India in 2030

Welcome to India in 2030!

We have seen many overwhelming changes in India in last two decades. In fact last two decades are known as golden era for ending oppression of Indian women and achieving gender equality. As the national commission chairperson Mrs. Ganjana Tumhari says “Ever since the brutal Delhi gang rape case in 2012 Dec we have become more active in working towards women empowerment in the country. Thanks to participation of media and general people now we have made sure that we hang the culprits even on suspicion of future rape. In this way we have prevented a lot of potential rape cases and could contain the number of rape cases only to 30 lakhs a year with 95% conviction. Since different groups were protesting about low conviction rate in rape cases we have made rape equal to empowerment today. Women are given huge compensation on complaint of rape. So now we see more women are coming out with their stories of oppression. We have also achieved equality in terms of education and today 35% of women are having secondary education compared to 25% men. We still need more funds to achieve equality in terms of job market and seats in parliaments but we hope to achieve that soon.”

Reiterating Ganjana, famous men’s rights activist in exile veteran Birup Sarkar has commented from Dubai – “India has seen her worst time in last two decades. Indian men, 50% of whom were having secondary education in 2013 are denied education today simply due to 75% reservation for girls in educational institutions. As a result 25% of them are educated today. He lambasted the feminists of portraying false picture of decades of oppression of Hindu women by ancestors and denying education to Indian boys. He has also projected huge male feticide data based on a survey done by some men’s rights groups and claimed govt. need to collect the data and take preventive measures to curb male feticide.”

Our special correspondent tried to meet other prominent men’s rights activists in exile. One of them Mrs. Khyati Tiwari said from Hong Kong that, “Feminist agenda of castrating young boys in school to prevent future rape is a matter of shame for all of us. She has shunned ‘Prevention of imaginary sex and sexual acts, bill 2022’ (one of the hundreds bills introduced to empower Indian women) saying how can one determine if a boy is thinking of any sexual act and term him as a future rapist. This is ridiculous.”

However, women rights groups have a different tale to tell. Famous advocate and lifelong women’s rights activist Mrs. Aarti Singh commented, thanks to new technology today we can identify rapists early in life. We can control their thinking through remote controlling their minds. This is why we could contain the number of rape cases only to 30 lakhs but we are sorry to note that India is truly the rape capital of the world”.

Explaining the technology to track future rapists, famous knowledge expert Mr. Spandan Nilekani has said, thank to India’s IT revolution we have thought of it way back in 2009 and we have introduced the UID project. Initially we made aadhaar card mandatory for all citizens and given them good incentive in terms of subsidized gas connection to lure them into it. Later on through another act “Right to true identity ACT, 2019” we have made sure that we tag every individual with magnetic chiplets implanted in their bodies”. This ensures that we track all Indians remotely and control their activities. This helps us control all his thoughts and prevent any future criminal activity. This is a revolutionary concept in itself. Not only the future rapists are identified but also we can identify other type of criminals.”

Men’s rights activists however have lambasted the govt. for making Indians fool this way. One of them Mr. Byathit Rajapara has commented that this has made Indians permanent slaves to a powerful few. Now our country in completely controlled by foreign nations and UN. He commented from an undisclosed location near Pune, that this measure could not curb crime by foreign nationals and we still have bomb blasts and rapes done by foreigners in India. Indian govt. give them royal treatment and spend crores on their security citing bilateral ties, world treaties etc., but Indians who speak up against these atrocities are awarded death sentence immediately or sent to jail.

The IT minister Mr. Bipul Tibrewal who was the brain behind bringing the “Right to Identity Act” has said this was a progressive legislation and now we can see how we are able to identify and track criminals in their childhood. We are also planning out global treaties for other countries to implement the same so that a powerful few can track and control the masses. We found that in most third world countries women are oppressed and thanks to many UN studies that no one can question, we are able to prove the dire need of women empowerment in these countries.”

Men’s Rights Activists however are not at all happy about the development of events in India. Mr. P. Shahrukh Khan who has been doing a lot of study and writing about these biased surveys and exposing various survey groups for last two decades has said all these UN studies are bogus. We have seen how Domestic violence, bride burning, dowry death and dowry torture cases have made to look BIG two decades back. Due to our constant struggle and study on these topics we have been exposing all these agencies but we were not heard by anyone. Being a non funded organization, it was very difficult you know. He commented that when I was working in a BPO way back in 2005 this idea of one identity for Indians came to my mind. I have given this idea to the govt. and wanted to revolutionize the way we do monetary transactions. However, see how that is used today.

Mr. Chirag Ghulia who has been a pioneer in men’s rights India and Dr. Bindu Subhash who has done phenomenal work in men’s rights in UP has also shunned these bills. Dr. Bindu who is an expert in women studies, commented we have never seen a more draconian law like “Prevention of online and distant rape ACT 2025”. She said even though today in 2030 we can have real 3D print outs from internet to get the real products but getting online intercourse is still a distant dream.

Mr. Chirag also termed that ACT more draconian than the erstwhile 498a and MarriageLaw amendments 2010. He said castration for online rape and awarding maintenance to the child born out of so called online rapes is ridiculous. He also objected to the method of castration as suggested by the feminists. He said that in the recent public drama at India Gate, feminists groups have demanded burning a man’s testicles with electromagnetic guns is cruel and inhuman. He termed the men who has gathered and supported the demand were devoid the original testicles and hence they have opined that this treatment was fair.

Women rights groups like Females Exposing in Rural Areas (FERA) and Females Exposing on Metropolitan Avenues (FEMA) however has demanded immediate passing of ‘Electromagnetic Prevention of Future Rape cases Bill 2026’ that is pending with the parliamentary committee for a long time. They said this process is not at all burning of male testicles by electromagnetic guns, but this will be done remotely through already installed electromagnetic chips in human bodies through the national identity project carried out a few years back.

Bindiya Sarkar2

FEMA leader Mrs. Bindya Sarkar (famous ‘Tikli Bai’) commented this is another scientific innovation that we need to look into to prevent rapes in future. We have yearly 30 lakh rape cases now and even though most men in India are castrated or sent to jail today we still see increase in these cases. This concern us as different surveys reveal that these castrated men are raping online using online sex toys.

She cited the landmark Juthika rape case judgment that awarded castration for the whole family of the future online rapist Mr. Tharki Bahadur. This judgment says, anyone being a male, who is active on internet for more than four hours every day needs to be looked as a future rapist and he being in the family can propagate the disease to others in the family. This is the reason in online rape cases it is essential to castrate the whole family. Since it is done remotely now, govt. can also execute the actions very easily. This judgment also instructs the govt. to look into suitable changes in the current rape law.

Men’s rights groups however are not very happy the way events unfolded in last two decades. One of the activists Mrs. Gopika Bharadwaj has said, the reason our economy is in shambles today and Indian Rupee has been replaced with International Monetary Unit (IMU) is due to introduction of ‘(Prevention of) Sexual harassment of women at workplace bill’. She has showed the recent activism by women groups like Women Exposing Everywhere (WEE) and Women Having Original Rights and Equality (W.H.O.R.E.) who has staged a big dharna outside one of Amethi’s Technology Park (one of the million welfare projects in India, in the name of a former leader), for not allowing bare chested women enter the office premises. They claimed “my dress is my choice. If men have any problem they should close their eyes or get castrated.”

She said, the reason our companies moved out of the big cities was to contain rising operating costs and being competitive in global market. When men saw that anyone could be implicated in false sexual harassment cases and when most of the high performing men got such cases and thrown out of their job, these offices became all women offices. Since anything and everything was cited as women’s rights, all these women were busy showing their rights at the drop of a hat and even non performing women started demanding higher positions due to reservation. As a result these organizations have become non competitive and in a bid to survive the global competition these corporations chose to go to villages but still they are not being competitive. According to her the only reason these are not competitive are the women working here are more interested in showing their erstwhile private parts rather than showing any work.

She also said, there are 70% women in the workforce today compared to approximately 30% in 2013. But the overall employment has come down as most of the companies have left India for better business. However, since our educated women percentage is only 35% so most of the women today are over-employed. They do work that they are not fit to do. Thanks to reservation and grace marks in all ‘centers of excellence’ even substandard quality of women got into these institutions easily, when they graduate they can’t take India’s Inc. ahead in terms of global competition.

Refuting her claim of gender biased provisions being responsible for India’s economic debacle famous women rights activist Mrs. Darinda Barat has commented that most of violence cases against women are not even reported. We see 90 – 95% conviction today in rape cases as NCRB data says and we need to remember that still today zillions of cases go unreported. However, she did not comment on how many times an average woman in India is raped to get that zillion figure. She said – ‘Castration of men at early ages ACT 2021’ and ‘Prevention of future rape cases bill’s only helped preventing the crime to some extent but still we need to go a long way as rapists are using online technologies to rape.

She cited famous ‘Pidita’ (the name is given by popular Indian media) rape case where an international gang of educated criminals raped through an online chat session on a very famous networking and dating site ‘FcukBook’. These rapists were from different countries and they have raped her sitting at their respective countries. She is from a village in India. We are still awaiting extradition of these criminals but their laws are preventing these criminals to be deported to India. We are suspecting this gang of global intellectuals may also be involved in other rape cases in India too. We need bills like ‘Prevention of imaginary rapes’ and ‘prevention of raping intent’ bills to be passed immediately and we also need global treaties to the effect.

Men’s rights activists most of whom have left India years back due to the gender biased laws and danger of being behind bars on false complaints, are protesting these atrocities against Indian men for years. They say, already most of the men in India are either castrated or in jail. The men who are not castrated are raped daily by women who need to fulfill their desire. The huge sex toys industry is not able to cater to the demand. But unfortunately these raped men are also considered as rapists as they all have penis. The men who are not able to satisfy the demand are implicated and they are ending up in jail. Boys in India today grow up more in correction homes rather than their own homes. Many of them have been booked under ‘Future Rapist’ laws and castrated.

It is a matter of time for us to see how this empowerment industry grows in future. Already many claim that this is a 5000 billion IMU (international monetary unit) industry and the main aim is only extortion of every human being by a few powerful people. They call it the ‘New World Order’ the concept of which itself has become very old now.

Different Men’s Rights Groups claim that this industry is continuously growing under the direct and indirect funding from Organization of Un-notified Nations (U.N.O.). If we can’t stop these imaginary surveys that tell us more stories than the reality we can’t expect any progress in India.

We can only hope that in future India will see prosperity and women empowerment and gender equality. We will soon achieve 80% more education for women in India that most of the African nations have achieved in early 2000. We hope to see at least 90% women taking part in workforce in near future.

Reporting live from Jhumritalaiya…[Part2]


  1. Very nice article Partha. Women empowerment really need to lifted up for women in India. Sahara has started some mission named as Sahara Q Saathi for Indian women empowerment as well as entrepreneurship. More initiatives must be taken in the same direction to rise the future of women in India.


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