This is How Feminists Want To Celebrate IPL

Recently with the IPL session starting, men have started doing crazy things not to miss any single ball of the matches. Reasonably enough their wives has gone crazy with their loneliness. See what happened to those wives –

So Indian feminists raised the question – Why should men have all the fun? They have also started teaching these wives ways to enjoy IPL and not to miss any single ball. Let’s see what these feminists say –

Cricket 1

IPL Ki Baat Hai!  IPL Ki Baat Hai!!

Pati jab ghar se bahar rahete hai!

Mauja lene ka yehi toh time hai!!

Chup chap baith ke faida toh nehi hai!

IPL ki raat hai! Yeh raat jawan hai!!

Child watching IPL

Bachhen jab school se wapas aa jaye!

Khilane ke time pe hi match dekhiye!!

Bachche bhi chupchap khana toh kha lega!

Aur aap ko ek ball bhi miss nehi hoga!!

Meeting 1 Meeting 2

Pati toh apni office mein mast hai!

Meetings ke beech mein hi IPL dekhte hai!!

Presentation toh sirf ek bahana hai!

Starsports unke toh minimized raheta hai!!


Boss bhi unko toh kuch na bol paye!
Khud khud hi aa aa ke IPL ka khabar chahe!!

Aap ka mast hai, ghar ka aap boss hai!

IPL ka mauja le, (kiyun ki) IPL ki baat hai!!

IPL Debate

IPL ki baat hai! IPL ki baat hai!!

Agar aapke bachche bahot chhote ho!

Ek ball bhi aap miss nahi karo!!

Bachche jab roye, usse dudh pilana pade!

Feeding bottle se aapni kaam karein!!

TV set se aapni aankh na hataye!

Kahin ek ball bhi miss na ho jaye!!

Yeh mazedaar ek exciting game hai!

Usse bhi interesting toh iske players hai!!


Cheerleaders ka toh baat hi kuch aur hai!

Cheerleaders ka toh baat hi kuch aur hai!

Iss nashili raaton ki yehi toh sharab hai!!

Yehi hamari narimukti ki nishani hai!

Sab ko humne sex mein duboya hai!!

Aapne liye toh cricketers hi hot hai!!

IPL hot hai! IPL hot hai!!


IPL Hot hai! IPL hot hai!!

Agar ghar mein mehemaan aa jaye!

Agar ghar mein koi mehemaan aa jaye!

Chai ke pan ko TV pe hi raakh de!

IPL hot hai, TV bhi hot hai!!

Inka heat se bani chai bhi hot hai!

Microwave toh bekaar ki waste hai!

TV mein IPL sab se hot hai!!

Pot on TV

IPL Hot hai! IPL hot hai!!

Naari mukti ke iss andolan mein!

IPL ke saath saath aap bhi khara rahe!!


#PowerOf49 hum majboot karenge!

#PowerOf49 hum majboot karenge!!

“Ghar ka kaam hai violence” yeh nara lagayenge!

Saare responsibilities se hum azad karenge!

IPL ke saath saath narimukti layenge!!

Kitchen mein mat jao, aur khana pakao!

Kitchen mein mat jao, aur khana pakao!

Bachchon ko khilane se IPL miss na karo!!

IPL Highlight

In sab mein bhi agar kuch miss ho jaye!

Starsports website hai tumhare liye!!

Aapne mobile ya Tab se login raho!

IPL ke maza raat mein bhi lete raho!!

Couple sleeping

Apni pati jab neend mein bibhor ho!

Tab se match ka highlight dekh lo!!

Pati jab pillow ko cheerleader samajhte ho!

Apne Virat ko aankhon se lipat lo!!

Tumhari raat jawan ho! Saari raat jawan ho!!


Yeh raat jawan hai, IPL ki saath hai!

Yeh raat hot hai, IPL ki saath hai!

IPL ki baat hai, IPL ki raat hai!!

Balo hum sabko bulawoa aya hai……


** Images from internet


  1. It seems that author is narrating his own fantasies and imagined escapades with these cheerleaders.
    Cheerleaders are for spreading cheer, adding to the festive spirit that accompanies the game and motivating the cricketers.

    If the writer and the like-minded receive any other ‘amorous’ joy from such a ‘spectacle’, they are the ones who are wholly responsible for it.

    PS: FYI, Cheerleading is an old school tradition atleast in mine here in Delhi. I was a part of the cheerleading squad at my school at 14 and cheered for guys (16 yo) of my school during the inter-school basketball matches.
    Now, if some adult men in the audience who got their ‘fill’ from seeing innocent 14-yo girls dressed up in mini-skirts, it is their problem.


      • @ parthasadhukhan

        It was just one of the several extra-curriculars that I undertook during my school days. I am not going to list all of them over here.

        Yes, there’s nothing wrong with it, if cheerleaders don’t have any qualms about playing their part, then why should anyone object.
        It’s men who try to commodify it and not the women involved.
        It’s wrong when those men leer at those women.

        I won’t make it an empowerment issue, it is just normal.


    • I think its great that you have the courage to take on such biased, narrow minded people who are unwilling to listen to your point but always willing to talk about how you defy the norm and don’t fit in to the traditional image of a woman. Keep going!


  2. Rashmi,

    You actually enjoy it when men stare at you! And thats why you always want to go semi-naked in public. From your comments, we can figure out what kind of fantasies you are having 😉

    There is nothing wrong with you (or any woman) being in micro-mini skirt but remember, men respect only modest women, and not sluts! Respect has definitely something to do with dressing, isn’t it, little girl?


  3. Please don’t forge that there are many women who genuinely enjoy cricket (like me), women cricket players and male cheerleaders. Sorry if they don’t fit into your ideal of men and women, but you can’t deny their existence.

    Yes, the cheerleaders are conventionally attractive women, but they are there because they dance like nobody’s business and NOT for your pleasure. Yes, many straight women (including me) find cricketers attractive, but we don’t go around vividly and lewdly describing our sexual fantasies with them.

    Respect has NOTHING to do with dressing. Your idea of immoral/ moral/ fits with my culture can be drastically different from someone else’s.
    Respect has everything to do with the way a person treats other humans, the way they carry themselves as members of society and your admiration for their skills. Which is why I think rude commenters like you above don’t deserve it.


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