This Woman’s Reply To RightToPray Will End The Debate Forever

[This blog is dedicated to my reader Kashyap2016]


Why are women not allowed in certain temples’ sanctums or touch certain deities? Why are menstruating women not considered pure? The debate that raged in India in recent time in the name of #RightToPray has got an apt explanation and this time from a woman.

When Ranjana Kumari the owner of the foreign-funded feminist NGO Centre for Social Research posted a video on social network saying “gods don’t discriminate but men do”; a woman named Sona Parivraj has given her an apt reply giving an explanation to why women are not allowed to pray in certain temples’ sanctum.

Her explanation to the impurity of a woman is realistic and stunning –


Not only this, she clarifies to these uneducated and ill-informed feminists why they needed to study before agitating like fools –


She had an answer for the questions why women are restrained from certain pujas and following certain rituals, too –


I was chanting the mantra “OM” for bringing in mental peace and calmness whenever I felt disturbed. The Sanyasi who taught us meditation in IIT, also told us that we can’t chant any mantra of our choice and we needed to get the mantra from our personal gurus before we practice them. He added that “OM” is a high-level mantra that does not suit everyone and not everyone should start with this mantra. He taught the proper methodology of chanting a mantra and I felt the power of the mantra and started practicing that defying his caution. Yes, it did have adverse effects on me, heated up the interiors that I needed continued medical attention and still, the issue is not resolved completely.

Feminists who are demanding such rights without any knowledge or understanding of such rituals are forcing women in greater danger and there is nothing constitutional or rights violation in them.



  1. Brother, there’s one request that I have. That depends not just on you but all the MRAs , the thing is that after a few years I will be in a very powerful but sort of invisible position. If you figure out the whole network Feminist network-organizations-NGOs and their relationship with other ideological entities and political wings with them and how they function in coordination with police and lawyers clubs organizations etc. Can you map down this whole network and lay down their whole functional paradigm? And the way they operate? In the whole nation wide context.If you can do this , which is possible only if thousands of intelligent men put in their efforts, and which may take 1 to 2 years, and provide with all the data that you gathered then I assure, I will destroy them. I won’t tell you how but I will be in a very powerful position and destabilizing these organizations and NGOs from inside. But that depends on you and MRAs across the nation and your joint efforts. You provide the mapping of their network and functional paradigm and it’s my job to infest them with parasitic pests from inside , who will eat them up from tip to toe. In a nutshell, I will be able to initiate subtle infighting in all NGOs just like how security agencies do in their operations …reply me.


  2. Another thing, which foreign agencies or organizations function the most no. Of Feminist NGOs and organizations in India? Please list them out. Your network circle could perhaps figure that out. Post up a blog on them, it would be very helpful to me. And also, list down what no. Of NGOS does each of the agencies fund? That will be of immense help to me. Trust me, after a few years, you will see the result of your hard earned work. You lay down the network map, and I will entangle those networks. I promise. If not today then after a year for sure. And I also suggest that you strengthen your relations with MRAs of European and American nationalities. K?


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