel culture of the leftist forces dominating Indian universities and other national forums silence legitimate voices. So, the high suicide rate among men is ignored, but feminist discussion often state that housewives commit suicide due to ‘marital rape’. Such blatant lies form the crux of ‘marital rape’ PIL in Delhi Court today. […]


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