Tracking The Money Trail – Centre For Social Research of Ranjana Kumari

[Tracking the money trail is a new series that will track the money trail of feminist NGOs. All NGO that receive Foreign Funds submits FCRA return with Ministry of Home Affairs in a format called FC-6 forms. The data is available online and can be checked from here

All such funding details of different radical feminist NGOs can be found here]

CSR, Ranjana Kumari

Ranjana Kumari who attacks Hindu customs and shames India in various platforms and debates is heavily funded by unscrupulous foreign bodies. Her association and funding from these organizations clarify what is behind her anti-India agenda. Recently Ranjana Kumari attacked Sabarimala tradition and shamed Hindus as well.

Here’s a glimpse of who funds her and how much –

NGO Profile

  • Based in New Delhi, India
  • Supported and created special campaigns for passing gender biased laws like -Domestic Violence Against Women, Another Provision for Marital Rape, Opposed 498a amendment and Arnesh Kumar Judgement, supported Rohtak Sisters, Jasleen Kaur, Slammed Hindu culture and traditions on Shani Shingnapur etc.

Donations to CSR since 2006

Donations to Center for Social Research (CSR)
Institutional Donations to CSR since 2006 (In INR)
Institutional donations to CSR
Donors and countries -Ranjana Kumari’s NGO funding (In INR)

Yearly donations received

  • CSR FC-6 Return 2014-15
  • CSR FC-6 Return 2011-12
  • CSR FC-6 Return 2013-14
  • CSR FC-6 Return 2008-09
  • CSR FC-6 Return 2007-08
  • CSR FC-6 Return 2009-10
  • CSR FC-6 Return 2010-11
  • CSR FC-6 Return 2012-13
  • CSR FC-6 Return 2006-07

Country wise funding to CSR since 2006

CSR Country wise funding since 2006
Funding from different countries (In INR)

Countrywise funds share to CSR

Share of Funds to CSR since 2006
Funds share since 2006 (In INR)

Funding After 2015

It is interesting to observe that Ranjana Kumari’s funding from Facebook has increased from 69 lakhs to more than 2 crores between 2016-17 and 2017-18. Of late Twitter communication is also paying Ranjana Kumari. Their funding has increased from 16 lakhs to 19 lakhs in ’17-’18.

Ranjana Kumari’s funding from 2015 onwards. Note substantial increase in funds from Facebook

CSR Donor Profile

  1. Interchurch Cooperative (ICCO), Netherlands

  • Work-based on protestant tradition
  • Controlled by the Protestant Church
  • A faith-based organization, rooted in its Christian traditions
  • Funded by Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Supervisory board consist of Netherlands’ Lawyers, Professors, Economists
  • International alliances include World Council of Churches based in Geneva
  1. Academy for Educational Development, USA

  • Suspended by USAID from awarding any federal service contracts due to “serious corporate misconduct” in Pakistan and Afghanistan in December 2010
  • Charged with financial mismanagement by US govt. and operations closed.
  1. The Asia Foundation, USA

  • Is a private NGO that advances US interests in Asia Pacific. Source
  • Claims they work with deep respect for local context (Ranjana Kumari an ally challenged traditions in Shani Shingnapur in India)
  • Values include inclusion of differing views (but blocks people when raised questions about actions of their allies in India)
  • Addresses following issues in ‘other’ Asian countries – lack of transparency and accountability in govt., persistent poverty and rising income gap, Access to justice and human rights, ethnic and religious conflicts, exclusion of women from political and economic life
  1. International Foundation of Electoral Systems (IFES), USA

  • Board consists of US business leaders, current and former US and foreign elected officials
  • Have experts in administering elections
  • Democracy support
  1. Hanns Seidel Foundation, Germany

  • Carrying out political educational work with the aim of promoting the “democratic and civic education of the German people based on Christian principles”
  1. Henrich Boell Foundation, Germany

  • Supposed to defend equal rights and equal opportunities regardless of gender
  • Working priority political consulting and gender policy
  • Primary objective defending rights of individuals (see gender neutrality here) and social participation
  1. OXFAM International, UK

  • OXFAM supports Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP) that creates boycott and other political agendas in Middle East. News
  • UK started investigation into OXFAM fundraising scam. News
  • Allegation that OXFAM called and pressurized vulnerable people like old aged and people suffering from dementia for funds. News
  • OXFAM has ties to banned terror group PFLP in Palestine. News
  1. Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Pakistan

  • Funded mostly by govt. of Pakistan
  • Public policy think tank of Pakistan
  • An influential voice in the formation of Pakistan’s public policy
  • Since 1990 its research work is focused on Pakistan based economic issues
  • Supply high quality personnel to federal and provincial governments
  • Publishers of Pakistan Development Review focused on Pakistan’s development

What else do you need to know

  1. The Stiftung Model of interfering in foreign countries by Germany – The Foundations like The Hanns Siedel Foundation and Henrich Boell Foundation are closely linked with one German political party and they operate in different developing countries and back different civic agenda. They run their own agenda through these civic bodies. Details here.

News items on Donors that will concern you –

  1. ICCO, Netherlands funds Radical NGOs – NGO Monitor
  2. Foundations like Hans Siedel Foundation and Henrich Boell Foundation affiliated to major political parties in Germany are playing important roles in upheavals in the Middle East, attracting the attention of regions rulers and making them targets of harassment. Details Here
  3. German organization operating in Egypt was behind massive disturbance and upheaval in the country. News
  4. German Foundation working in an Arab country asked to leave that country for suspicious activities. News


Also Read

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  1. My call to the citizens is to thoughtfully vote whoever they are voting to.
    A criteria was written elsewhere by me in the blog and if you adhere to it, chances of getting wrong people getting elected to power lessens and thereby we get more knowledgeable people as leaders.
    Coming to the woman in the picture in the blog, the woman who you are seeing has appeared on many national television shows and with her mellifluous tone has bashed men as a whole a zillion times without any remorse.
    She has pioneered so many gender biased laws in India and has dug a deep chasm between the men and women of this country breaking harmony between Men and Women of India.

    Does not the Government have the power to choose who heads crucial institutions like Centre for Social Research or atleast have a say in the matter?.


  2. Let me elaborate “the criteria”.
    See to it that you stick to it while you cast vote.
    1.Educational qualifications.
    2.Educational Institution in which the contesting candidate has received the education.
    3.Was the contesting candidate has ever been implicated under a criminal offence with charges proved against the person in a court of law?.
    4) Was the contesting candidate has ever been implicated under any civil offence with charges proved against the person in a court of law?.
    5)Are there any ongoing criminal charges pending against the contesting person in any court of law?.
    6)Are there any ongoing charges of having committed a civil offence pending against the contesting person in any court of law?.


    • 7) or 8) Agenda of the Political Organisation which the contesting person is associated with.
      8) or 7)Agenda put forth by the contesting person.
      [Note:-Agenda put forth by
      either the person or the Political Organisation must not guarantee special treatment to a citizen under any criminal law or must not guarantee special systematic concessions based on caste.

      Agenda must “highly” discourage “Quota” in any sphere based on caste and religion.

      Agenda must also denounce any
      ‘Political Reservation’ based on caste, religion or gender.
      An assurance to ‘rewrite’ the badly drafted legistlations of the old must be a main aspect of the agenda with ‘strict adherence’
      to all the articles of the ‘constitution of India’ and the ‘guidelines’ laid down by the Supreme Court of India with
      due consideration shown to the ‘Human Rights’] .. (ctd)


  3. Request you to bear with me until more additional points to the ‘criteria of choosing a leader’ are laid down from my perspective.
    (If the system of governance is intelligent enough to eliminate the wrong choices for the leader in the early stages itself most of the “badly drafted laws” if not corruption that we have to endure today would not have come into existence.)….. (to be ctd)


  4. Educational qualification does not guarantee you the attitude. All Indian big scams made by educated people. Only people closely monitoring will help.


  5. […] Now. here is the low down on the organization that started the protest. Not surprisingly their funding is mostly from Christian organizations and other shady sources.. and along with them, get this – from Pakistani Institute of Development Studies! Source:… […]


  6. It is really unfortunate that such ladies getting foreign funds to disturb Indian fabric of centuries old Indian society/family. Kanya Dan was a very good system in India girls family used to contribute her share to settle new life of newly married couple, Dowry is not Indian word it might have been adopted from western world to spoil Indian families and social fabric. Our politician also used such words to divide our society wherein they succeeded for creating vote bank. We have to fight against such spoilers. Carry on your mission and publish your writings in book shape.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Glad that you did take initiative we discussed things about. How do we spread to thousands of men at once? Isn’t there anyway? I have seen a Fb page “Men’s XP” or pages like that which have lakhs of likes. Contact them…they will spread your marvelous articles and exposing researches to men. And add at the end of your articles, that share it to the end of eternity to every male and sane females on social media share it as much as you can.

    And do tell those pages to give link to your article at either the top or bottom of their borrowed article…it will increase the readers of your articles by exponential terms.


      • Menxp, scoopwhoop, etc, are too funded by western powers. They are just like channel V and MTV(again funded by the west) to demoralize the Indians. Every section of Indian society is targeted by TV for demoralization. Indian soaps are targeted towards women. MTV, V channel, websites like The Logical Indian, youth ki awaaz, scoopwhoop, Menxp, etc, targeted towards young. Movies targeted towards all, etc.


  8. Most of the women are deeply attached to the word “feminism”.The word has been very frequently used in positive light right from their childhood and the media propaganda machine imprinted on their minds when they were raised up that feminism and feminists are necessary savious for women to stay liberated without being bound in the shackles created by the evil patriarchy by men.It is hard for them to detach themselves from the word all of a sudden.

    Girls and women get into defensive whenever ill is being spoken of feminism as they see feminists and women as interchangeable synonyms.

    Most of the women perceive those who fight for the rights of Men as a threat to their own rights.
    Hostile reactions of women to the
    men and women against feminism is understandable but not defendable.

    It takes counselling sessions to the women feminists in order to reverse the affects which the feminism had upon their thought process.If there is any change of mind, it would be only gradual but not sudden.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Ranjana Kumari has made millions of dollars by selling lies to enemies of the Indian people, who reward this shameless feminist-nazi (feminazi) for wearing a Sari and destroying the social fabric of the culture she was born in. This woman’s nerve has hardened with each year she has notched up celebrating her jet-setting pseudo-secular pseudo-Indian professional fraud lifestyle,


    • And also, please Post this reply on my behalf to Alka, that idiot woman, who doesn’t even know about sadhna:

      Do you know what sadhna is? What does it mean? Do you even understand religion to fight for a pseudo notion of right to pray? Maybe, reading Sona’s comments( a very smart and knowledgeable female) may clear up your false notions about religion. She is really very shrewd. Shani devata is anyway, a punisher by his duties, this woman, whatever Desai, will see the affects of her sin in a few years. Observe her during next 5-7 years, you will see her fall. And first, educate yourself.


  10. This articke is also worth space. Read the comments till the bottom. American males are as angry as it gets, they hate women and don’t want to marry them cause they sleep around with multiple men and are sluts and men would willingly marry a virgin any day

    Here’s the link:

    Read the comments. And many say that Islam treats women better.


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