….and She Carried Her Poop In Her Purse While On Date

[Dear readers, I apologize for publishing this cheap and nasty story that has recently gone viral on the web. But when I am working on educating men, I had very little choice to make]

A recent internet story that went viral on social media was about a woman carrying her poop while on a date. The story, as revealed by her tweets goes as follows –

Poop Story

Poop Story1

Poop Story2

Poop Story3

Poop Story4

Poop Story5

Poop Story6

Poop Story7

Poop Story8

Poop Story9

Poop Story10

Poop Story11

Poop Story12

Looks like it does happen to other women as well.

Poop Story13

Soon she was a celebrity, a hot girl…..

Poop Story15

…and then comes her publicity stunt…

Poop Story14

The moral for guys –

  1. Never try to see what’s there in a woman’s purse. You may end up finding her poop.
  2. Know your date and what’s hiding behind that innocent/hot/sexy look.


  1. That is the weirdest thing I’ve ever read about. I would have just put the lid down and asked the guy if the toilet could be flushed. If he didn’t ask for a second date, so be it. She wouldn’t want to get serious with someone who didn’t understand a natural function anyway. Nice men even change baby diapers. Men also use pooper scoopers for their dogs. What’s the big deal? 🙂 — Suzanne


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