Adventure Into Future

At times me and my friend go out on a utopian journey in future take up interviews with men’s rights and women’s rights activists of India. Very recently we have gone to 2030 to meet some of these prominent activists. Here’s how the memory had been –

In our last bulletin, we have shown how feminists have tried to achieve women empowerment for decades. To understand this better, we met veteran men’s rights activist Mr. Rajesh Kankaria who has been undergoing treatment in ICU for his lifelong drinking habits. He is now in a life-saving treatment with Whiskey and Beer throughout the day instead of saline. Doctors have said that his blood is already replaced by alcohol and hence need this life support now.

When we asked him the question how he sees feminism in India, he replied in his half-conscious state – “Feminism is…….one peg…misandry….every hour….then ….whiskey…is ..feminism….”

As we could not understand what he wanted to mean, and none of his followers could make out we have approached women activist and SC lawyer Mrs. Sylvia Agnes for her insight. She said – “See the patriarchal bias in our society. Because we have deep-rooted patriarchy, today a man is getting whiskey even on his deathbed. We do not even get water during surgery. We strongly demand ‘Drinks Security Bill’ to be passed immediately. Women can’t live on food security alone to survive, the need drinks too and you know getting safe drinking water today is so much problem.”

Water purification companies have however declined that getting safe water is any problem. One such company ‘Pour-it‘ chairman has said we can purify any water. We have been running Rs 10 crore challenge for some time now. You prove that water purified by our device is not safe to drink, we will pay Rs 10 crore.

When famous liquor baron Mr. Sujoy Baliya heard about the demand for ‘drinks security’ he said – “govt. plan of providing hard drinks for 5 MU a bottle, is only a political gimmick. Even if we pee today, that is costlier. That is the reason after my airline business was shut, I could not depend on my liquor business for long.”

(We wonder if Mrs. Bula Dixit wanted the countrymen to pee and drink when she has said that 40MU (monetary unit) per day is enough for an individual to survive).

Mr. Baliya continued – “I had to open a sex toys industry to survive. Today, we are number one sex toy manufacturer in the world and already beaten China in 2026. Demand for our toys is very high in South Asia.” (MRAs however, say this is due to feminists breaking the families in Asia by showing false women oppression stories).

It is pertinent to add that Mr. Baliya has created a great sensation in India in last 10 years due to his success with the ‘magic toys’. He is very particular about the quality of his product and he does testing of each new toy himself with his models. All his models are very satisfied and high performing individuals today. Bunney Leone, Bindu Sapre, and Govind Soman are to name a few. ‘The Baliya Magic Toys’ has already earned name and fame in the world and in 2025 they were awarded ISO 50000 design certification.

However, South India’s famous actor Gajnikant’s fans have refuted the Baliya Magic theory. They say it was all foretold by their hero Gajni. After his death in 2023, his disciples have opened his temples in many places around the world. The chairperson of the biggest Gajni trust, Anna Herokant has said their Gurudev had this premonition in 2022 that this industry would grow and given some magic mantras that Mr. Baliya is using. All his magic mantras can be found on http://www.Gajnithehero.god/magic mantra website. But whatever Herokantji says, we can’t ignore the contribution of Mr. Baliya to boost India’s falling economy, especially when in 2013 IT industry has seen doomsday in India, then this was much-needed boost required for the Indian economy.

Vikhari Das 2

Mr. Vikhari Das the new recruit of MRA community (MRA = Mard Raha Adhikarbihin) however has said that earlier we used to happy families. My parents were very happy with themselves and so were we, however today all these industries are fuelling more breakups as people do not need any partner to live with. So people are more lonely today, they don’t have anyone to provide mental support for them, and as a result, they commit more suicide.

Maitreyee Chaterjee 2

However, women groups are all in favor of Mr. Baliya. Mrs. Maitreyee Chatterjee, chairperson of Worldwide Oppressed Women (WOW) has commented that – ‘Mr. Baliya is doing a great social service. Today, our women who were oppressed for ages due to the patriarchal system of marriage are coming out of marriages on their own. They don’t feel the need of men in their life at all. Also, these magic toys are the reasons we could limit the number of rapes to merely 30 lakhs a year. Men using these toys are not raping women anymore. We demand govt. subsidy for these toys” she added.

Ghata Gupta 2

Organization of Oppressed Parents’ Syndicate (OOPS) chairperson Mrs. Ghata Gupta, however, did not agree with Maitreyee. She said if women have become so independent then why maintenance is considered as a right for them? Why is adultery not a crime for women? She looked visibly upset with Maitreyee’s comment. For information to all readers, Maitreyee is the estranged daughter in law of Ghata and was caught in adultery. She is now getting maintenance for herself and her illicit baby from her husband Husmukh Gupta who is in jail now for false digital rape complaint by her.

Bindiya Sarkar2

However, FEMA Leader Mrs. Bindiya Sarkar has supported Maitreyee and commented on famous networking site – “Mr. Baliya for ‘B/Ratna’ for his contribution towards reducing rapes in India.”

Hasmukh GUpta2

Mr. Husmukh Gupta, however, was all against this. When our team went to central jail to meet him, this erstwhile scientist has commented “today we scientists can expect jail term on a false allegation, but see how one womanizer’s name is recommended by feminists for the award of the highest standard. That is what tells us that if we go against feminism we will be ruined. In that sense, the MRA community has been doing a great yet thankless job for decades”.

So we have seen how even in 2030, we have not achieved any gender equality. With men’s rights groups claiming male feticide, male victims of domestic violence, legal terrorism, rape etc, women groups are still not happy with the absence of ‘Drinks Security’. It is only in coming days we will know what concrete steps our govt. takes to ensure that women are empowered, and how it strikes a balance between men and women in the country.

Reporting live from Jhumritalaiya…


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