Behind the Scenes of Scary Gender Politics is The Agony of Trans Life Survivors

Trans life survivors
Trans Life Survivors – Book Cover

“Congratulations!! It’s a boy.”

“Oh wait!! We can’t assign a gender to ‘them’ yet. Let the baby decide their own gender because we don’t know if ‘they’ are a female trapped in a male body”.

In the realm of scary gender politics that hates to identify itself in the binary world of genders, an increasing number of our children are continuously pushed to believe that they may be trapped in the wrong body. The liberalism that wants the baby to choose ‘their’ gender and takes ‘them’ through transitioning to a new gender, after all, may not be bringing a ‘good’ life the trans activists promise.

Walt Heyer, a world-renowned speaker on transgender people; author of books like ‘Paper Genders’, ‘A Transgender’s Faith’ and ‘Gender, Lies, and Suicide’ shows in his recently published book ‘Trans Life Survivors’ how some people are being fooled by the politically correct trans agenda. Walt himself had lived a transgender woman’s life for 8 years before detransitioning back to a male, his original assigned gender at birth and now lives with his wife of 21 years.

In his latest book, Trans Life Survivors, published in October 2018, Walt published letters from 30 trans life survivors who wrote to him about their agony as transsexual individuals and how trans activists have failed them by false promises about gender reassignment therapies and surgeries. Some of these individuals have either already detransitioned back to their original gender assigned at birth or were planning to do so.

Walt Heyer, who himself lived the life of a transitioned female for 8 years, told why he wrote this book –

“I wrote this book because I want others to catch a glimpse of the raw emotions and experiences of people who are harmed by this grand – and dangerous – experiment of cross-sex hormones and surgical affirming procedures”.

Every email or the Trans survivor stories that he included in this book tells about the sad and harmful experiences of these people. In Walt’s own words, these survivors “found that changing gender is a folly, a temporary reprieve not a lifelong solution to their pain or disorder.”

He has published stories from individuals of all ages. They had apparently different reasons to go for sex-change operations, but Walt Heyer found some commonality in those apparently distinct cases, too.

Billy, a small skinny boy, who was abused in his childhood by his friends and Swimming instructor started hating his gender. Wanted to chop off his penis and started cross-dressing as a female. He thought his permanent solace was in being a female, that is where he belonged to. But after his gender reconstruction surgery, he realized that his pain was not over. The psychological scar was not healed but increased. So, he detransitioned back to a male after 8 years of living as a transgender female.

Walt observed that the cases of children hating their own gender because of childhood abuse are very common. In fact, his own story was similar. But the gender therapists in today’s America rush to prescribe hormonal drugs, puberty blockers and go for gender reassignment surgeries without giving the psychological healing requirements a thought.

Another letter from a Guinness Record Holder for his sex-change surgeries, Blair, is even intriguing. He had undergone 167 gender reaffirming surgeries between 1987 to 2005 and thus secured a place in Guinness World record. So many surgeries showed his urge to change his gender permanently but with every surgery, he got worse. Walt commented that this case showed how vague is the claim of gender rights activists, who claim that there are rigorous requirements in place to prevent ‘Sex change regrets’. In 2005, after 167 surgeries, all Blair had was a body disfigured by multiple surgeries and a big hole in his bank account to the tune of $220,000.

Some transgender people like Rick pointed out to the need of approval requirements for such surgeries to be so stringent that it becomes almost prohibitory.

Some boys who suffer from Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome or Androgynous are low on Testosterone and do not develop secondary male characteristics like developing beard, thick voice, muscular body etc. during their puberty. These unwanted surgeries and hormonal therapies by supposedly qualified surgeons only inflict more pain and PTSD to them.

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Some men suffer from Transvestic fetish, a condition of extreme sexually driven cross-dressing, in their young age. Walt explains this extreme fetish as ‘not being a female’. One such ‘transvestic’ person whose therapists misguided him into gender reassignment surgery, later repented like this –

No, the sex-change surgery didn’t change my sex/gender either. It just made my day unbearable and a living hell’.

Most often even phalloplasty (addition of a penis to a man) isn’t enough for the deconstruction of the original male gender. It always feels as fake. No erection, no feeling.

Those who transition from female to male (F-T-M) undergo a lot of pain, too. They need a double mastectomy to remove their breasts and hormone therapy will eventually grow their facial hair and muscles. But when they remove their Uterus, they can’t get back their femininity forever. So, when after a few years they regret their sex change, they have no option but to live a botched-up life.

Very often this botched up identity create enormous psychological harm to a gender dysphoric person. Like was found in the tale of Kyle Scanlon suicide. Kyle was a successful trans leader in Toronto, Canada and he was not only respected but was well connected. He had achieved everything that a trans person can dream of. However, that was not enough, he committed suicide in July 2012.

Walt has analyzed Kyle’s death in a very objective manner. He has shown that the claim of LGBT community leaders that the high rate of suicide among trans people is due to social unacceptance of trans people. However, Kyle’s case an eye-opener where there was no problem of social acceptance. In fact, Walt has shown that this is due to depression of his unfulfilled dreams of getting the right gender even after gender reaffirming surgery. This, in Walt’s opinion, is a problem of the popular perception in the LGBT community that gender transformation is the long-lasting solution for gender dysphoric persons. Walt says, “The suicides continue because doctors fail to effectively diagnose and treat the comorbid mental disorders”.

Among other cases, were the cases of Autogynephilia which is a disorder where a male fantasizes himself as a female. This disorder, Walt says, can very often be mistreated as gender-dysphoric behaviour and psychologists prescribe gender change therapies.

Very often a childhood exposure to pornography or immoral behaviour by a person of the same gender creates hatred in the child’s mind about one’s own gender. So, it becomes important for parents to keep the pornography material away from the child’s reach. In one story that was narrated by a mother about her son showed how the child started hating his own gender because of his father’s immoral behaviour and extramarital relations and exposing him to pornography.

This book narrates many stories of how the regulatory bodies of transgender health fail the community mostly in detransitioning efforts. Often the botched-up surgeries are blamed on the patients and the doctors are not punished for not following the stringent filtration process. This frustrates many transgender people who need psychological help the most.

Other psychological disorders like, dissociative disorders (multiple-identity disorder) or borderline personality disorders are often treated with gender-confirming surgery.

One thing that these stories highlight in unison is that the trans people remain fearful throughout their life about other finding out the truth about themselves. Many got married but got divorced in no time. They don’t get any meaningful family or can lead to a successful role of the reassigned (artificial) gender. Those who transition from female to male by adding fake penis, don’t get a proper erection. Those who become male to female, can’t bear children. These thoughts also keep haunting them in their peace of mind.

Thus transgender people very often feel as fake and suffer from deep depression. Stories after stories we find this frustration coming out from them. Frustration against their own community leaders, who have ever promised them that they could live a successful life in their alter gender.

But why are detransitioning efforts not known to many? As Walt puts it, the left-leaning media doesn’t want to cover these stories. They want to project their one-sided stories that all trans people are happy. Trans people who are not happy, fear coming out in the open because they fear a social backlash. Because if they ever did that, that would mean ‘they’ made a wrong decision to change their gender. It becomes their problem when in reality their therapists would have prompted them for gender change therapies. The social propaganda on LGBT also would have added to that decision making. But when one decides to detransition back to one’s original gender, one loses all support, even from one’s own physicians and therapists.

Walt Heyer has also explained the gender dysphoria. He says – Gender confusion and distress develop early in life from trauma, grief, stress, feeling of abandonment or a deep loss, or simply from the feeling of being abused without being abused in reality.

Walt’s book also mentions studies that show the disorders that the gender dysphoric persons suffer from. These are mentioned in the book – “Axis I’” comorbid disorders – anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive, dissociative, bipolar, schizophrenia, personality, narcissism, separation anxiety, and body dysmorphic disorder. 

This book, Trans Life Survivors, brings the much-needed awareness for general people on a tabooed topic of detransitioning back to their original genders. The transitioned people will find a wealth of information and much-needed encouragement in their detransition journey from this book. This book explains the Trans psychological problems with care and shows the depth of knowledge Walt Heyer has on the topic. Walt’s agenda is politically incorrect agenda like mine, so I understood the points about media and universities he mentioned. In simple terms, the book Trans Life Survivors is a great weapon for the cheated transsexuals who can now start asking relevant questions to the governing bodies to make a difference for our future generation kids.


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  1. I don’t think we should limit pornography so much, but I definitely see the dangers of current gender politics. Especially the obvious dangers of giving hormones to children. But porn really isn’t the problem, just another symptom, although the human body has certainly lost the sacredness it once held. Each individual loses value as more ae produced, similar to currency inflation.

    Our real problem is overpopulation. And “problem” isn’t the best word; overpopulation and extinction are a natural occurrence, a cycle just like climate change. But that doesn’t mean we have to like it. Especially in rodents and primates, the effects of overcrowding can be quite unpleasant for many individuals.

    Biochemical changes associated with overcrowding range from scizophrenia to autism. These are most commonly seen in densely-packed urban areas, but will spread as the city overtakes the country. The internet also greatly facilitates this. Other symptoms of overpopulation include gender dysphoria, asexuality, hypersexuality, infertility, birth defects, infanticide, suicide, and behaviors similar to modern feminism. Different people are affected differently.


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