Feminist Author Blames Men For 100% Unwanted Pregnancies

After I wrote this article that selective sterilization of Indian females can bring gender equality in reproductive rights in India, I was contacted on Twitter by someone who asked me to read a twitter thread by a feminist writer, who claimed that men are 100% responsible for ALL unwanted pregnancies. When I checked her profile and twitter thread, I found that she claims to be the best-selling author of NYT.

Gabrielle Blair – The Feminist who claimed men are 100% responsible for unwanted pregnancies

In her Twitter profile, she claims, her blog has the most thoughtful parenting conversation on the web. Well, I have not seen her blog and don’t care but I considered that to be true and considered her as an expert in this field. An NYT best-selling author is supposed to be good in her area as well.

So, I checked her series of tweets to understand why she claimed that men are 100% responsible for all unwanted pregnancies. Here’s what I found –

In her first two tweets, she claimed that she had a good understanding of abortion because she was a mother of six and a ‘Mormon’. Yes, ‘Mormon’. If you read it as ‘moron’ by mistake, well, hold on to your thoughts, you never know what comes out in the end –

Women's Reproductive Rights

In first two of her tweets, she claimed that men are 100% responsible for all unwanted pregnancies and even though ‘it takes two’ to give birth to any child, she claimed, it was men who were primarily responsible for all such pregnancies.

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So, I read on to understand how she claimed that men are 100% responsible for all unwanted pregnancies and women are not responsible at all. In fact, I was curious because I thought it to be completely opposite, i.e women were 100% responsible instead. So, I read her explanation –

Women's Reproductive Rights1

She said, all unwanted pregnancies are caused by irresponsible ejaculation (by men) and she tried to be logical to explain this as well.

She claimed since women can get pregnant only 2-days a month but men can ejaculate from puberty till death, so men can impregnate women all 365 days a year. The assumption here, as you can understand, is a man is having sex with multiple partners. Because if we think of monogamy and a man having only one partner, and when his partner can conceive only on 2-days of a month, then the questions whether a man can impregnate 365-days doesn’t arise. Also, when we see a woman can conceive only on two days in her monthly cycle, and she is the one who has the best knowledge about those two days, why can’t she just refrain from having sex on those days. Isn’t it that simple to avoid all unwanted pregnancies? Where is any man coming into this picture at all? This understanding, in fact, makes women responsible for ALL unwanted pregnancies. Well, we are not talking about the sexual assault of any kind here and in this discussion, we are only considering consensual sex between two adults. So, where is the question of any man being responsible for unwanted pregnancies coming here?

Regarding men’s ejaculation, whatever she said is only partly true and I am sure all of you realize that as well. No man can ejaculate any number of times even if he wants. Also, with each ejaculation, his sperm count and quality drops and that can hardly impregnate a woman, even theoretically. So, someone who based her theory on some imagination, went on to conclude that men are 100% responsible for all unwanted pregnancies and abortions and there are thousands of people who believed that crap as well (see the number of retweets and likes to each tweet, you will know).

So, what it really takes to be an NYT best-selling author? Your ability to put forward some crap on the internet 24X7, blaming men and patriarchy in a way that decent men with some self-respect don’t even counter you.

But her crappy posts didn’t stop here. Next set of tweets show us exactly what happens when a narcissist is given too much importance, even on social media. See how she makes a big fool of herself.

She tried to be logical in next set of tweets and claimed that women contraceptives are very harmful, has side-effects, and there are so many side-effects, that when a men’s oral contraceptive was in the experimentation stage, it was not approved. Just think about her insanity here. She was talking about women’s contraceptive pills and suddenly switched over to men’s one. What is even funnier is that she has not even properly read or understood why men’s oral contraceptive project was shelved before tweeting like a fool –

Women's Reproductive Rights2

The article she referred to is here. If she has even taken her time to go beyond the headline and read the article and the original paper to understand what kind of side effects led to the stoppage, she would have read this –

“The cumulative reversibility of suppression of spermatogenesis after 52 weeks of recovery was 94.8 per 100 continuing users (95% CI, 91.5–97.1)

So, 95% of men would have regained their normal sperm-producing ability after 52 weeks of stopping the injections. In other words, men could probably use this contraceptive pill, at the risk of losing their ability to reproduce for one year, and we all know men’s sperm actually degenerate as they age. Whereas in the case of women, it’s not like this. Whenever they want to get pregnant they can just stop taking pills. As simple as that. So, Blair’s assumption that men need to be blamed for not developing their own birth control pill is very superfluous.

When we talk about side effects, like acne, headache, mood swings etc, again it is not recommended for men at all. This is because, even today, it is the men who need to go out, be the primary bread-winner for the family, work in hazardous and highly competitive world to feed women – who sit at home, may or may not bear his children but will almost always ask for maintenance, and over and above all, will continue shouting oppression by the same person.

Most women don’t work in the competitive environment, there is no quality measure to their household work (if at all they do it), they can’t be questioned if their children are drug addicts, abusive or sex maniacs, they will still get maintenance. So, the point is, if they are taking pills and getting depression or acne and then committing domestic violence, does anyone care? Oh, you will say, in US people do care, but please check the consequences to a man and a woman and compare and you will know.

In the next set of tweets, Blair continues her rant against men –

Women's Reproductive Rights3

She claimed that women’s birth control pill requires a doctor’s prescription (as if it is a BIG deal) and hard to get (lol). Even though I agree to her that compared to buying a condom for men, it is difficult. But at the end of the day, who bears all these expenses? The MAN himself. So, unless she talks about the side-effects of using oral-contraceptives, which I already proved are much more for men, she was only talking nonsense.

She continued her funny, immature and illiterate way of twitter rants in next set of tweets when she claimed that men remove condoms midway of having sex, without the consent of the woman –

Women's Reproductive Rights4

Even in India about slightly more than 2% of couples are using the ‘withdrawal’ method for contraception. So maybe some men really have the capability of doing these stunts while in the act.

She gave a reference for some ‘research’ that said, men, do remove condoms. If you read the Huffington Post article and also the research paper (link in the article), you will know that the ‘research’ was done based on interviewing some college students. Even though there is a lot of questions regarding such ‘interview’ based research, to save our time, let’s consider the research to be real, and stealthing (or removal of a condom by males during consensual sex) does happen. There is no doubt that it may harm both, but what is the guarantee that it is only men who are removing, or what is the guarantee that the ‘researcher’ was honest while writing her thesis?

Still, if we consider some men removing condoms, that doesn’t make 100% of men responsible for all ‘unwanted pregnancies’.

…and so the ‘intelligent’, ‘best-selling’ author of NYT, intelligently give her other arguments based on the ‘pull-out’ method –

Women's Reproductive Rights5

I have already shown you that even in India, slightly more than 2% of couples use this technique of ‘withdrawal’ (I can understand what it feels guys). But Blair’s point was mental trauma and anxiety a girl has to undergo when she has unwanted sex with condoms removed.

So, while describing the inefficiency of the ‘pull-out’ method, she refers to this article. Again, without questioning the validity of the article, let’s assume that ‘pull-out’ is only 80% effective as the article says. Now, for the 20% of the cases where it is not effective, is it all fault of the man, or is there any chance of the woman forcing the man to cum inside her? Oh yeah, that happens a lot of time. My adulterous wife forced me to cum inside her just before showing me that she was pregnant. She did this because she wanted to hide the fact that the child she was carrying was someone else’s child. Yes, that was an unwanted child for me.

Her last set of tweets is not only crappiest of the lot but shows her unstable mind. Here she said –

Women's Reproductive Rights7

Here she claimed, “a woman can be ‘sluttiest slut’ and have multiple orgasms a day, but those will not make her pregnant unless a man irresponsibly ejaculates in her”. Very wrong. I already gave the example of my slutty ex-wife who wanted to cover up her pregnancy with her boyfriend, and hence engaged in sexual intercourse.

Also, on responsibility, Blair was wrong on so many aspects. Every man knows that he can be charged with rape or false child-support and his life and career may be ruined for unwanted pregnancies. So, her assumption that men do not bother about any unwanted pregnancy is completely wrong.

This is what is feminism for you. A best-selling author claimed something on Twitter and don’t be surprised if this new theory is included in the study of feminism from now on. Probably you can check gender studies curriculum of a prominent, ‘progressive’ university. Don’t be surprised if this becomes a new UN agenda now.


[This is a part of Modern Feminism Series, where I discuss all modern feminist theories, their origin and why those theories are wrong.

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