It Was A Social Experiment, Says Rohtak Sisters

Rohtak SistersIn a shocking revelation Rohtak sisters now claimed that they were doing a social experiment  to show how men in Indian society have become vulnerable. In an exclusive interview with us, the girls claimed that were trying to do this experiment at a national level for sometime and they have already shot some videos earlier but they could not understand how to continue the experiment further and hence their earlier attempts were not successful. They also clarified how they have beaten up a few other men earlier in parks and shot those videos.

With this explanation from the Rohtak girls the explanation of new videos surfacing everyday has become clear.

The sisters claimed that as a part of their graduation research program they decided to take up the men’s cause and show how Indian men could be exploited on simple complaints from a woman and how idiotic Indian media can behave in those situations. They also wanted to experiment the reaction of Indian govt. who just fell short of awarding Bharat Ratna to Nirbhaya (Dec 2012 victim).

The sisters claimed that they knew that Indian govt. could give away Bharat Ratna to any woman if the woman could play the victim card well. One of them claimed that even though their drama was well written and well rehearsed they were really disheartened to see govt giving them only 31,000 as compensation. They claimed that filing false rape case on someone is much better and better money making business. They claimed that sexual harassment is still not lucrative in that sense.

Hearing this, NCW chairperson has said that “the bravehearts’ efforts are really commendable.” She added, “this shows how Indian women care for men and how do they respect men. We feel that Rs. 31,000 as compensation is very less for such bravehearts and we are recommending the govt to give them Bharat Ratna Award instead.”

Men’s Rights Activists however continued demanding greater punishment for the girls. They are claiming that these girls have cheated the entire nation, misused the laws, taken laws into their hands, misbehaved with senior citizens and wasted national resources and hence they need to be dealt with strongly and punished heavily. They have also demanded that Indian Army should recruit the men in question as they have shown real bravery in saving an old woman. Some men’s rights activists even asked the men who praised these sisters’ behaviour without trying to understand both sides of the story should marry these girls and see how this empowerment feels like in their own life. Let them be proud of their wives”, they said.

Mainstream Indian media that has so far believed and projected one side of the story (as they always do) have reacted to this news as well. Non Developmental TV and International Budhhu Network has shown the new bravery of the girls and demanded castration of the men and other male members of their family and supported NCW claim of rewarding these girls with Bharat Ratna for their bravery.

We have contacted the officers who have refused job for the three accused with the new developments and when the officers came to know about this, they refused to take the accused in their job, saying, ”those men were cowards and they were beaten up by two women. We can’t recruit such cowards to save our nation as even some Abala Pakistani Naris can attack and capture India.”

Men’s Rights Activists who have become a headache for everyone nowadays have strongly condemned the action of refusing these men job by saying that – “this shows that we now need to recruit women like Rohtak Girls and let them fight it out with other Pakistani Soldiers.” They claimed, the moment India’s enemies see these girls they will die out of shame and India will always win in all battles.

Famous Congress leader RaGa who were silent for so many days could not stop commenting on this occasion either. In an interview he claimed that it was their women empowerment policies that could create brave hearts like #RohtakGirls and people have done a big mistake by refusing them the power. He has again said the BJP govt. has failed to recognize the true nature of these bravehearts and they should have given them Bharat Ratna for their behaviour.

Women Rights Activist turned self styled celebrity Sanjana Kumari welcomed the proposal of awarding Bharat Ratna and said even she wanted the same to be given out to these girls as she wanted to see how this looks.

West Bengal CM however once again created a new controversy while she wanted to comment on this incident. She said this is a conspiracy of Maoists against her govt that the incident has happened in Haryana and not in West Bengal. She claimed that women in West Bengal are also empowered to behave like this and if this happens in West Bengal in future, her govt. will offer more compensation to the victims only because they are women.

Currently our reporting team is confused about which Indian state has empowered their women the most, as we are getting more claims from other states that they would have offered more compensation to the women victims. We need to wait for sometime to see real welfare of the state and to see how much tax payers’ money each state can swindle in the name of women empowerment.

Reporting live from Jhumritalaiya



Also published in A Voice For Men


  1. As I have told you earlier : India have seen so many communal riots and Civil Wars in past like riots between Hindu and Muslim, or between upper caste and backward caste. If this will continue to go on like this, then India will observe next civil war between Men and Women.


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