JNU Anti-Nationals Were Behind Sustained Disturbance After Nirbhaya Case

The complaint letter from MP Mahesh Giri against the JNU unions

India has witnessed the unprecedented rise of anti-national forces yet again and this time they were raising anti-national and anti-India slogans. Naturally, their gurus have come out openly in support of AISA, AISF and SFI-JNU and JNUSU –

Geelani on JNU
Geelani warns India against action on JNU students

But what went unnoticed was the rise of these forces in Dec 2012 when massive violence broke out in Delhi in the aftermath of Nirbhaya incident.

Nirbhaya Protest by ISD3
Image from ISD website

That violence killed one police personnel Subhash Tomar on duty and the protestors have seized India Gate for days together. Our emotions were running high at that time and we missed out on identifying these anti-national forces behind projecting an anarchical situation of India. That civil unrest created and backed by left-wing and socialist unions that are openly supported by anti-national forces today. This clarifies that these unions and such forces are working against India’s interests for a long time. The sustained protests in Delhi were shown as emotional outbursts of angry Indians who were concerned for the safety of Indian women. However, if we look deeper into the organizations behind the Nirbhaya protests that projected India as extremely unsafe for women, a rape capital in the world we will see foreign funding and funding by international Christian groups that have the objective of spreading their religion all over.

Here are the funding details of the NGOs that give more light on their activities –

Institute for Social Democracy (ISD)

Run by communist feminist Khurshid Anwar, this NGO was receiving funds mostly from Germany based church organizations, EED and Brot Fur De Welt (Food for the world). Their funding details reveal a sharp increase in the funding in FY 2012-13.

German Funding
German funding peaked in 2012-13


An NGO seen at the frontline of all Nirbhaya protests are always funded heavily by foreign groups like Brot fur De Welt, ICCO, EED or Dan Church Aid. Their maximum aid has come from countries like Germany and Netherlands and mostly from Christian groups that have the aim to expand their religion. They are an official partner of #OneBillionRising.

Jagori Funding
Funding increased after Dec 2012

Nirantar Trust

Nirantar trust whose name can be seen in the Nirbhaya protest along with these anti-national JNU unions receives funds from organizations like American Jewish World Services, HIVOS and Ford Foundation. Note, their foreign funding has increased after successful Nirbhaya protests too –

Nirantar funding
Funding increase in 2012-13

ANHAD – Act Now for Harmony and Democracy

Unlike other NGOs mentioned above ANHAD received most of its funds from Indian organizations. But a glimpse of their donors tells us that they have received funds mostly from Christian groups –

ANHAD Funding
Aid from Indian offices of same global groups

A glimpse into their funding says that these donors are India wings of foreign groups and hence funded indirectly by the same foreign countries and church groups.

While canceling registration for NGOs like Greenpeace govt. also noticed that funds coming from church groups like EED, Dan Church Aid or Ford Foundation are engaging in anti-national activism. However, this observation has come very late as the UPA govt. has failed to recognize this fact in 2012 Dec and succumbed to these foreign-funded NGOs.

JNU Protest
Shaming India and her culture with love jihad

Today, when we look at the entire situation in JNU and see the so-called left secular leaders openly supporting anti-Indian students, we don’t fail to understand why the same leftist groups like AIPWA or ISD spearheaded the Delhi protests or started campaigns like ‘Love Jihad’. We are tolerating such anti-national behavior for a long time and can’t be tolerated anymore.

JNU Slogans
Tweeple were sensitive

We get surprised to see that the same intellectuals were very vocal against one juvenile and to punish him severely for Nirbhaya but the same are out in streets in support of anti-national fully grown up students who call themselves political activists and demand to have right to speak their mind.

Now let’s looks at each demand made by these protesters in Dec 2012 and see how they have acted against national interests –

Remove the Police Commissioner

This demand was made as if Delhi had become unsafe for women, which was can never be judged by such one-off cases. Later, it was proven in a Hindu report that most rape cases filed in Delhi are love relations turning sour. So this portrayal of Delhi was the wrong portrayal of the world.

Fast track 100,000 pending rape cases in 100 days

Any sensible person will understand the danger of it. When the country has a high list of fake rape cases and when our judges are finding it difficult to tell the genuine rape cases from a fake one, this demand will bring more injustice than justice. Rather their demand could have been punishing false rape accusers to reduce this burden from courts.

Register FIRs in all rape cases

This portrays as if police were not registering FIRs in the first place. In reality, there were demands that even stalking were demanded to be filed as rape. Later on, with Nirbhaya act coming in place the definition of rape itself has changed.

Call a special parliament session to enact gender-just laws

This was said at a time when the existing rape law was still favoring women and men could not expect any justice if raped by women. The term ‘gender-just’ is a politically correct term derived to create more gender biased laws that can ruin the Indian society for good. These demands and subsequent madness created by these groups were targeted towards creating so much biases in the system that can destroy the basic social fabric of India. In other words to stop India’s social development by creating legal terrorism.

Ensure massive expansion of safe public transport for women

This demand paints a picture that based on one incident in Delhi it is proved that Indian women are not safe in public transports and this has created a very negative impression about India in the minds of foreign nations.

ShutDownJNU WW trend
The result of the anti-national campaign at JNU

These demands projected India in a negative way to the foreigners, made other nations to raise advisories against traveling to India, created a belief in their minds that India is a rape capital, reduced foreign tourists in India but also stalled investments and development projects. Other than these, the protesters also killed policeman Subhash Tomar on duty and no one is punished.

It is time for us to recognize and expose such foreign-funded groups that are creating disturbance in India in the name of secularism or women empowerment. Mostly there are the same set of foreign groups behind all NGOs propagating such agenda as revealed here. They create sustained disturbance in different ways and stall our development. This shows that anti-nationals are taking over our country slowly and they are active in all areas. We just need to recognize their anti-national agenda and expose them.


*The Funding details are obtained from the FCRA returns filed by these NGOs

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  1. The article justifies with facts how Christian groups take these situations to instigate the common people vicariously through NGOs. The book Gordon’s Spies shows how the network of Vatican has spread across the world and how they use it to their advantage. Even the CIA uses this network to get information about a country which they use to instigate turmoils in Countries they want. This government understood the implications of allowing such NGOs and groups to function. The Congress,by the way they opposed this move,forces us to believe that they were either oblivious to this fact or they were partners in crime with these Anti-National groups.


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