This Is The Shocking Reality of 2014 VIBGYOR School Rape Case

Parents protesting against rape of VIBGYOR student

Image – PTI

Remember the rape of 3-year old school kid in a school in Bangalore by her teacher last year? – the case that had taken the country to storm same time last year. To freshen your memory I have some news items from our premier media here –

Student rape in Bangalore

Please note the following in above-mentioned news –

“Former NCW Chief Mamta Sharma today said that the government must arrange sensitization programs via NGOs in schools and colleges and also for the police force.

Activist Geeta Menon, speaking to Times Now, suggested that all schools should set-up a sexual harassment board immediately and labour laws, too, should be modified to address these concerns.”

It looks like all these news items have some Purpose behind them and feminists demand of setting up some committees in schools and letting the NGOs enter the school in the disguise of these committees reveal that they have some money agenda behind all these claims. This is made to look like existing police and school authorities are NOT ENOUGH to deal with safety in our schools. Only if we understood that all such complaints are ‘alleged’ and not proven, but still we react vigorously to each of these without trying to understand the criminal minds playing behind such news at the expense of some people.

India Today reported the incident like this –

Student rape in Bangalore1

Please note that India Today reported the hurt in a manner which the readers think as rape.

Please see Yahoo India added the fact that “Incidents of child abuse has become a regular affair in Bangalore” just to tickle the concern for your child in school.

Student rape in Bangalore2

We can’t forget what followed the incident in Bangalore. All Bangalore residents will know and remember that for years. After one year of the incident, the investigation reveals that the accused was not even present in that school in a time of the incident –

Student rape in Bangalore3
Surprisingly when the case was proved to be false, media became silent on reporting

Please note what the AGM of the school has said – “If there was any other man in his place, he would have met the same fate,”

Yes, this is how men are shamed in our country today. They are silently thrown out of our school and education system by such allegations and making men look dangerous creatures for our children. These criminal mothers and women NGO workers are not even punished when they continue to hunt for their new scapegoats and ruin their lives.

Nagraj and likes of him had no fault except they are all men. The problem is with us – common Indians who believe all such allegations to be true and start reacting vigorously. Please note what women NGO workers demanded (mentioned in Firstpost article). They wanted entry of NGOs in schools so that they can make money. Yes, it is a BIG money game being played in India in the name of sex education, child sensitization etc.

Are you aware?


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  1. Who will ask Media? Who will punish Media? I called couple of Media in bangalore some time back, there is no proper response.

    If any thing happens to woman, total society start coming together. There are many Women NGO’s. These people will file complaint and file PIL in court.

    But in case of men, who is there? Still now i have not heard any PIL filed for men issues.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is the real criminal mind of the women empowerment nothing is important to them but only money money. There is a saying “Ya khuda paisa khuda toh nahi, par ussi khuda ki kasam paisa khuda se kam bhi nahi”. One shd have greed of money to his requirement only not destroying anyone’s life. #StopAbuseOfMen #MenAreHumanToo #RespectMen. Remember all women are not Goddess and not all men are devil. Make rape law gender neutral. Men also raped everyday by women. As per the WCD child abuse survey for 100 children proved that 53% of sexual abuse is on boy child and 47% abuse of girl child. Imagine if the documented figures are high in boys case then what would be the real figures. This sensitization and crying every time rape will not lead India anywhere rather people will loose interest in this rape drama. Shame on media #FeminismIsAwful #FeministIsCruelty #FeminismIsTerrorism


  3. […] The sensational 2014 rape of a 3 year old Bengaluru school girl was imagination of her mother. The mother misconstrued urinary infection in her daughter’s private parts as signs of rape. This had created huge public outrage in Bangalore in Dec 2014, all because of a mother’s statement. Later it was found that Nagraj was not even present in school on the day of the alleged rape. But Nagraj lost everything in his life. He lost his dignity, he lost his job, family everything. Details here […]


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