Sorry Girls!!

Sorry Girls

Sorry Girls!! Sorry for stealing your show on Blogadda forum. But I am here to stay and steal your shows, at times your hearts too. I know, it is bad manners to hurt the beautiful girls like you but I am getting used to it. Hope you will not mind a man entering and conquering a world dominated by women. After all, it should be equal opportunity world right..

My entry to blogging world was purely due to a woman. Right you are, behind every successful man there is a woman and it is true for me as well. You got it right, she was my wife. She was so nice to me that when I was “happily married” I never got an opportunity to think of my full potential. Thinking that I am incapable of achieving anything in life she has left me and showed so much of crude reality of modern man’s life that forced me to join men’s rights in India. One of the men’s rights leaders in India forced me to realize my potential as a writer and start blogging.

So you know, without my wife’s contribution (of showing me the real crude world) I would have never become a writer/blogger. If I were happily married until today, I would have remained a lappy dog instead of the sacred demon as many of my readers consider me today.

Those of you who still didn’t get any opportunity to know me, request you to go through this blog – The Male Factor. Don’t be too surprised for invading into a world of bitching around. After all, that is too trendy nowadays.

So my winning the best blogger award from Blogadda might come to you as a surprise but it is the women like my wife (..and others too ;)) who has provided me the strength and audacity to challenge women in their own bastion, steal their own shows from them and at times steal their hearts too. I understand and agree that women are naturally good at debating, articulating, social networking but nobody has stopped men from mastering these arts too.

Many of you have excellent blogs that inspire and enchant many including me and will continue to do so for years. I have personally learned a lot from many of your blogs. Most of my personal favorite bloggers are women and I really appreciate them for their good work. Even as an MRA I have no problem in admitting the supremacy of women in some work if they are really good at it or even better than me. Well, there are some excellent male bloggers too who forces me to think. But incidentally, my first two favorite bloggers are women, one of them very young and nearly half my age. Still, I learn a lot from her and it is my wish to get this prize from her may be the first congratulatory hug too. Other girls out there..please don’t get jealous, she is too young for me and you all still have a chance. 😉 But I need to dedicate my win to the men’s rights of India, that has provided me the much-needed strength and zeal to continue blogging in a grand manner.

My dear blogger friends, the finest wordsmiths of India – all you guys and these blogging contests have made me addicted to blogging today like never before. A person who is never addicted to anything including tobacco, alcohol or even women, is addicted to blogging today. My previous organization got scared of my blogging and thought instead of project delivery I would deliver my blogs to the clients one day. Many times my manager caught me blogging for some stupid blogging contest instead of creating dull documentation for my projects. I really wish someone paid me for my blogging and I could quit working for the capitalist world. 🙂

But this is the sweetest addiction that I don’t want to renounce. Whatever name and recognition I have earned in international forums today, that is all because of my blogging and because of my association with Men’s Rights in India. This social cause has given me sustenance and provided me with enough resources to exploit my full creativity. I am rather enjoying my singleton, my manhood and my prominence in the blogging world. Until another girl steps in my life and forces me with her love to be a lappy dog once again. Until then, girls I am very sorry to rule in your bastion with élan and steal your hearts. But I can’t help it, it has become my habit you know..

This is My Winning Speech on being rewarded the BlogAdda Blog Awards”

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