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Earlier I showed you how Amitabh Bachchan Starrer Pink has spread some feminist lies and used our emotion to create a dangerous future for us. Sridevi starrer newly released movie MOM is spreading some very dangerous lies that are not only harmful to us today but will be dangerous for the future generation as well.

When it comes to promoting victimhood of women, feminists are always way ahead and they can make anyone cry with their emotional dialogues and top notch actors. MOM the film will also score all these points from the perspective of a movie as it takes its audience in a roller coaster ride of a feminist theory called – “Secondary Victimization of Rape Victims” along with its actors. In simple terms, this theory says, the handful of women rape victims (males don’t figure there as they say males can’t be raped by females) who come to the legal system for justice, is denied justice by the patriarchal justice system.

The movie MOM shows us exactly how that happens without really talking about any theory but it touches all our hearts. Average males watching this movie is bound to feel ashamed that they are men. Average women will feel agitated not only against the legal system but also against the known and unknown men in their lives. Result – a more agitated Indians who in the emotional roller coaster ride won’t realize how much feminist lies they were fed in.

The movie MOM takes us first on the emotional ground that it connects us to our MOMs and make us feel proud of any MOM (like we are for our mothers). Sridevi successfully stole all those points with her brilliant acting. The misunderstanding of a new gen kid to her foster mother also showed the hardships a stepmom faces (another feminist agenda to show how much problems women face). Yes, taking the place of a kid’s mother is never easy and we all know how cruel most of the stepmoms have been.

But the problem with MOM the movie lies somewhere else and the reason these problems need to be discussed immediately because this movie deals with a very important social issue and a very heinous crime – rape. To aggravate the matter, it was shown as gang rape and hence these lies need to come out to the people immediately.

Lie #1 in MOM – Witness of someone whose blood alcohol content is 0.08% can’t be believed

Fact – In Indian legal system anybody including a lunatic can give testimony if one can understand the question and gives sensible answers. The victim shown in the movie might be drunk while she was raped but her blood alcohol content was 0.08% the lower limit to bar one from driving. But it is unlikely that one will not register anything of the crime happening against oneself with that alcohol content. MOM the film shows in defense lawyer’s claim that her blood alcohol content was 0.08% and hence her testimony can’t be trusted.

Lie #2 in MOM – Accused found in the party by Sridevi two hours after the victim went missing. Court took this as a proof that the accused didn’t commit the crime.

Fact – In such cases of gang rape always the CCTV footage is checked first. Checking the CCTV footage of the party could have made it clear whether the accused were there throughout or they came back after committing the crime. This is done as a minimum in every sensitive investigation especially when the victim’s statement and subsequent accused (the guard) statements also corroborated the fact. However, surprisingly the movie MOM didn’t show this happening in a desperate way to show that criminals do go free because such cases are not proved in court. Whereas the reality is just the opposite.

Lie #3 in MOM – Accused phone was in the party zone, so the prosecution could not prove that they were out.

Fact – In these cases, police check the CCTV footage of various establishments and crossings to determine how many people were traveling in the car. Also, if any of the accused were using any other number that could be traced using IMEI number of the device and police does all these verification and none were shown in the film MOM to portray as if in India there is no investigation happens in rape cases even when we have a very willing honest police officer (like Akshaye Khanna) in the movie.

Lie #4 in MOM – Only the driver was out with the vehicle with his girlfriend and the prosecution could not prove that wrong

Fact – Again a prosecution miss that never happens in a real-life sensitive case as shown in the movie. Police always investigate the girlfriend’s whereabouts and mobile details to corroborate facts stated by any accused. This is also not done only in a desperate way to show everyone that in such cases proper investigation does not happen.

Lie #5 in MOM – Victim gave her statement after three days so no semen sample could be collected before that and hence the real criminals were not traced

Fact – This is way too much to digest for anyone having some basic information about forensic sciences. Someone with some knowledge of rape investigation and the subsequent medical procedure can see a wider lie here. However, in our roller coaster ride of emotions, we don’t notice the following points.

For such violent and serious crime like a gangrape, semen is not the only evidence that can prove the identity of the criminals. In such intimate crimes hair and other tissue of the criminals also gets over to the victim. Semen can also stay for an indefinite period unless destroyed in the drying process. A forensic examination of victims clothes for semen, hair, and tissues could easily identify the culprits. And this evidence can be used even after the death of the victim and after several days of the incident. DNA fingerprinting is a process that can expose criminals even after years. Hair samples do not get disposed or decomposed easily and can be used to establish forensic facts.

Lie #6 in MOM – Semen sample collected only after the victim gave her statement

Fact – Highly unlikely in a gang rape case of the magnitude and sensitivity shown in the movie. The victim was brought to the hospital the next morning by police and the first procedure in this is to preserve victim’s clothes for forensic evidence. A top-notch hospital (as shown in the movie MOM) and involved police are highly unlikely to miss that point and preserve evidence. This shows how desperate the movie makers were to show that in India gang rape victims don’t get justice and why ONLY victim’s statement needs to be taken as most reliable over everything else.

Why Sridevi starrer MOM is harmful to us?

I have explained in MOM review so far that this movie shows a highly sensitive and serious social issue and hence everything shown in the movie needs to be taken very seriously because it portrays a very important part of the society and bears a lot of importance for our future.

#1 – MOM the movie is harmed because it spreads lies about our criminal justice system

As explained above in 6 points, Sridevi starrer MOM showed a desperate attempt to promote the feminist theory of ‘Secondary Victimization of Rape Victims’ that claims rape victims do not get justice in our present justice system. This movie shows a young girl from a highly educated and wealthy family being raped and not getting justice and it forces the audience to think that average girls won’t even go anywhere if raped. This creates a kind of hatred against the system which creates a ground for more stringent laws that can jeopardize our future.

#2 – Court observed ‘Lakh criminals may go free, but one innocent should not be punished’.

This observation came along with the observation that even though rape happened, it could not be established that the accused did the rape. In this context, we also see the father of the victim stating about Supreme Court statement that a victim’s statement should be given prime importance in a rape case. MOM the film basically shows how ineffective and unnecessary that SC statement is. This is nothing but a feminist ploy to make Victim’s statement alone is enough to prosecute an accused.

Those of you who watched the movie probably was swayed by this and wanted victim’s statement to be given primary importance that the movie in a fraudulent way showed rape victims don’t get justice. You need to remember that in India, rape cases were filed on whims of a mother in Bulandshahr UP, based on the assumption of villagers as in Badaun, UP or based on some imagination of a mother of a school kid.

Also, it is a matter of time that Marital Rape may be criminalized and the exception from IPC 375 will be taken out. Once that happens any wife can file a marital rape case on husband on divorce (like we see a 498a case today).

Now imagine, if we start punishing all rape accused based on the statement of victims how many innocents will be punished and where our law and order situation will go.

#3 – MOM the film creates a justification for committing a crime like castrating the accused or killing one by the victim or her near one.

The movie MOM creates enough frustration in the minds of its viewers about existing investigation procedure in rape cases and creates a perception that even if one gets raped, one can’t expect justice. This is done at a time when filing rape case became so easy and nonpunishable that anyone can file such a case to ruin a man’s life. Feminist propaganda of ‘making victim’s statement as primary evidence’ and ‘secondary victimization of rape victims’ creates the need of such leniency as movies like MOM keep on emotionally blackmailing us into agreeing to their views. Today, we know a Kerala godman was castrated by a girl whose mother later admitted that she was of unsound mental health and the godman didn’t harm her daughter. If our movies keep promoting such violence, it could pacify our anger for the time being but for a greater future, we will create more trouble and lawlessness.

Feminists have always been successful in creating tear-jerker solutions for their cruel motives. They are successful in Sridevi Starrer MOM as well. The cast will probably get a lot of awards for the lies they have spread, but if we end up believing in those lies, we will only create greater trouble for us.


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  1. Mom picture is wast she is a feminist if she really show man is dangerous then why she stay with boney kapoor where he was already married and sridevi ditched the first wife
    she is a feminist


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