This Is Why Women Interns Are Rejected In Kolkata High Court?

First published on Merinews as “Mindless talks of ‘feminism’ is not women empowerment; it is only making men insecure”

Kolkata High Court judges refuse to take female interns. This shows how the gender biased legislation in the country is creating havoc in the minds of men and how both the genders are feeling insecure about the situation. This article also provides a way out from this situation.
Kolkata High CourtRecently there is a news that Kolkata HC judges are refusing to take female interns. Looks like some of them in fact written a letter stating that unless cameras are installed in his chamber he is not going to accept any female interns.There are protests from the law students against this decision saying – “judges themselves are violating fundamental rights of the individuals that the judges themselves are supposed to uphold”.

The law curriculum demands that each student be familiar with the modalities of the profession by working under a senior advocate or a judge. Under the current situation, however, they are deprived of this training simply because men sitting in the highest chairs are afraid of country’s gender biased laws that can ruin anyone and everyone.

In this scenario, the law intern who accused Justice Ganguly of harassment is blamed. Advocates reasoned that she should have raised a complaint with police instead of writing a blog about her harassment that eventually became viral and justice Ganguly had to suffer.

Another woman lawyer opined that this situation of fear and lack of mutual trust will go away once the media glare goes away from such crimes.

This case of judges refusing to take female interns is a blatant outcome of our gender biased laws that does not punish the false accusers. So far the sufferings of innocent common men were kept under wraps as none of those common men was powerful enough to be heard in national forums. So these men have suffered legal atrocities silently.

There is a culture developed by feminists that anyone speaking against false cases or punishment of women for leveling false accusations is termed as male chauvinist or misogynist. However, the truth can never be suppressed for long and it is out today. If High Court judges are afraid of this situation how will common men feel safe in India? However, a picture is projected by the mainstream media that Indian women are oppressed and violated frequently.

A careful analysis of this situation tells us that in India by making separate provision for Çrimes Against Women is the root cause why such crimes are always aggravated to a higher extent for popular vote bank politics. This had a snowball effect as every political party wanted to gain attention through projecting crimes against women and the failure of the party in power in securing the people who are ‘physically weak’. The only reason crime against children has never got so much attention like the crime against women is because children are not voting banks but women are and women consist of 50% votes in India.

Now a section of the population that support these gender biased legislation also demand special protection for them. For instance, in this case, an advocate who blamed the law intern for writing blog on Justice Ganguly, conveniently forgot that so far when common men were accused they were conveniently slaughtered in public media even without the charges being proven against them.

This situation not only tells us the danger of not punishing the false accusers but also alarms common men in India that no matter how tough the law is, some section of the society will always demand special treatment under the same, while the common man continues to suffer. If a common man is accused of harassment tomorrow, the people who are condemning the victim and media now will demand death penalty then.

Therefore, it is important that we understand the danger of this situation at the earliest and take punitive measures for all false complainants. For that, we need a strong and effective implementation of legal provisions and appropriate police reforms. That will not only ensure justice for the real victims but will create mutual trust between the two genders. That will ensure true women empowerment and men will not feel insecure about the same.


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