When A Man Becomes A Dad

When a man become a Dad
When a man becomes a dad

Any man can give birth to a child but that doesn’t make him a dad. A dad is a beautiful relation that is created over a lot of dedication from him. A man becomes a dad when a lot of changes happen, like –

When those little kicks in his wife’s abdomen by the tiny little brute inside, make his heart beat faster –

**a man becomes a dad**

When every time his wife groans in pain, makes him get doubly concerned –

**a man becomes a dad**

When a man overcomes all religious beliefs and prays to all possible Gods for a safe delivery….

**a man becomes a dad**

His joys know no bounds when the nurse gives him the little bundle of joy wrapped in a towel…

**a man becomes a dad**

When he calls up all relatives to tell them that his tiny little darling has arrived on earth…

**a man becomes a dad**

When the man who loved sleeping forgets his sleep and wake up in the middle of the night to change diapers and asks his wife to sleep…..

**a man becomes a dad**

When he cuts his expenses for the sake of the child and child’s future…..

**a man becomes a dad**

The man who never stood in a queue, when stands in a long queue for his child’s school admission form….

**a man becomes a dad**

The man who loved sleeping, when wakes up many times at night; just to ensure the child is fast asleep and did not wet his bed….

**a man becomes a dad**

Just to make the baby laugh when the most serious ‘Boss’ in office becomes a joker and makes all childish and funny gestures…

**a man becomes a dad**

The commanding ‘boss’ of office, when becomes fearful and frightened in parent-teacher meetings at the school……

**a man becomes a dad**

When a man starts giving more importance to child’s ‘Unit Test’ compared to his own career growth….

**a man becomes a dad**

When a man who never took any loan, does not hesitate to seek help for his child’s education…

**a man becomes a dad**

When even the uneducated man, “how is he studying?” or “did he complete his homework?” –

**a man becomes a dad**

While taking care of the child, one does not notice when he grew old and still did not care for him. One who can remain unfazed even in most trying times and remain cheerful in deep sorrow all for the child…

**a man becomes a dad**

Dads’ sacrifices often go unnoticed because he doesn’t show emotions. Spare a moment for our dads.


One comment

  1. made me emotional indeed.
    also glad the writer (man) gave credit and concern to a woman (wife). this is the pure love,
    had it been a woman writer, there would had been no mention of her husband.


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