Genpact AVP’s Death is Linked To Nirbhaya Protests, Not #MeToo

Swaroop Raj – The Genpact AVP accused of sexual harassment

If you are the one who has joined the protestors after Nirbhaya incident; congratulations, you are now officially one of the murderers of a senior executive of Genpact, Noida – Swaroop Raj. If you don’t understand it yet, read on.

Nirbhaya incident in Dec 2012 shook the whole world, India went in a war like situation where almost the entire nation was on the streets protesting against the incident. If you were one among others who went out to join the thousands of protesters who blocked roads, chocked cities, without realizing the real agenda of foreign paid feminists, you are the one who is responsible for the suicide (or should I say murder) of Swaroop Raj, AVP of Genpact, Noida.

If you are the one who didn’t listen to a handful of us, called the MRAs, against creating unending madness post Nirbhaya, as we understood the feminist propaganda behind the outrage and continuing the outrage to permanently jeopardize the society in future; you have not only added to the madness that led to the suicide of Swaroop, but you have paved way to a possible future like him for your near and dear ones as well. It’s only a matter of time, that your actions in 2012-13 will haunt you.

The moment Nirbhaya happened, the way it was projected in media, we MRAs understood how much lies were floating around, how many stories were being created by media and foreign paid feminist NGOs, the UN etc. But when we tried to sensitize the people we got death threats. But we fought and continued to fight for months against millions of people to stop this madness without caring for our reputation or life. We knew what was coming but we were insignificant to non-recognizable. Everyone thought of us as potential rapists. That was the time when we warned everyone about the potential future implications of Nirbhaya protests – here.

The Sexual Harassment at Workplace bill was not a law by then. But after Nirbhaya, thanks to media support, foreign money and India’s (or your) emotional foolishness, helped the feminists (read terrorists) strengthening their demand to pass many unrelated laws including the Sexual Harassment at Workplace, as I have written just after a few days of Nirbhaya, in Dec 2012. If you have not listened to that and joined the protests and created support for such outrageous one-sided feminist defined laws; don’t be surprised if you are shown as one of the murderers of the Genpact executive.

If the initial warning was not enough, the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill was explained in detail here, in this February 28, 2013 article. That was the time when it was presented in the parliament first. But what forced the presentation of the bill in parliament? The Nirbhaya protests that YOU all were a part of. The Nirbhaya protests that were heavily funded by the foreign bodies through Feminist NGOs in India.

All the nuances of the bill were clarified by us before it was made into a law. But the madness with which India went to demand punishment for rapists, forced them to be blind to the reality that was about to haunt them, and if we had Swaroop Raj as a victim where is the surprise? Whatever he had suffered was as per the process described in this law and this was made law because of mad protests of millions of people post Nirbhaya. That time you would have thought how helpless, how much victimized Indian women were, but the real intention behind those sustained protests was different.

Now for those who are saying, Genpact acted in haste, before completion of their internal inquiry they suspended Swaroop or they didn’t report the incident to police etc.; you need to know that this is the process in Sexual Harassment Act. That is what we protested. But others, who went to Nirbhaya protests bashed us, many men were ready to get false cases but wanted these laws passed. I will not be surprised if Swaroop himself was one of those. So, if these unfortunate cases happen, then who is/are responsible?

Many are saying that this is #MeToo. But you need to understand #MeToo is a recent phenomenon and it is not backed by evidence and mainly social media hype. #MeToo also don’t restrict to only workplace harassment and the SHWP is the basis of #MeToo. These activists just extended the SHWP concepts. In the Genpact case, the case would have remained unknown to us if Swaroop didn’t commit suicide. Now you may be asking why did he commit suicide if he hadn’t done anything wrong? I would say, that is how average law fearing individuals behave. Maybe we all need to be seasoned criminals now so that such allegations do not matter to us.

Read – Now Men Need to be Proud Rapists

In fact, all of you who went to Nirbhaya protests, should not be sad or frustrated if your near and dear ones die like this. This is the society you all, the Nirbhaya protesters wanted. So, this is what you have got. You should celebrate because whatever society you wanted to create, is created now. Looks like democracy is working. Only thing is that you should realize (the hard way though) that democracy should not work. Because it needs sane experts to draft laws, not emotional fools. But aha…your democracy is working. Do you feel proud?

In the end, I will reiterate what I have said immediately after Nirbhaya after seeing the unprecedented protests –

“Congratulations India! You have just ensured your own death sentence!!”



  1. […] In the 2019 CJI case, the woman was screwed by other criminal complaints (filed by someone else, but that’s how judges can exert power) and the woman was arrested in no time. Also, the Supreme court has set up a committee to investigate into the matter besides ordering a CBI inquiry (no, the Genpact AVP Swaroop Raj’s family didn’t get such privilege, so he had to commit suicide). […]


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