Now Discount For Delivery of a Girl Child

–          Aaah, aaah, oh mom, oh god…..aaah ..aahaaa

The whole maternity clinic was awake at midnight to pray for Sudha as she is delivering her first baby there.

–          It’s a boy, shouted the doctor

Everybody screamed in joy. The father called up home to deliver the good news at the earliest and then the doctors announced again–

–          Hold on, Mr Gupta, we have a surprise for you.

Surprise! Everyone was eager to know. The father was anxious as he didn’t like surprises at this odd hour.

Discount Voucher2


we have a surprise for you!

–          Yes, she is carrying a second child.

–          OMG!! Screamed the mother out of joy. Second child!!

–          Yes, but I am not sure why the USG did not detect her earlier.

–          Oh, that is what your standard is, we are not surprised; murmured Mr Gupta, as the mother continued to cry in pain.

–          I am overjoyed today, this brother and sister duo will keep us busy for the next few years. Gupta hugged his wify in love.

–          Tell me how much discount you are going to give us? The woman reeling from labour pain shouted at the doctor.

–          Discount? The doctor was shocked to the core. The maternity package coupon given out by the fertility clinic was for the delivery of one child, not for two.

  •          “Yes, discount. the Bulk discount”. The wife said while she continued to scream in pain.

–          But mam, the coupon was for one child. Now two babies are born so we need to charge the same for the second baby.

–          WTH!! You don’t need to operate again right, how can you take full charge for the birth of the second child. You need to do it for free. Mrs Gupta didn’t stop bargaining even in labour pain.

–          Free :O !! The doctor and the hospital staff were shocked.

–          Yes, for my lovely daughter Adwitiyaa who will take birth now as the second child but will not be second to anyone hence she is Adwityaa. The mother was quick enough to think of a name.

–          It was your mistake that you couldn’t detect her through USG and forced me to bear more pain. This is all the more reason you give me a full discount. The father was listening to his wife’s bargaining power in amazement while he commented.

Doctors had no option but to agree that it was their fault that they could not detect the second child and hence will have to bear the additional expenses of the birth of the second child.

Discount Voucher4Nurse Fathima was looking at the whole episode with bigger eyes. After the delivery was done she went to another fellow nurse Rukma and narrated the episode.

–          Hey Rukma, do you know how lucky is Mrs Gupta?

–          Why what happened?

–          Oh, she just got a great discount on her second childbirth.

–          How?

–          We didn’t detect that she was carrying two children and she bargained during operation to get a 50% off on second childbirth.

–          OMG!! Is that true? Didn’t the delivery coupon given by the insurance company included such exigencies?

–          NO. That is what is surprising, but in this way, we will go out of the business right. If everyone has such surprises then we need to offer huge discounts for every delivery.

–          Hmm..let me think about it.

Rukma was senior to Fathima and hence thought it was her responsibility to discuss the issue with the manager labour room. So she went to Mrs Anjana Kumari for further discussion. She was a feminist leader and recently taken up the responsibility under women empowerment scheme bypassing Dr Sushant Jain, who is at least 5 years senior to her.

Discount Voucher6

You know she wanted a discount for delivery!!

Rukma – Maam!! There is a great problem here. If this continues then soon we will be out of our business.

Kumari – Why what happened?

–          Mrs Gupta just delivered twins.

–          Oh, that is good news. What’s wrong?

–          Maam but their coupon only entitled them for one childbirth. Not the second. It is due to the inefficiency of our USG team we are at a loss.

–          Loss!!! Hmm..what is the second child born?

–          She is a girl maam. The first one is a boy.

–          That’s excellent! Announce that we are happy to give a 100% discount on her birth.

–          100% discount? But can we?

–          Listen, baby. It is very good for the clinic’s popularity. We will show the people that we are empowering women by giving a discount on every birth of girl children. Isn’t that cool?

–          Hmm…ok yes, it is a very good business proposition. We will be famous instantly and people won’t mind this blunder of our USG team.

–          Yes. And that is the way the Powerof49 campaign is successful today, we will also be successful without people catching us for our fault.

–          Yipeee, we have got a good deal too. We will soon announce it on national media and become famous.

Discount Voucher8

Let’s try for a twin tonight!!

At night, Mrs Kumari goes to her house and saw her husband coming out of the bathroom after an evening shower. She tells her husband –

–          You know what happened today?

–          What happened?

–          One woman gave birth to twins and we were forced to give her a 100% discount on the second childbirth as we did not detect the two children in USG earlier.

–          That is so foolish. Are your USG department women all from quota or reservation?

–          Yes, they are but that has helped us in one way.

–          Helped!!!?? How??

–          The second child is a girl child. So, now we can show that we have given this discount for a girl child. This will be a social message against the female feticide and in favour of women empowerment. I am strengthening my PowerOf49 movement.

–          Only until people understand that you fooled them.

–          What fooling? Is it false that we are giving 100% discount on second childbirth? Is it false that the second child is a girl? You men are always jealous of our intelligence.

–          Hmm..intelligence, trying to cover up a blunder and promoting falsehood is your intelligence?

–          Yes, listen I have a plan for ourselves too.

–          What??

–          Let’s try for a twin daughter. I will get that delivery done completely free and may be govt. will pay us money for two girls. That will be a great saving for us and also some cashback from the feminists.

The couple spent a romantic night that night and is now waiting for their USG team to make another pleasant blunder.

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Happy shopping.




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  1. Now it is clear that not a single woman should be blindly trusted and should not be supported also whoever she is. Chanakya pandit also said that the women are master in deceiving, cruel and utterly stupid.


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