This Is How “Selfie Against Dowry” Campaign Fooled Feminists

SelfieAaahhhh…We know feminists are actually Buffoons..A recent campaign called ‘Selfie Against Dowry’ actually fooled feminists. Here’s more..

MRAs are once again all smiles and rejoicing with the new feminist campaign called “Selfie Against Dowry” getting much needed attention and focus. If the news articles are to be believed, then this movement is supposed to have started by a Haryana village. Recently, Union Minister for Women and Child Development also praised this campaign on ministry’s Facebook page –

Maneka Gadhi on Selfie Against Dowry

Our secret sources confirmed that some MRAs have already started partying with such feminist propaganda and they are secretly laughing at feminists.

We have secretly posed our emissaries in MRA dens to find out why they were rejoicing over the success of a feminist campaign and came to know that this campaign was created by some Haryana men in fear of increasing menace of false dowry industry in the state.

NCRB Data that has come in the hands of Humaar team revealed that there has been a consistent rise in…

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