Tracking The Money Trail Of Khurshid Anwar’s NGO

[Tracking the money trail is a new series that will track the money trail of feminist NGOs. All NGO that receive Foreign Funds submits FCRA return with Ministry of Home Affairs in a format called FC-6 forms. The data is available online and can be checked from here

All such funding details of feminist NGOs can be seen here]

Institute for Social Democracy

NGO Profile

Spearheaded Damini / Nirbhaya protests in Delhi. That went violent and killed a policeman Subhash Tomar on duty. Website mostly shows photographs of Damini / Nirbhaya protests. These images from their website will help you remember –

Even though activities section claims many activities, we hardly find any social activities images there except some small seminars/workshops.

Ever since 2007, they have received crores but only substantial activity per their website is organizing Nirbhaya protest. The money came from church organizations whose websites clearly say that they want to promote Christianity.

Khurshid Anwar 1

The NGO boss Khurshid Anwar later committed suicide on rape allegation against him from one woman in his NGO. Details here

Donation details

Different purposes for which money was donated as per FCRA declarations –

  1. Nonformal education/coaching classes
  2. Vocational training – tailoring, Motor repair, computers etc.
  3. Awareness camp / seminar / workshop / meeting / conference
  4. Social

Surprisingly we don’t find such sustained activities of the NGO from their website.

Donor Profile

  1. Brot Fur die Welt or EED
Brot - Church development services


EED Germany

Total money donated by the church development organization EED in nine years is Rs. 60, 478, 644.00

Donor Details
German Funding
German Funding to ISD (In INR)

Please note, their German funding increased substantially in 2012-13 after massive Nirbhaya disturbance spearheaded by them.

Activities undertaken –

  1. Organizing Some small seminars
  2. Nirbhaya Protest

What is also important to note –

The Stiftung Model of interfering in foreign countries by Germany – German Foundations are closely linked with one German political party and they operate in different developing countries and back their own civic agenda through different local civic bodies. Details here.

Also note –

Some other German Foundations are funding rogue feminist social groups that shame India and Indian culture and Hindu religion in particular in different forums.

A German writer, Maria Wirth explains why Indian rape-related stories make headlines all over the world including Germany and she finds it is nothing but trying to shame Hinduism and promote their own religion.

Ask yourself – why should German church group fund in crores (tens of millions) to Indian NGOs without any agenda (that is increasing their base in India). The agenda is clear – it is shaming India and Hindu culture. Remember, church groups want to increase their own religion and it is their well known global agenda.


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  1. It is the Indians who are funding these agencies. Indians pay for the newspapers which peddle anti-national anti-Hindu news. Indians watch the TV which peddle nonsense in the form of news, serials, movies, etc. Then buy the products which are advertised during the commercials of these programs. They buy magazines which promote this nonsense.

    I have sold my TV, unsubscribed to the newspapers, and most importantly don’t use anything of the foreign MNCs. That includes buiscuits, tea, mineral water, and everything one can imagine.


  2. My conjecture is that most of the people who are lampooning the Men’s Rights Activists for denouncing Nirbhaya law did not actually read the draft of the legislation from end to end.
    Their simplistic thinking has led them to believe that it is a law that only increases the punishment for the men who rape women.
    Request Partha to attach a file containing the full draft of the law so that everyone is able to read for themselves.


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