Who Are Driving Terrorists Out of India

Empowered Indian women have been successful in throwing out all terrorists from the country. After a recent feminazi rage in a moving bus where two empowered girls have mercilessly beat up two army aspirants and trashed them to claim bravery award has made it possible. In recent times India has witnessed a surge in such incidents and many women have come out openly with their self-made videos of beating men in public. Ironically, the public in all places was reported to be mute spectators. This happened in Kolkata, Meerut and Bangalore earlier and in all cases, the Indian society was non-reactive. However, after a recent incident of bus rage, a mob in Bangalore has beaten an innocent man almost to death.

Women n Terrorists

It is learnt that after such incidents coming to light and whole India coming to the streets even terrorists have become extremely scared of empowered Indian women and they have either left the country or have been grounded. The recent arrest of one dreaded terrorist from Bangalore revealed that terrorists have now turned only to social networks and online activism as they don’t have the courage to go out for their activities. Women’s groups have claimed that many terrorists have lost their job and had taken alternative career option in India’s IT industry and that is what is exposed by the recent arrest of a techie from Bangalore. Many of the terrorists who were afraid of losing their job and hence left the country and took asylum in neighbouring countries. India’s neighbouring countries from where news of dreaded terrorist activities is coming to the media demanded that Indian women empowerment is responsible for a sudden surge in terrorist activities in those countries.

Taking pride of India’s women empowerment, prominent politician and women rights activist Mrs. Darinda Barat has claimed that it is their party’s win as they have always been projecting the need of women empowerment in India. Now it is the women who are bringing in new independence to India, she claimed.

All India Devilish Women Association (AIDWA) spokesperson has also been appreciative about the recent bus rage and said that taking cues from the bus incident and following the arrest of dreaded criminals prove that it is the women who can bring an end to terrorism. Thus this bravery needs to be awarded with Bharat Ratna and nothing less. She claimed that a problem of terrorism that no one could solve so far is solved by two innocent young sisters by one act of bravery. She claimed that even dreaded international terrorists are now confined either to social networking sites such as Twitter or to their underground hideouts and do not have the courage to go out in public places in fear of getting beaten up by the girls.

We have come to know that the sisters who have shattered the dream of many men to have a peaceful life, are also planning to file cases against MRAs who were behind the shocking video that has shown eyewitnesses account of the boys being innocent.

Prominent women rights activists have supported the move and claimed that Indian MRAs have paid money to eyewitnesses in order to provoke public rage against women rights in the country. This is a deep-rooted conspiracy against women rights movement in India and it shows that MRAs are against the prosperity of the nation. They have shown the example of male terrorism being washed out of the country thanks to the female Indian Bravehearts.

Indian MRAs however out-rightly rejected the claim that they had paid money to anyone to give evidence. Ace Men’s Rights Activists Mr Birup Sarkar has claimed that unlike feminist organizations, his organization never accepts money from any victim and they have no finds for their own movement leave alone paying up for false witnesses. He demanded that the girls who had beaten up men in public need to be tried for street terrorism and punished as their video evidence explicitly shows that they were beating up the boys and not vice versa.

When we contacted women rights activists with this perspective, activist Mrs Sylvia Agnes said that this incident shows that MRAs are misogynists and they can’t appreciate any women doing anything good for men.

We could not understand how the two sisters who had beaten up the boys had actually done well for them and hence we asked the same to her. She explained that the sisters, in fact, had taught men the need to learn self-defence and hence she termed them as true MRAs.

When we told her that the sisters were, in fact, planning to file a case against the MRAs and hence probably could not be termed as MRAs themselves, she said, “See, I already showed you that MRAs are misogynists and they can not see any woman doing anything good for men.  So these Bravehearts are right in filing case against MRA hypocrites who can not even see the positive side of this bus rage. I will rather say she is the true MRA and I demand that the govt introduce best MRA award in her name.”

Hearing this claim MRA Mrs Khyati Tiwari burst out in laughter.  She claimed that these bravery awards are one more way to swindle public funds. She claimed that if feminists really believe that the two sisters have made the terrorists flee India, then they should be sent to the borders to fight against our enemies.

Many other MRAs have supported Khyati. They said that if the sisters are sent to our borders then it will be good for us in many ways. Our enemies will die of shame after seeing them at the border. Some claimed that common Indian men will at least be able to travel by buses without the fear of being beaten up.

MRAs also termed terrorist attacks in the schools of neighbouring countries as highly shameful and requested the terrorists to stop killing innocent children.

We jointly condemn the terrorist attack in any part of the world and we demand that empowered Indian women like the two sisters who beat up army aspirants and proved their bravery are immediately sent to fight terrorism.

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