Now Indian Feminists Want Right To Touch Hindu God

In a daring yet stunning move, Indian feminists now started fighting for the right to touch a Hindu god which is prevented in Hindu customs. As Hindus, we are not supposed to get offended by this feminist fake propaganda of ‘Right To Pray” (or prey) to (on) the Hindu god.

Bhagaban Shani Dev is the Hindu god (male) of the planet Saturn and known for his wrath that can jeopardize any life or any society. According to a Hindu legend, he has given a fortune to a woman who gave him oil massage and food when he arrived in her home in disguise and said he was hungry and having body pain. (yes in olden days our gods used to visit our homes but nowadays we need to visit him in temples).

If you are aware of recent developments in Shani Shingnapur temple in Ahmednagar district in Maharastra, India you may know the high drama enacted by some female hooligans under the banner of Bhoomata Ranarangini Brigade (mother soil warrior group) banner and wanted right to climb up nine steps and touch the deity.

Under Hindu custom, women are not allowed to enter the sanctum or touch the deity in some places. It is said that anyone with blood oozing out or with injury become disqualified to offer puja to any Hindu God. There are some Churches or Mosques that ban women’s entry too but these so-called Hindu liberals never dare to question them.

For Hindus, this custom is meant for everyone, including men. That is why a man with a cut or any inured animal can’t be sacrificed in front of any deity. Also note, all these sacrificial animals before Hindu gods are only males. Female animals are again considered impure and can’t be sacrificed before any god.

The farce of RightToPray has taken many to storm with shocking celebrity tweets that added to the fire.

Kiran Bedi who is famous for adding her forceful wisdom in every controversy was found angry about someone deciding on women without consulting her. 😛 –

Kiran bedi Tweet1 on Shani Shningnapur

When the issue was never about the entry of women to the temple or #RightToPray because you can see in this photo that women are already allowed to pray to this god –

Women allowed to pray at Shani Shingnapur

When people were laughing at her attempt to gender equality, she tried has called for someone in authority to clarify the issue to general people –

Kiran Bedi Tweet2 on Shani Shingnapur

Journalist Ashutosh didn’t want to let go this opportunity –

Ashutosh Tweet on Shani Shnignapur

….and some foreign-funded Indian women rights activists and media. But they were exposed sooner.

Foreign paid NGOs

Feminists were so crazy about touching the male god that the Ranarangini Brigade has hired hi-tech buses and a helicopter to get airdropped and ‘molest’ a Hindu god.

Anything is possible under feminism. For the first time, we came to know that molestation can be a right, too. Because it is Hindu culture and religion, we are supposed to accept this as equality and listen to whatever these foreign-funded women say.

I am just wondering if someone visits their place and then demand to continue his own style of living instead of following the customs of their house will that be acceptable to them? When we choose to offer a particular deity we accept the culture and the rules prevailing there. It may be of any culture or religion, but people can get away with no punishment only if they attack Hindus and Hindu traditions. More clearly when foreign-funded NGOs do this we understand that it is the outsiders who are playing a divisive politics against India under the guise of being Indians. Politics at Shani Shingnapur temple is never different from that. We can only hope that Bhagaban Shani dev’s wrath will destroy them soon.


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  1. Does not the forceful entry into the temple constitute an offence as per the Indian Penal Code.
    Authorities of the Temple must see to it that the goons are brought to book without delay.
    The incident must be seen without the religious lens.

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  2. “RanaRangini Brigade” seems to be a fitting choice of a name given the way ‘the brigade’ dashed their way into a place of worship.
    A bit skeptical about the Helicopters mentioned in the blog.


  3. In India once a legislation is passed ‘mindlessly’ as is the case most of the times, It is highly difficult to repeal the law.
    Law makers most of the times are overwhelmed by the feminist brouhaha
    across the nation once any unfortunate incident happens.
    Government before the General Elections had so many gyncocentric laws hidden underneath its sleeve which it passed sheepishly taking advantage of the uproar caused by the roaring brigades of feminists who stormed the news channels,the roads and public places like zombies in the Dawn of the Dead.
    Government was not too innocent at the time that it does not know how to control the mobsters.
    Rather it played a crucial role in choosing an isolated incident to paralyze and demonize the Indian men right from the moment they take shape in their mother’s womb.
    It did not exercise caution nor restraint when passing such laws and a segment of The Media allied with the politicians of the time instead of the truth.

    It has become evident now that the youngest who allegedly committed the crime against Nirbhaya was NOT the most violent of the lot.
    It means that whatever the most violent things that we heard that the youngest of the lot had committed did not actually commit what was alleged against him.

    It also means that whatever the most violent things that we heard that had been committed against Nirbhaya were not actually committed.

    What we were shown and what we heard from the news and media outlets is what we base our opinion upon and it is crystal clear that our opinion was framed based on the basis of what has been telecasted by the feckless liars and goons of the Media who acted as the saints all the while playing the role of a pimp.
    What credentials do they that they declare they are the pure and truthful and they are morally superior than the other.
    Do they come from heaven?.
    In fact “The Media” of this Nation is “Half” the problem and also half of the reason for most of the problems in India.
    They have been “instrumental” in perpetrating the misandry with open arms across the national forums without even the slightest thoughts of the aftermaths of their actions the brunt of which has to be faced by an average man who is left with nobody but himself to defend himself.
    A segment of the media has went to the extent of “manufacturing” incidents of fake attacks against women which were aired across the nation leaving a permanent impression on the minds especially of the adolescents who were looked down everywhere as ‘lowly creatures’ simply for being born as men.


  4. Let them do whatever they want. Sunanda Pushkar who prayed with her then boyfriend is no more. Sad, but a fact that should not be ignored. We need to get wiser.

    Btw, when I asked you if you are a Hindu, like a liberal you said you are ‘Indian’. Where is that secularism now?

    Check this –

    Let me be politically incorrect. Anyone infected with any of the three main Abrahamic religions, i.e. Islam, Christianity, Judaism is a problem for others. I let the facts speak for themselves.

    I respect other’s ideas, but it is rarely reciprocated by our fellow abrahamics. Large scale proselytisation is being done by missionaries. They will never succeed, as they have not for over a thousand years. But, we live on a planet that is a dangerous place. I strongly recommend that all Indian Hindu men do the following.

    Learn Sanskrit. There is a reason Sanskrit is hidden from us.
    Learn and practice martial arts everyday. It keeps the body and mind very fit.
    If possible keep a firearm.
    Read good books. Books by Swami Vivekananda or Swami Dayanand Saraswati from the 19th century are a great starting point. Kautilya is far above any western intellectual.
    Women are not the problem. But many city bred women who have been indoctrinated by feminism should be avoided. No contact whatsoever, other than platonic should be kept with them. If you want to marry, then first you need to Declog your brain from the nonsensical bollywood propaganda. Then you will be able to see things clearly.
    Boycott TV, movies, newspapers, etc. I don’t think it’s wise to pay the anti-national and anti-male elements.
    If possible recite Hanuman Chalisa everyday.

    You may not follow any of these. That is fine, but please do something. One less fool is a service to the society.

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    • What does this have to do with feminists? We need to stand by Men no matter what their faith may be. To bring in religion and be divisive is not productive. You must be a feminist provacatuer trying to cause division in our ranks.


  5. Mens Rights Organisations should start distancing themselves away from news related to religious clashes except if the news is unavoidable and solely focus on the atrocities committed against men whenever or wherever they might be committed.
    Being distracted from the main goal gives the feminists a chance to make a resurgence.
    Feminists should not be taken lightly.
    Online Networks and Forums must be formed where the citizens of India can form groups within groups based on the state and district and city and the ward within the city and the village of their residence so that any minor incident of male discrimination or misandry appears on national forums for everyone to see.

    A Political Organisation totally dedicated to fight for the Men has to be launched so that political solutions for the misandry and discrimination faced by Men come forth.

    Nothing changes until the vote share is affected.

    All other news which is irrelevant to the
    cause of Men has to be shunned by the
    active members of the Organisation so that they can work ‘single mindedly’ to root out misandry in our day to day life.
    Living in a constant fear despite being a law abiding citizen of a country is a very unhealthy sign for a democratic country.

    Much of the potential which the country has in its store is being wasted by the false allegations and misuse of discriminatory laws.

    Ideology of feminism which in itself is a constant threat to progress cannot be put up any longer.

    As long as the feminist legislations are not declared invalid or annulled there is always an impending threat to the smooth functioning of society.



  6. A Facebook Page, a Twitter account and
    an Youtube channel named Mens National Network (MNN) to remain connected and share ideas,thoughts, suggestions to fight the prevailng misandry and also to be informed with Crimes Against Men (CAM) which conveniently escape the preying eyes of Main Stream Media has to be created and run constantly.

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  7. A clear cut strategy is lacking on the part of Mens Rights Activists to coordinate and to grow in strength of numbers for it is the numbers that ultimately count while overturning a badly drafted legislation.

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  8. Irrespective of the personal beliefs of individual Hindus,
    As per my ‘opinion’:
    Hinduism is a philosophical system with inbuilt knowledge and also wisdom from the scriptures associated with it along with some day to day practices proven to be of medical significance.


  9. Please consider this. men are barred from offering pongala at the Attukal temple, Kerala. They are barred from entering the temple on all auspicious days. If Shani is gender bias against women. Isn’t Attukal, gender bias against men?

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  10. Very much true Xavier Alexxavier.
    Sabarimala- men practicing 41 days of celibacy. This discipline helps them control emotional excesses like lust, anger etc. You cannot put alcohol in front of someone who is addicted to it and tell him to get over his addiction. In the same way when someone is practicing celibacy, women are not needed in there. There are many practices that only women do and men are not invited. It is not about discrimination. In a country where you hear of so many crimes, a spiritual inclination is needed(we need something like this for women too that they can do at home as they are very much competing with men on crime and need to be more emotionally balanced) Everyone cannot afford counselling. We should not interfere in our age old tradition of Sabarimala on name of equality.
    In fact the Ayyappa temples are many in India and abroad, but in Sabarimala temple, Swamy Ayyappa is in “ Nyshika Brahmacharya” where in disciples also must follow the same, then only they are eligible to enter the temple through 18 steps
    First 8 steps denotes our 8 Nirgunas, including Lust, one should over by in 41( Mandala) days Deeksha.


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